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Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Alexander gets out a NES Blaster and fires it at the opponents, dealing them 5% damage. Oodelay for now!". To quote one of my inspirations, Lasersquad, ", I get you, and I hope you enjoyed the journal too. Better he stays out of it. ", Game Dude: "There's the giant pink arch, that looks like a giant pink dick, and is it a coincidence that the map is also dick-shaped? Also, let's not forget his infamous review of Super Mario Bros. 2 in which he starts by saying the game has "ass" written all over it. Also, you must unlock them later on in the game, so it's definitely not Mii Kart. Look at the sunlight behind all the clouds in the dream-like background shines over the simplicity of the reflective ice while the incredible dream-like music plays and the classic Mario Kart flag approaches from the distance. Besides, Miis aren't as heavily focused as Mario, Luigi, and Peach. Those were the days. "Oh and "Talk about a Royal Flush" said twice, for all those kids who love poker so much they demand you repeat the gambling joke they didn't understand the first time.Yes folks, after all these years Chris has finally found his level. Jelly: "My name's Jelly Otter," (picks up Baby Butter) "And this is … It has been up for over a week and Chris has not removed it yet. ", "Now he looks like a hairy shitball wedged inside a squirrel's anus! Even though we're all supposed AVGN fanboys, I've seen a lot of mixed opinions there. Chris gets the videos out as quickly as possible because he is only in this for the money and doesn't care much about the toys themselves. Even worse, you can actually race with them too. They help add the variety to prevent the series from getting stale, repetitive, and boring. Hey, Game Dude, guess what? What a load of bouncing grasshopper shit! He's not perfect. I don't know if anyone's noticed, but that Black Friday movie that Chris was in is no longer viewable. I criticized Chris for shilling a bag on Kickstarter and I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't do the same with Ashens. Does he not care anymore or has he been away from Facebook? Here a forum with links to tweets Game Dude (Real name: Alexander Badr) is a game reviewer on YouTube who blatantly copies the AVGN, nitpicks at every damn thing in the game, and is a bad actor. Sophie and PB&J's Rotten Reviews Episodes,, Alexander Badr (Game Dude) as himself (archived footage). (higher pitched voice) "I'm gonna getchu!" Chris' Absolutley Abysmal Toy Fair Coverage, Former Fan Testimony from The Childish Psychopath. Allison Pregler posted a couple of threads that had the guts of the matter but that was a few days ago. That site should be called "Channel Anarchy"!+_+#, Doug Walker looks like a psychopath now that he’s bald, In the newest Steve video, he's moved up tomisquoting Shakespeare, many times. ", Peanut: "Game Dude, here's what you should've done differently. Wait a minute, didn't Chris (or "Steve") correctly call Chica a girl a while back? ", Sophie: "Then why did you say that when you said it wasn't worth mentioning? He makes very interesting videos and it's clear that he has a passion for what he does. ", "Woah, settle down, boy, stop bothering the tree, now put your nuts away. (sees that Butter is already asleep from the filler shown) "Perfect reaction from that filler. And yet you wonder, how is he able to get past this misinformation? So, Miis were gonna be in it anyway. ". His next video: Today we're gonna be looking at Yo-Kay Watch toys. Come on, come on, come on! This is the pilot episode of Sophie and PB&J's Rotten Reviews. We use cookies to enhance your experience, analyze site traffic, and for our marketing purposes. Italics indicate actions within Game Dude's video. A message from Alexander Badr (Game Dude) Barfmitzvah. The E-begging video is just a bad attempt at satire that might have bullying qualities if the target were someone smaller or weaker. You could've made more effort into your video and took your time by elaborating on certain parts, focusing on other aspects in the games such as the modes, items, etc., getting rid of filler that ruins the purpose of a review, revising it properly, and rehearsing it until it's worthy of uploading. From then on it was just bashing classics for stupid reasons. The new version of DeviantArt made and imposed on the user populace by WIX is in place known as DA Eclipse and I have given it a day to test all the features and I will say I am less than impressed with the execution of this new version to say the least………. There are two things I despise in this world.Call of Duty games and Call of Duty fanboys. ", Peanut: "Baby Butter is right. Good to know your insanity will still be a source of humor. He obviously slowed down the footage. ", Game Dude: "This is magic. ", Jelly: "How are they simpler and have maturity? Chris Bore-ess may have retired the Irate Gamer but the practice of plagiarism on YouTube lives on. Counting down the days! Italics indicate actions within Game Dude's video. Like we don't need Rosalina, Daisy, Baby Daisy, Baby Peach, Ape with Pauline--", Peanut: "The joke you tried to make was messily executed. an SJW is someone who claims to care about social rights and causes but very quickly turns out to be self-conceited and egotistic to the point of only using said social cause/right to harm other people and disregarding the cause when it prevents them from hurting people. Going back to that photo where Chris holds up Masturbation Hand, someone left a blatant Puppet Steve comment. Look how annoyingly out of place they are stupidly driving back and forth for no reason at all! Maybe I should have said "The title should be...". Oh, and once again, Piantas, Game Dude, not Delfinos. Alexander starts playing the Nintendo Gamecube's Donkey Kong Barrels and electrocute the opponents, dealing them 7% damage, but beware! Worst Nintendo game ever! That's the problem!-_-. I don’t like her hair. (in an Italian accent) "What?! The Birthday tracker is missing. Must have gotten really bad. Couldn't you at least spice it up with other positive synonyms? ", And it's official. If he reviewed Project Diva, he probably would have called Hatsune Miku Segas other mascot. entertainment dragon ball z duty free shop Huntsville. ""Let's get a look at these poops! ...Chris, you're such an idiot. Bores in this video is a gnat swarming around an an elephant- James Rolfe has no reason to even think about him- and leaving the video up gives posterity the best possible historical record on who he was, and how he comprehended the angry-reviewer landscape. What a pointless minuscule inconvenience not even worth mentioning! I think he went downhill even before he "reviewed" Power Rangers!-_-. It's like mixing piss and shit in a blender! First of all, how are they busy, silly, and different? ", [Baby Butter attempts to mimic a wha-wha-wha trumpet sound], Peanut: "Are you serious? ", and it's still there . ", Game Dude: "All we need is Mario, Luigi, Wario, Bowser, Yoshi, Toad, and Peach. ", Game Dude: "Double Dash is just one big silly playground, AND THE CHARACTER SELECTION IS DILUTED WITH A MASSIVE PILE OF WATERY HIPPOPOTAMUS DIARRHEA! And I don't know what any of these people are talking about, because he's a great reviewer. The Impossible Game (Mobile Platforms) Trailer - Duration: 2:31. Just stop. Get off the current! So OT, but if any of you haven't heard, some of the ex-members of Channel Awesome are rallying up against the site, including against Doug Walker (Nostalgia Critic), for their apparent mistreatment. I mean, his character was supposed to be an extremely socially awkward sexual deviant, and he nailed it (no pun intended). ", Game Dude: "Mario Kart Wii is a social tea party and there's never been so many pointless characters. HEY KIDS PUBBA STEVE HERE AND TODAY WE’RE LOOKING AT HOT WHEELS TOYS MADE BY MCDONALDS!!! Seriously. Imagine if--nevermind. This ordeal quickly became well known after popular Youtuber OneyNG referenced Badr and his Game Dude theme song in a few of his episodes on his channel, OneyPlays. Alexander4488, real name Alexander Badr, more commonly known as Game Dude was a Canadian YouTuber who uploaded video game review parodies, similar to the Angry Video Game Nerd. Daisy first appeared in Super Mario Land and is Peach's best friend. I feel sorry for all those contributors who had to suffer at their hands!I guess "Channel Awful" is being too nice! Kay, you know what? I heard that he's not too fond of people who disagree with him. Wish me luck. But he STILL makes legit points and gives a thorough analysis of what he reviews. To be clear, I have no issue with anyone advocating or opposing gun control. ", Game Dude: "Now look at this, Delfinos and Miis at the exact same time! Dodging? It began appearing frequently on the channel in early 2020, with the first rip of the song being uploaded on November 21, 2019. ", Jelly: "Really?! Creation Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. I'm shipping you to Finland! And of course, anything thing he could've ever said about Undertale would probably have resulted in him getting literally crucified. It's awesome if you ask me! They do need change every now and then, you know, just to keep them fresh. The Search memory does not seem to be there. Wonder whats going to get the axe next! Written by the manchild himself, as the retard has confused ED with TOW. What an assload of assburgers! Linkara involved in the original 2 day discussion. Well, Mr. ... Alexander Badr Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Alexander Badr Produced by . ", Game Dude: (impersonating Mario) "Wario, I got a present for you..." (Normal voice) "Oh no......OH SHIT! itsmrben, I just love how people keep on bringing that incident up even though he's apologized for it several times and deleted the original video. Damnit Lissa, your useless!! The Game Dude theme song appeared in every episode of Badr's Game Dude series. How does a once-cherished site have management THIS evil?


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