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We hope you now know what to do when you find the flashing Mac folder with a question mark on your screen. From here, you can change the startup disk by selecting Startup Disk from the Apple menu. Storia (Extended Version) Question Mark Touch Question Mark If you view the Macbook flashing question mark, it means your startup disk doesn’t have a working Mac operating system, or it’s no longer available. Hard disk drive has failed catastrophically. Next up: For this problem, take the following easy and quick steps: Step 1: Select System Preferences from the menu, and click the startup disk. Here is what you need to do to make sure that you don’t have a Macbook pro blinking folder with a question mark during startup: Step 1: You should always connect your SSD through a USB adapter or even any external connection option and enter Disk Utility. It contains helpful guides to getting your Mac up and running.​. But you should make sure to choose the startup built-in drive as your option to transfer all your data. All you need to do is to Recover to restore your files. Part 1: Why folder with a question mark appears at Mac startup, Part 2: 5 solutions to Mac flashing folder with a question mark, Part 3: Important tips for Mac computer startup, How to Partition a Hard Drive on Mac 2020, How to Reinstall Mac OS without Losing Data. While here, you should locate it on the left side of the window and find and click on the First Aid button. Apple minimalism run amok, this error can occur shortly after you power on a Macbook or iMac computer, and says so very little about what the problem could be. If you're still having startup issues, try starting from another device. Click that, then select Disk Utility. Just this. If your device is outside of Apple’s warranty, Apple’s Genius Bar services will all be paid out of pocket, resulting in hundreds of dollars lost. This folder with a question mark”. For this reason, you will be in safe hands if you backup your data. What if I hold command R and the file folder with question mark still appears? Academic institutions, businesses and governmental organizations use Questionmark’s technologies to create, deliver and report on online tests and exams. Boot Mac from macOS Recovery Mode. Click here to see our macbook articles page, Erase your startup disk using macOS Recovery and reinstall macOS, How to Use Quick Startup to Reduce Windows Boot Time, Top 4 Ways to Fix Mac Desktop Icons Missing or Not Showing. It might also be a malfunctioning drive cable, which is pretty common and inexpensive to fix. For example, if you put great importance on your Word documents, you can back up your Word files to an external hard drive so that you can retrieve the data after damage to your Mac system. Here are some reasons why you might see this question : If you are experiencing problems with a flashing folder with question mark Macbook when starting up your computer, perhaps the system fails to find the start-up disk. Therefore, you should use capable, reliable data recovery software, such as Recoverit Mac Data Recovery software to restore your data. The industry in which these particular products are being sold is in the mature stage. Alternatively, install the SSD into your Mac system internally and enter Disk Utility through the macOS Recovery tool. I rebooted and rebooted, and nothing changed. At this point, you should click the initialize icon. This puts your Mac in recovery mode. Therefore, do the following to fix this problem: Step 1: If you’re attempting to boot from your computer’s internal drive, you should shut down your Mac and start it up while pressing Command (⌘) +R buttons until you see the Apple logo. Step 2: Determine that the external drive has the same size as the startup disk. If you haven't got a backup, you'll need to make one. This is as a result of either the Mac is corrupt or simply a failure to detect the startup disk. Kenny Hemphill, Contributor Step 4: Erase your startup disk using macOS Recovery and reinstall macOS (don’t select your external drive). If you continue to have problems with getting your Mac to boot up properly, you should check these troubleshooting guides for assistance with Mac startup issues. That's a signal that your Mac is unable to find its startup disk and so unable to boot. This doesn't affect our editorial independence. Recovery Mode comes handy when your Mac won’t boot normally because the startup disk is damaged or corrupted. Click on your startup drive and click the First Aid tab. Great! These include documents, photos, videos, and many more data files. Unfortunately, this flashing question can lead to inaccessible data or even data loss because of data corruption. Therefore, you should press down the D button when booting while starting up your computer into the Apple Hardware Test. If the next time you start up your Mac the flashing question mark doesn't go away, and your Mac doesn't finish booting, you may have a more serious problem than a difficult-to-find operating system. Depending on the severity of your problem, this can take a few hours. If you don’t see your Startup disk (probably called Macintosh HD), there’s some kind of mechanical issue with your hard drive. To avoid a blinking question mark Macbook, you should boot correctly. Questionmark Secure delivers online assessment content while disabling key system functions such as task-switching, right click options, screen captures, menus, printing and other functions that might jeopardize the fair and secure completion of the assessment. Step 5: Here, you should choose Erase to ensure that the drive is partitioned and formatted. Reselect startup in System Preferences. However, when you need it to work as expected, things can quickly go wrong, leaving you with lots of questions. However, if you can’t reboot using the Command R button, another option is to use the Command Option R key. Step 3: When your Mac starts up, choose the language you’ll use, press Return on your keyboard, and an Installation window will open. Put, if you’re seeing a Macbook pro blinking folder, there can likely be data loss due to corruption. Promise. Therefore, go on to highlight it and click the Erase icon. Assuming you're trying to boot from your Mac's internal drive, the first thing to do is shut down the Mac by holding down the power button, then start up while holding the Command and R keys until you see an Apple logo or globe. From the information in your question, it sounds like your Mac does eventually find a disk it can use as the startup drive and finishes the boot process. Select the external disk that you want to erase, not your startup disk. Step 4: Once the repair is complete, you can click Disk Utility to stop the process because your startup disk is repaired. Sometimes, it’s best to prepare for the worst regardless of the precautions you take. Question Mark- Apple TV makes a bit of money, but it’s not reaching it’s potential. The forward slash is used to indicate the root or starting point of the Mac's hierarchical file system. Be ready for the worst. Want to reduce boot time for your Windows PC? Follow along to find out why you’re getting the folder with the question mark in the middle of the screen, and how you can resolve the problem. The recommended way to do this is by using Recoverit Mac Data Recovery software. If you’re a long-time Apple Macbook user and never suffered this frustrating and confusing boot error, consider yourself lucky. Therefore, when the repair process is not successful, your best option is to reformat your Mac computer. By When you install it, choose where the question mark is coming from and the data you want to recover. The order process, tax issue and invoicing to end user are conducted by Wondershare Technology Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of Wondershare group. Step 3: If the Disk Utility repairs the errors or found no errors, you can either reinstall macOS or restore it using a Time Machine backup. If your Mac starts up to a question mark Press and hold the power button on your Mac for up to 10 seconds, until your Mac turns off. Put Your Mac in Recovery Mode. If you continue to encounter trouble you may need to use a PC." In such a case, it’s better to act before things get worse. Despite the popularity of Mac, you can’t ignore that the blinking question mark Macbook pro can take a big toll on you. This app is not functional at ALL. This is a good sign that your Mac computer can’t find its system folder. You would need to have used an app that can create clones, such as Carbon Copy Cloner, SuperDuper, Disk Utility's Restore function (OS X Yosemite and earlier), or Use Disk Utility to Clone a Mac's Drive (OS X El Capitan and later). Bloomberg: Three new Macs with Apple Silicon coming next week. This article will discuss some of the data recovery solutions you can use to fix the folder with a flashing question mark. Ignore this window and click Utilities and then click Disk Utility. Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. The flashing question mark is your Mac's way of telling you that it's having trouble finding a bootable operating system.


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