arkansas cna reciprocity application
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services The Division will grant certification through the process of reciprocity if the following conditions are met: Fees Vary by Fingerprint Provider – Online Portal. Out of state trained, out of country trained, or nursing school student: receipt. Status of license applications can be viewed online at The OLTC will contact all other states to verify your status on their registries before transferring your certification through reciprocity and they will notify you of their search results. Mail your application, required documentation, and appropriate fee together in one envelope to: You must complete your competency exam within one year of testing eligibility approval. The letter must be on letterhead and include the candidate’s name, work title, and dates of employment, Employers who apply for out-of-state candidates must include a completed Out-of-State Validation Statement on facility letterhead, signed by the facility representative who contacted the appropriate out-of-state registry, Copy of identification with current name & social security number (for example: driver’s license, social security card), Copies of Social Security Card, Driver’s License and State Certification, Start your online application here using your Epass login credentials –, Follow this link to download the PDF form –. Note: If there are findings of abuse or neglect on your record, the registry will deny your application for transfer. Complete this form if you are currently certified as a nursing assistant in another state. “We process applications in order received and it can take up to 30 days to process your application after receipt. Please use quality paper for printing the applications (white 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper must be used). An Application Specialist will review your application based on the information you supply. The CNA must be in good standing in the state or states where he/she is currently certified. These are the states that will not provide written verification of registry status: AZ, CA, CO, IL, KY , MO, NC. Michigan requirements for reciprocity include, but are not limited to, the following: The state training program is consistent with the Federal Code of Regulations, requires a minimum of 75 course hours prior to taking the competency evaluation Click on the above link and “Create an Account”. name: Receiving approval to challenge means that individuals who meet special criteria (listed in the link above)  are not required to take the entire certified nurse assistant course but rather will be allowed to take just the final examination (written and practical) to become a CNA in Missouri. Pearson VUE – Nurse Aide, Mississippi Nurse Aide Registry Individuals meeting any of the above requirements must submit a written request to the DHSS. • The state nurse aide registry verifies you are eligible for placement on the registry, and Do I have to take the CNA test in Arkansas if I am already certified in Missouri? How can I transfer my CNA certificate from Arkansas to California? Print the Employment Verification form and have it completed by a current/previous employer. ... Arkansas (Must have AR Address) Georgia (Mail Only) Idaho (Free) Iowa ... Minnesota (Mail Only) New Mexico (Email, Mail or Fax) Ohio (Free) Oklahoma (Mail Only) Wisconsin (Mail Only) Fees for CNA Certs Application Fees range from $10.00 - $330.00 Fingerprint Fees vary per state. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, Office of Caregiver Quality will process your application within 10 business days of our Read and follow the application directions. Please log in or register to add a comment. 1) Complete Section A-1 and send this form to the state registry from which 2) Complete Section B-1 and send to your last/current employer in the documentation of training. Please read the “Reciprocity Procedure” before submitting the application to Prometric. How can I transfer my license from Ohio to Arkansas? visit Online Services:, Follow – Certified in another state route 7. How do I transfer my CNA certification to Arkansas? Print the Verification of Registration form and send it to the state registry where the applicant was originally registered as a Certified Nurse Aide. Prometric will need the name of the state and the certification expiration date. Be sure that the form prints completely, making sure that all text is legible, and all boxed content, seals and symbols are displayed. Name of state(s) where you are registered, Download and fill out the reciprocity application. Send that back to the Idaho Nurse Aide registry with the completed out of state verification form to the PO box address found at the top of the form. Your nursing assistant certification in the former state must be valid and active. nursing assistant registry. Download the form by following the Ohio link above. Philadelphia, PA 19182-2749. Augusta, ME 04333-0011, How to Obtain an Application Is currently listed on another state’s Nurse Aide Registry with an active status and without, Has no pending or substantiated findings of patient abuse, neglect, or misappropriation of, Has a valid, government-issued social security card with the name matching the individual’s, Has been employed as a Certified Nurse Aide for at least eight (8) hours, for pay, under registered, CNAs from Illinois or Alabama are also required to submit a letter from their employer in that state that indicates they have worked at least one eight hour shift in the past 24 months if the registry was certified more than two years prior. Submit the completed application to the New Hampshire Board of Nursing. It is the facility’s responsibility to contact the Registry from the previous State to verify status. Any potential candidate who is not sure of his/her status is advised to contact their State registry prior to applying for Kansas certification. Application files must be complete within six months. 0. To verify if your name has been added to the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you can search the nurse aide registry at: If you are eligible for placement on the Wisconsin Nurse Aide Registry, you will receive a WI Nurse Aide Registry Card within You are eligible to apply for an Oregon CNA certification by endorsement if you: Fingerprint FAQ –, Create an account and login here ->, Once logged in, look for the small link labeled “To apply for nurse aid reciprocity, click here”, 3 Capitol Hill, Room 104 Alabama (Reciprocity, facility gets you on the registry), Maine Mail Only (Can work 4 Mos not on registry), Alaska $330.00 (Can work 120 days, but must have app in process), California (Fingerprint Fees Vary + Must go to CA to do Livescan), Louisiana $35.00 (Mail Only) Select Route 8 (Must live within 50 miles of state line), Michigan $20.00 (If on MI Stated-Approved List) List on their website, Nebraska ($20.00 Abuse Class Online) Link for class, New Jersey $30.00 (Call 1-877-774-4243 to apply), North Carolina (Fees are waved due to CoVid-19), Texas (Call 512-438-2050 to get application, website is down), Washington $32.00 App Fee + $32.00 Fingerprints, Michigan $20.00 (Michigan-Approved States), Montana (Free + Can work temp for 30 days), Oregon $60.00 for Application & $64.50 for Fingerprints, South Dakota (Can work 60 days while app in process). It will be necessary to submit to a background check in Arkansas. AR NURSE AIDE REGISTRY OFFICE OF LONG TERM CARE A temporary certificate is valid for six months only and cannot be renewed. If your nursing assistant certification has expired for over 24 months, you must retest. If your certification is not current or active, you will be required to take the competency exam. 85 Lowell Street If your documents are not in English, you must have A copy of your out-of-state CNA certificate. After you have complete the information requested above, it is your responsibility to send this form to the state agency you are transferring FROM. General Instructions: Note: Once your training has been reviewed, and determined to meet Washington State Maine Registry of Certified Nursing Assistants and Direct Care Workers Please Note: Complete Section A-1 and mail this form to the Instead, contact the ARC Staff at 1-800- No. Facility will need to handle getting your name placed on the Alabama Nurse Aide Registry. Peabody, MA 01960. PO Box 822749 on the Minnesota Nursing Assistant Registry. Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, The LNA: In contrast, the current LNA has requirements that are almost identical to the “old” CNA. written. Have never been certified as a CNA in Oregon; and, You completed an approved nurse aide training program in another or jurisdiction that met federal OBRA standards; and, Hold a current, unencumbered CNA certificate in another state or US jurisdiction; and. If you have received your initial out-of-state CNA certificate within the last two (2) years, you do not need to submit proof of work. You must submit payment with the application, along with a legible copy (clear enough to be read) of your social security card and official Louisiana identification (ID card, driver’s license, etc.). interstate transfer form. You must be active and in good standing in all states you are currently certified in. CNA Reciprocity Links. With the burgeoning health care industry, the need for CNAs in the States is projected to increase in the next years. LNAs are required to practice a minimum of 160 hours within the past two years to renew their license. You provide documentation from the state’s or U.S. territory’s registry that you have completed a training and competency evaluation program equivalent to that of New Jersey. In order to transfer your out-of-state certificate to California, you must complete and submit the following to CDPH: CNA Endorsement Checklist –, Create an account and follow the instructions for CNA Certification by Endorsement. Candidates for testing Must Complete this Form and Attach the following: If you have an active status in another state, submit: Mail to: Applicants successfully completing testing will be issued a new certificate with a new certificate number. division of medical services. Your name will be placed on the registry if you are qualified when the following is complete. W2 form or a pay stub from your employer. Can work for 120 Days if application is in process. Create an account, apply for license, and choose the CNA by Endorsement route. Application procedures vary according to eligibility pathway.Candidates who completed Arkansas-approved CNA programs will submit application materials directly to Prometric unless they are taking their examinations on-site at their school or nursing home; in this case, they may be directed to give their applications to an on-site representative. This form cannot be viewed on mobile or tablet devices. results will be sent directly to the Department. Submit completed packet: Online Application that includes the $75.00 non refundable application fee.


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