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Not afraid to go against the flow, Amash has cast the sole "no" vote on bills in the state House more than 60 times — more often than any other legislator. In 2011, he was one of six members of Congress who voted against House Resolution 268 reaffirming U.S. commitment to a negotiated settlement of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict through direct Israeli–Palestinian negotiation. The brothers share ownership of a Chinese firm that procures tools for their father’s company. In the meantime, I can utilize the presidentially endorsed Red flag law submitted by Rubio, to declare you a threat and have those guns confiscated. High school also was where he met his wife, Kara. “I always made sure when each one showed a talent, they developed that talent,” she says. In spring of 2018, Ben Shapiro, an American conservative political commentator, spoke with Justin Amash about President Trump invoking emergency powers to build the wall between the countries. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. m_gallery_blog_id = "4469"; He likely would not have survived long with his faith. He was my easiest child to raise.”. Political Ideology: He is a shill for Leftists and Democrats. He noted that he hoped to see the end of arms in the future. However, none of them was accepted. In spite of this, Justin Amash was supported by the majority of his constituents during a town hall meeting which was held after his comments on impeachment. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Strident Conservative and receive notifications of new posts. Why should the swamp sharks want to leave this subject alone? Undaunted, Amash says he’s confident his platform of pro-life, less government and lower taxes will carry the day on Nov. 2. Justin Amash is an American lawyer and politician serving as the U.S. Representative for Michigan's 3rd congressional district since 2011. He also criticized the National Security Agency's anti-terrorism surveillance programs. They will suffer no ill effects from it. The man has an impeccable record in Congress. The American people are left to compensate for all of the above. While in the State House, he began using his Twitter and Facebook accounts to share information about his floor votes. All rights reserved (About Us). AMASH, FOTTEN Grand Rapids, Michigan Fotten Amash, aged 93, died at her home on Thursday morning, March 20, 2014 with her children at her bedside. Amash’s campaign focused on energizing GOP newcomers from his Facebook page and courting conservative voters in rural Barry and Ionia counties. His father being a Palestinian, the conclusion is drawn that Hamas would naturally support “one of their own.” However, Amash is keen to point out his father, Attallah Amash, immigrated (legally) to the United States as a Christian refugee through a sponsorship program. “Justin is a really smart reflective state representative who will serve in Congress with honor, commitment and integrity,” says Betsy DeVos, a former state GOP chairwoman. Registration on or use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement, Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement, and Your California Privacy Rights (each updated 1/1/20). The Wyoming firm is best known for importing hand tools sold through hardware stores, lumberyards, automotive centers and farm supply stores. He says he may buy a new electric-powered Chevrolet Volt. The couple has three children: two daughters and a son. In 2012, Amash won reelection to the U.S. House. Copyright © 2020 The Strident Conservative ™. In 1974, he married their daughter, Mimi. He has entered this trade war with absolutely no leverage. In August, 2010, the politician won the five-way Republican primary for the seat vacated by retiring Republican Vern Ehlers. He did such an act because he felt that partisan politics had become very overpowering. He’s a Tea Party darling. He also mentioned the importance of finding the political solution to their involvement in Afghanistan. There was another challenger in the Republican primary: Army National Guard member Thomas Norton, who announced his candidacy in April. Egypt took control of the Suez Canal, and they were insinuating themselves in Palestinian politics. 1956 was a pivotal moment in Palestinian history. He defeated Steve Pestka 53–44% in polls. Attallah Amash says the conflict that drove his family out of Palestine is in the distant past. Obscure, no-named hack ‘bloggers’ (and I use that term loosely) are coming out of the depths to bring down the upstart Congressman from Michigan who dared voice his dissent against the conduct of the party leader and President Donald J. Trump. and tribulation seem to be the MAGA formula. During his initial tenure in the State House, he sponsored five resolutions and twelve bills. After that, he gave an exclusive interview in which he mentioned what led up to this action and discussed his future plans. One day after Amash's announced he would run, Ehlers announced he would not seek re-election. It caused a mixed reaction in the media and became one of the main topics to discuss. If he appears to vote against a bill packaged with the right catch phrases, it is a guarantee that there were strings attached that have made it more damaging to liberty. Amash was unopposed in the Republican primary. In other ways, Amash is a throwback. He donated to the campaigns of Congressman Ron Paul and John McCain. In July 2017, Justin Amash appeared to be one of only three House members who voted against a bill that imposed new economic sanctions against Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Born in Lid, Palestine, which was the life that she cherished until she was forced to leave her country. It becomes a regulated market. Born in 1980, Amash is the middle child of three sons of Attallah and Mimi Amash, an immigrant couple who grew wealthy in West Michigan despite humble origins. During a 1970 trip to Damascus, Syria, he befriended a family who eventually would become his in-laws. “We need to remain a conservative party and bring people into the party,” Amash told a gathering of Kent County Republicans after his primary win. His parents married in 1974. No one ate on the family’s long train trip to Chicago. in economics with high honors. m_gallery_permalink = ""; Amash couldn't stand these words and demanded an apology from Ellis. You know…all those things that Republicans claim to hold so dear. Justin Amash is married to Kara Janell Day. “I think he is a really fresh and long-overdue voice that needs to be heard and represented at a federal level.”. MAKE A PLEDGE OF $2 A MONTH or more to keep this work going. His favorite sports team is the Detroit Pistons. “We were very positive, and we all wanted to not take his hard work for granted.”, “I never had a chance to be educated,” Attallah Amash says. He tried out for the basketball team every year but never made the cut. During the last week of his senior year, Amash vowed he would ask Kara out if she passed by his locker that day. 1956 was a pivotal moment in Palestinian history. He’s a policy wonk who points his Facebook friends to obscure economic theorists such as Frederic Bastiat and Friedrich Hayek. Justin Amash not only carries the standard of liberty, he sets it…planting it firmly on the hill he chooses to die on (even if that happens to be Capitol Hill). They’re just a great family in general,” Betsy DeVos says. Justin expressed his point of view on using the force that, in his opinion, went beyond congressional authorization. If it had, then Amash would be hovering in the D range, and the aforementioned would maintain their hero status. From his point of view, too much money is spent on many environmental regulations. It should be noted that conservative warriors such as Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee held much higher ratings prior to Trump taking office. The Wyoming firm is best known for importing hand tools sold through hardware stores, lumberyards, automotive centers and farm supply stores. The attacks are as follows: ethnicity, political position and financial. Not only would Hamas repudiate a Christian Palestinian, their particular brand of extremism was likely the reason he fled to America in the first place. I rest my case. By the 1960s, Attallah had started a small wholesale business supplying hardware stores with imported items — the forerunner of Amash Imports. They have succumbed to establishment pressure and lent their votes to the powerbrokers they once stood in opposition to. In response, Trump called Amash a "loser." Never mind that Mark Levin (a recent convert to the GOP religion) is the chief editor. “He kind of came out of the blue,” Kent County Republican Chairwoman Joanne Voorhees says. Having no domestic competition to produce the goods we rely on China to provide, they will go on, business as usual, because we still need toilet paper, seasonings, clothing, steel, rice, and those plastic hooks you use to hang your shower curtains. Musically, his tastes are broad, but family members say he’s fond of Michael Jackson. In the Republican primary, Amash won a five-way election defeating opponent Ken Yonker. Too soon? Justin Amash Bio. He represents the Grand Rapids area of Michigan.


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