bioshock little wonders room 2
Notes: In this and the next two levels, there will be Splicers that attack with melee attacks. Upgrade the damage output of your Machine Gun. If you're following this guide, then this is a non-issue. Inside, you'll find some Heavy Rivets, a lootable File Cabinet, and an Audio Diary. This will stagger the Big Sister for a tiny bit. The next reel is found inside Little Sister Room 1 in the Little Wonders Educational Center in Point Prometheus. Kill the Splicer and loot the Safe. If the progress bar starts flashing, it means that your Little Sister is under attack. The path to your right leads to an EVE Hypo, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and a lootable Storage Crate. Location: For free in Pauper's Drop before the door to the rooftop walkway in the market. Along this hallway are some lootable Corpses and, to the left, an apartment containing a Thuggish Splicer messing with a Safe. The bottom-right quadrant contains the Market and Skid Row. Effect: Sets an enemy on fire, dealing continuous fire damage. There's also a Corpse and an Audio Diary. The bedroom contains a lootable Corpse next to a Shotgun. Location: Received for completing Research Level 4 for Brute Splicers. As things currently stand, your best approach towards killing this Big Sister is to open with the “Incinerate!” Plasmid, then start alternating between Electro Bolt and Heavy Rivets. For general exploring, though, it's outclassed by the second and third levels of a Plasmid you'll find later. Once you're done setting Trap Rivets, switch to your Machine Gun. Record the event with your camera, then kill the Rosie. Now, head up the stairs near the Vita-Chamber and El Ammo Bandito. Different icons are shown for each while the film reel is rolling. Equip the camera again, then exit the pawn shop. You'll have to find an alternate point of entry. Crouch through the hole to see a Door Control panel. You can also access this room from the 2nd floor of the distillery by crouching through an opening into the room with 3 trap bolts blocking the original entrance. The path to your left leads to a hallway containing a Turret. Hack it while Sinclair tells you that you'll need to decide how you'll deal with your Little Sister. Hack the El Ammo Bandito and the Security Camera. Grace then opens the door, sneering at you to “finish the job.”. From afar, hack the Health Station. The energy ripple seen when they disappear is purple, and they can teleport great distances. Room 2 holds a First Aid Kit, and room 7 holds an extra Pheromone Sample and a bag of chips. Since I greatly enjoy “blue bonuses,” I never use these things. Next to the window is a catwalk leading to the pharmacy's roof. Loot the train station, then follow the Quest Arrow up to a Door Control panel. Next, head along the path that starts to the right of the television screen until you see some Splicers worshipping an air vent. This Golden Film Reel unlocks the commentary's … Hack the Health Station that sits on a wall just past the Limbo Room's doors. The path to your right leads to a Vita-Chamber, an El Ammo Bandito, and some stairs. To the left of the white thing of concrete is a catwalk leading into another building. Walk up the slope a bit, then quickly retreat to avoid the exploding bathysphere that a Splicer rolls towards you. You'll need to set up Trap Rivets along the walls. To your right is a Circus of Values. The reel is located on the bed. You Drill Dash by holding the "Fire" button and then pressing the "Melee" button. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. You will need incinerate to melt the ice to … You start with four open Gene Tonic Slots. Loot the bodies, then proceed into the actual “Hall of the Future” exhibit. Loot and hack everything, then return to the ride's main path. Loot everything and then follow the Quest Arrow into Grace Holloway's apartment. You can load an older save, collect the missed reel, save again and load a newer save. The kitchen contains a lootable Refrigerator, a lootable Stove, and an EVE Hypo. I never go a playthrough without this Gene Tonic in play always. Inch forward, and a Leadhead Splicer will start shooting you from the balcony across the room. Continue along the main path until you see an exhibit featuring some scientists. In front of the Circus of Values is a box of Anti-Personnel Rounds. Look to your left to see a hole in the wall leading to another apartment. Effect: Consumables give a small amount of extra Health and/or EVE when consumed. For most of this level, I'll tell you where these things are in the current quadrant. In the back-left corner of the exhibit is a golf club. Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/24/2017 FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2017 | Highest Rated Guide. Gene Banks let you switch what Plasmids and Gene Tonics you have equipped. Once you've found each Golden Reel, the corresponding Director's Commentary featurette can be selected in the game's main menu. Keep going until you see an exhibit of a family watching television. If you spared Grace, she will thank you by sending two Elite Security Bots to your side to aid you against the upcoming Splicer ambush. He ordered Sinclair to whisk her away to an isolated prison. © Valve Corporation. During the ADAM-gathering process, you'll see a progress bar on the left side of the screen. Notes: Unless you keep messing up while hacking, don't equip this. Once he's dead, look near the Circus of Values to find an ADAM Corpse. As soon as you enter Skid Row, you'll see a Rosie being assailed. The code is “0047.” Dial the code in, then enter the clinic. At the end is a glowing window. Strangely, differing selections from Gatherer's Garden is a thing found only in Ryan Amusements. There's an apartment on the right. Behind you is a Safe, some .50 Caliber Rounds, and an Audio Diary. Drill Dashes launch Subject Delta forward at a high velocity, hugely damaging any enemy that is in the path of the Drill Dash. Loot the Refrigerator, then look under the mattress and the operating table for some Dollars. The new type of Splicer, the Brute Splicer, will drop some rubble onto the path, blocking it. Conveniently, there are some Trap Rivets next to the El Ammo Bandito. Big Sister corpses always contain 40 ADAM, many Dollars, and either a First Aid Kit or an EVE Hypo. In the back of the room is a Safe. The Drill Dash consumes Drill Fuel. Another gift from her sits in a nearby red wagon. Follow the Quest Arrow into an area containing The Limbo Room. This guide will have a bio for every Plasmid and Gene Tonic, including the ones sold at Gatherer's Gardens. At the very end of this path is a lootable Storage Crate and some Anti-Personnel Rounds. Notes: This Gene Tonic outclasses the “Scrounger” Gene Tonic in the sense that it's more reliable to buy things from hacked vending machines than it is to rely on random loot. This reel is pretty straight forward and will be spotted underneath the bomb you need to assemble in the workshop area. Inspect the Gatherer's Garden. Near the desk is a Machine Gun and some .50 Caliber Rounds. Look under the counter to find a First Aid Kit and an Auto-Hack Dart. As you upgrade this “Hypnotize” Plasmid, you gain the ability to befriend Splicers and Big Daddies. This Security Camera is pointed towards an ADAM Corpse. On the far-left wall is a Health Station.


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