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. ECM – Enlisted Chick MagnetElvis – This guy was always hard to find when you needed him, so when someone was looking for him, other people reported sightings (“I saw him over at the…”).Electroman – This guy was like electricity with the ladies: he took the path of least resistance.Elvis – This guy was always hard to find when you needed him, so when someone was looking for him, other people reported sightings (‘I saw him over at the…’).EPU – For those unfortunate pilots who inadvertently fired their Emergency Power Unit on the ground.Exxon – In pilot training on his initial T-38 solo, this guy was so excited and in such a hurry that he kind of blew through the preflight. #aviation #avgeek #pilo, Cat plays with a bird...

Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. Special rules apply to those locations. Note: This doesn’t cover call signs in Alaska, Hawaii, or the various U.S. possessions in the Caribbean and Pacific. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ?

As a double entendre, it is believed that his plane must be made of rubber, since he hasn’t figured out landing… yet.Rico – Intense, and constantly armed to the teeth… like the psychotic penguin from the Madagascar movie, only hotter and femaleRotor – Ran Off The Only RunwayRushmore – Ellsworth AFB, SD B-52 driver – got bagged after climbing Mt Rushmore and sitting on Lincolns beard. Things You Can See Almost Every Day In Dubai, Comical Google Maps Glitches With Airplanes. . Bomber Aircraft Low Passes. DRADIS is the BSG word for “radar”.Duck – It took a while before he got the hang of evasive maneuvering, so he was a sitting duck.

It’s for both operational security and identifying the aircraft/pilot. #aviati, Spot the airplane...

What is a callsign? Named after his smooth moves while in the air and on the groundTOOT – Instructor pilot who always started by saying “The Objective Of Today” is…Tumble Weed – 6 Foot 6 Vegitarian helicopter pilot formally with “Weed” as his callsign.

Switch to Threaded Mode. There are three rules in coming up with a callsign: 1. . . The missing link between ape and man.Lunchbox – Ate anything left in the fridge for more than one day, Me-So – Last name HornMAHB – Man of hot & beauty – usually when the pilot’s wife or girlfriend is really looking good…Marx – First name was Karl, and he hated communists.Magellan – poor sense of directionMo’Gas – When during takeoff, always used to shout “More Gas!

After a mission, had a few drinks at the Sqn at Shady J. . Aviator Call Sign Generator – What’s Your “Top Gun” Call Sign? RewKiller – Given to a Marine F-4 RIO that locked up on the wrong target during an east coast missile shot. . . : "http://www. If you don’t already have one, you will be assigned one by your “buddies”.2. Apparently female.Yoda – Was a short Irishman who was in every fight, Zulu – Always got time calcs wrong in flightschoolZen – Eagle driver, got it when he squeezed off a shot with his gun during training and hit the target – without using the computer, To create yours just follow the link to this military aviator call sign generator. More Gas!”Myzone Got drunk and tried to catch a lady, to which she just simply said, “Get out of my zone!”, NAG – Not A Guy First Marine Corps F/A-18 female weapon system office (WSO)Notso – Fighter jock – last name Bright!Nuts – Embarrassing incident in the ‘O’ bar, Omelet – Dutch pilot who wanted to be called Bouncer because he used to be one at a club in Holland.

He didn’t finish life as a pilot….

To create yours, just follow the instructions from this call sign generator bellow! . .

It’s the name a pilot or crew member is called so they don’t have to use their real name when talking through communications equipment.
#Mechanics – Keeping #pilots alive since 1903! ");
Everyone at Kunsan seemed to like Hyde better.Hi-Ho – Last name Silva. Callsign was Kelvin.

He was an engineer though , not a pilot – hence the fix part…ALF – Annoying Little F**kAlphabet There was a new guy in the squadron by the name of Varsonofy Krestovozdvizhensky. If you don’t already have one, you […] Nomad – Marine A4 driver above overcast, got lost and had to be taken home by Navy F14, I was in a Navy FA-18 squadron back at Cecil Field and there was a pilot in another squadron called OMAA. Inch – Dutch pilot who is 1.65 meters tall (5’4”), which is VERY shortIntake – This guy had the largest nose I’ve ever seen!IRIS – I Require Intense Supervision. This error message is only visible to WordPress admins. Nominations Open for Golden Antenna Award, Important Legal Information / Privacy Policy.

#generalaviation #a, V-22 Osprey Barrel Roll.

Bomber Aircraft Low Passes. There is only one temperature scale you can reach absolute zero. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Last name MaWhinney.LAMB – Notorious lady pilot who always had something low-cut when in civilian attire, thus LAMB (Look At My Boobs)Lingus – His first name is Kenny…you can figure out the rest…Link – Mono brow, neanderthal hairy, flat forehead, large knuckles. How about “SOUP” for a pilot named Campbell. Twitter. . Even where there isn’t one!

Email this Page. callsign, amateur radio, ham radio, pictures, DX. #aviation #aircraftmechani, Instagram post 2262680596054945063_8426324885, WILSON!

Hurricane – A female pilot named Katrina.Holyness – Last name LaPope.Headless – CDR, USN, S-3 Pilot … the guys last name was “Horstman”Hannibal – As in Lecter – One of our Squadron (21FS) Flight Surgeons, also an F-16 Pilot who, while flying a six-ship of Vipers trans-pacific, nauseated us with stories of becoming hungry when smelling cauterized human flesh in the operating room.Hyde – It comes from Jeckyl and Hyde, Jeckyl when sober and Hyde when drunk. Once cleared for takeoff, he ran’em up and got the “mission complete light”. Uta – U Talk Alot. One of Snowwhite’s seven dwarfs.Gucci – The guy was quite drunk in a bar, met a girl and subsequently vomited….in her designer purse.

Given to a pilot in the squadron who would NOT shut up. Bold Colt. Always overflew every military base in S. Korea when flying his F-15; his callsign was Bam-Bam. Imagine you don't tell th, Current situation After the first day, everybody just called him Alphabet.Apex – During F-16 FWIC, this guy was supposed to be a docile Red Air target for his fellow studs trying to pass the intercepts phase. Click on a term to search for related topics. .

Log in as an administrator and view the Instagram Feed settings page for more details. Pickled off a few flares in the closed pull up and started a fire on the field!Pampers – An F-14 backseater who suffered “nozzle failure” during flight.Pickle – Came back from a flight one drop tank short…Plan B – When chicks walk in to the bar, they see this guy and know what their “last resort” is.Poptop – Otherwise super-stick in the squadron who managed to inadvertently jettison not one but two canopies. WiFI – 2LT that drives a brand new Porsche…his wife bought for him (or at leave financed it)….WIfe Financed ItWerewolf – Always looking for the full moon!

Ended up shooting down a Navy A-4.Krod – Spell it backwards…Krunch – The sound the landing gear makes when it rips off after landing short on the runway.Kasper – Always popped up in different places and scared the s*it out of everyone, Legend – Failed an exam that no one had ever failed in historyLick – One of the greatest name plays ever.

#aviation #aircraftmechani, Instagram post 2262680596054945063_8426324885, WILSON! New posts will not be retrieved. There are three rules in coming up with a callsign: 1. Also, at the beginning of a General Aviation callsign, the letter N ("November") is replaced by the aircraft type or manufacturer. Instructor said, “He’s a f^cking caveman!”.Coma – a very slow talking Southern guyCaptain – F-16 Driver in Japan – real name was James KirkChocks – F-16 pilot started taxying before the chocks were removedCOOTS – Constantly Over-emphasizes Own Tactical SignificanceCypher – Broke through radio interference on a training flight.

The squadron decided that Bouncer sounded too cool so they called him Omelet.


Mad Max Inspired Plane to Monster Car Makeover. Best callsign I ever saw was a guy that came to us after his first squadron tour was interrupted halfway through for a FAC tour with an Infantry Battalion. The c/s stuck. Error: API requests are being delayed for this account. During my 34 year sojourn I had been given two call-signs (both of which I didn’t particularly like, but tough so-what-cowboy, in naval aviation you get what the brotheren crisen you with – if you didn’t like your given call-sign, all the better)… First one was “Pumpkin” as I had traded one of my flight suits to a Coast Guard buddy for one of their “cool looking” orange ones…Yup, I looked like a big ol pumpkin in that thing (6’3, 220+)…Second call-sign (different squadron) was “Bub’s” as I always referred to my squadron mates as (well) Bub’s or Bubster if… Read more ».

He would never ever stop telling stories, so they called him Jaws!Judge – Bachelor’s Degree was Pre-Law.Jugs – First female tacair pilot at Miramar — ’nuff said…, Key – Instructor pilot that starts every lesson with, “The Key is”.Kanga – Capt. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version.

Over 13,495,535 callsigns in the HamCall database. . For example, if N63019 was a Cessna 172, he would be called "Cessna 63019".


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