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But just something to be aware of as you decide if Camtasia is a good fit to create your training videos. Camtasia Maintenance (Recommended) Includes upgrades to the newest version (released annually) and priority support for one year Add maintenance at checkout . I'd get that new version for free. As well as manually applying a zoom and pan effect to your video, you can also apply different animations. But, it’s great to see other needs are catered for. Sometimes, I may only have 10-15 minutes spare before I have to close my laptop down, and so I do not know if I can squeeze in a video render. What is xAPI (TinCan) and How Does It Work? While not as robust as professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Camtasia will get the job done for 70% of your training video needs. You'll have premium support on the current version of Camtasia plus the last three years of prior versions. Camtasia Maintenance costs $49.75 per year on Individual plans (this price changes for the other plans) and includes guaranteed upgrades to the newest version of the software (released annually) and priority support. Built with beginners in mind, Camtasia allows designers to create professional training videos quickly and efficiently. The level of support you will receive will largely depend on whether you purchase Camtasia Maintenance or not. Certainly helps having the ability to easily zoom in and out of the screen and add annotations to make it easier for students to follow along. You’ll get If transitions are applied between clips, then you can specify whether or not to use the trimmed content during the animation. You can even edit and connect different clips together and (most of the time) the program seamlessly sews them together, preventing the mouse from “jumping” to different parts of the screen. A new version comes out every year and Maintenance guarantees you'll get the latest version. Gain exclusive access to over 15 hours of Camtasia training to help you take your screencasting skills to the next level. You'll have premium support on the current version of your software plus the last three years of prior versions. In this Camtasia review, I will discuss what the software is, the new features of Camtasia 2020 and give you my honest thoughts. © 1995 - 2020, TechSmith Corporation, All Rights Reserved. . This is where Camtasia’s Smart Focus is supposed to help. Andrew DeBell is a training consultant and digital marketing strategist at Water Bear Learning. Get a dedicated phone queue and expedited response time across multiple support channels - phone, email, and online tickets. Camtasia allows you to add interactive quizzes directly to your video. When moving .mov or .mp4 files from Camtasia into Premiere Pro, some exported files error out stating that the “file encoded with an unsupported format.” Software stability(export issues along with the constant crashing) is certainly a pain point for Camtasia that we’re hoping they can resolve soon. All purchases of Camtaisa also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Camtasia Upgrade Policy. There are different arrow and line styles to use. Camtasia has quite a lot of video, audio and text effects that can be easily dropped onto the piece of media on the track. Upgrade and get maintenance. These are a selection of arrows and shapes that automatically animate as if they were being drawn. We’d love to see keyboard commands for tasks such as clip slicing, changing clip speed, and zooming on the timeline. You’ll be surprised just how much a camera pan and zoom and a cursor effect can add to the quality of your screencasts. © 1995 - 2020, TechSmith Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Instead of making a super large GIF of the whole screen, I only capture what I need. I used an old version of SnagIT when I was a teacher which led me to trial this version of Camtasia to make a short video, re-learn the skills, appreciate the time-consuming problems associated with working with media, see what software is now available for small projects and see what you can now do. Another thing I really like about Camtasia is the level of support, both from TechSmith and the community. So, anything that is within the canvas will be captured on the final video. When you buy Snagit or Camtasia, you have the option to add a maintenance subscription during checkout. I’ve been using Camtasia for a number of years now in order to create my video tutorials, so I have a lot of experience of the software and have enough knowledge to write this Camtasia review. Pros and Cons of Using Camtasia for Training Videos. + Impressive cursor effects: Overall, Camtasia’s built-in effects are limited. Ask questions. Interested? The visual effect buttons are large and labeled clearly. . Camtasia blows the competition out of the water with the absolute best screen recording feature. These annotations are great to use when wanting to emphasize movement on-screen. Typically, the Camtasia team has been quick to release updates to new versions. Then watch as your clip is perfectly positioned inside the device. If you’re creating training videos, you’re probably looking for all-in-one video editing software. Or, there is a selection of screen dimensions to choose from, including widescreen 1080p HD (1920×1080). When you purchase five or more, one key lets you easily package, deploy, and manage all your Camtasia licenses. And now, here is a screen shot showing the end position of the zoom and pan effect. Alternatively, if you only want to record a selection of your screen, you can do so. To download the free trial, simply click here. Applying the zoom and pan effect to my video tutorials has really improved the quality of my content. On April 28 2020, Camtasia 2020 was officially launched. After that, I can just pay the maintenance agreement price for the next version. Camtasia maintenance for Government and Non-for-profit users from a TechSmith Authorised Reseller in UK. Adobe and Articulate 360 charge on a monthly or annual basis which ends up being much more costly in comparison. It could save me a tonne of editing time. Others seem to be buggy and cause the program to crash over and over. You can also add Camtasia Maintenance to your plan. See the. Have a previous version? In my opinion, Camtasia is the best screen recorder, and hopefully, this Camtasia review will do it some justice. best screen recorder software (free and paid), Exclusive access to 15+ hours of Camtasia online training, which includes a certificate at the end. The maintenance plan seems to be worth it. Get all the benefits of maintenance for one year from your purchase date. + Interactivity features: Training videos often lack user-interaction that is crucial for learning. + Export issues: This hasn’t happened in all versions, but some users have experienced issues with the encoding and exporting of Camtasia videos. So I'd have October, November, December, January, February, March, and April to get upgrades, then I'd have to pay for Camtasia 2021. For now, Camtasia limits keyboard commands to basics such as save, copy, and play video. Learning Analytics for Corporate Training Programs. Some versions are incredible. I’ve learnt a lot of hints and tips by watching these short clips. For example, the screenshot below shows the starting position of the camera. As well as video effects, Camtasia also has a few audio effects that can be easily dragged onto an audio track. It’s the ideal investment for online content creators, especially if you’re creating screencasts. We’ve found it to be the most useful tool for capturing recordings of screens – desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Snagit/Camtasia Bundle Buy Together and Save Buy. Add one year of Maintenance to your Camtasia purchase for just $49.75. Overall, we think Camtasia by Techsmith is a worthy tool to keep in your video-editing toolbox. So, if you state to use a keyboard shortcut in your video, you can show the keys on the screen. If this is the case, it seems only prudent to buy the product immediately after the upgrade so I can get the longest possible life out of my purchase. Am I misunderstanding how the pricing works? Here are our pros and cons for using Camtasia to create training videos: Pros of Camtasia + Very easy to learn: Clean setup and simple user-interface, Camtasia is built for video-editing beginners. Then I bought the maintenance agreement. Get a dedicated phone queue and expedited response time across multiple support channels - phone, email, and online tickets. Not bad. Not only is the resolution top quality, it’s intuitive to use. So much is needed to fix this product, and I'm not seeing movement on critical items (e.g., stability, performance, virtual webcam support, 4k webcam support, industry standard file format support). Just simply tell Camtasia the shortcut you want. The beginning of the arrow marks the camera’s starting position, while the end of the arrow marks the end camera position. Camtasia has been our go-to software tool to create training videos for retail POS systems, mobile apps, and ERP software tutorials. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Coming from academia myself, I think Camtasia is the best fit for academics. It also produces the best quality videos among the applications we reviewed. Single License Business Pricing. So, I avoid this feature altogether and still manually apply the zoom and pan. This price will vary depending on your circumstances; an individual upgrade will cost $99.50. Holders of Camtasia Maintenance also get access to: Now you know what Camtasia is and what it has to offer. If you choose to upgrade your current version of Camtasia to the newest installment, for example 8.0 to 9.0, you have to pay for that upgrade. Techsmith? Their video tutorials are really clear and very enlightening. A former scientist turned side hustling teacher. A lot of people think so. Like the look of Camtasia, but think it’s too pricey? But remember, Camtasia is slightly more expensive than others because you get a lot of features for your money. I know they run a business. Which means you can simply select the icon and start recording your screen in a matter of a few clicks. Get the latest versions as soon as it releases, exclusive product training, and premium support. One-time fee. Here are our pros and cons for using Camtasia to create training videos: + Very easy to learn: Clean setup and simple user-interface, Camtasia is built for video-editing beginners. When you buy Snagit or Camtasia, you have the option to add a maintenance subscription during checkout. Give it a spin with their free trial and see what you think! + Great customer service: Techsmith has a robust and impressive customer support team. This means that with Camtasia, there is no need to have a separate video recorder and video editor; everything can be done under the same hood. So, if you work with other Camtasia users, then it’s certainly worth looking at upgrading. This includes icons, intro templates, motion backgrounds, music tracks, and more. Give him a shout on Linkedin to learn more. At the time of this writing, Techsmith provides a 30-day free trial to test out the software.


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