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+ Real Housewives Fired! For the listeners of the girls we all love, the chatty broads + Is Hannah Ann The Next Jackie O? …, TW: Violence towards Black people is discussed in the last 30 minutes of this episode.The Broads spend the first half of the episode discussing some of Bachelor Nation happenings, specially those coupled with Black Lives Matter - they chat about Chris Harrison, Ben Higgins, Hannah Brown’s “second” apology, Bekah and Garrett Y’s Instagram confrontat…, (TRIGGER WARNING: Traumatic births and sexual abuse) The Broads are joined by Bachelor Nation’s sweetheart Jade Roper Tolbert to discuss her births that did not go the way she expected. First and foremost, they discuss everything Colton and his wild interview with Reality Steve (and Bekah drops some serious tea about her season and Krystal)! Bekah and Jess chat all about the birth of Bekah and Grayston’s second child, Franklin James. 186: Colton’s Texts Revealed + Pilot Pete Exposing Production + Carol Baskin “Smear Campaign” + “The Social Dilemma” + More! They chat about ABC’s double Bachelorette to start off the season, Ben’s sex-ed speech, Kaitlyn’s candor, JJ & Clint, and more. They chat all about how they met, engagements/weddings, the importance of parent friends, being real about the tough parts of parenthood, blow out diapers, fine dining with children, how to remain your own person post having kids, “se…, (CW: Presidential Debates & Covid-19 Discussed) The Broads are chatting about all the current pop cultures news and NEWS today! They chat about how Erica and Jamilah started their podcast, being sex and cannabis positive single mothers, dating during quarantine, lots of laughs, and much more! In this thought-provoking but chatty podcast, we bring together leading experts and radical thinkers to discuss the big issues that will affect our future, and what we can all do about them. They are then joined by the wonderful Sarah Herron…, It’s the time again, Broads! Full of laugh attacks, interrupting, and tangents as they answer some Marry/F*ck/Kills, tell awkward hook up stories, chat Hogwart’s houses, answer “which of my friends are you most attracted to” #quarantine…, The Broads cover episode 5 of LTYH and let’s be honest they are feisty and it’s hot takes city today. They…, The Broads are joined by podcaster and former reality TV personality, Alexis Haines aka Alexis Neiers previously known as the star of E!’s “Pretty Wild” and involvement in the “Bling Ring”. + Nick Viall + Mini Ali Fedotowsky Season Recap, 170: Sean Lowe’s Season Recap + Sarah Herron + Bach News, 169: CLARE’S CAST BREAKDOWN (Date Night Edition), 166: The ORIGINAL Bachelor & Bachelorette Recap, 163: Trauma Queen: Jimanekia Eborn (Recorded November 19, 2019), 162: Jojo’s Season Recap (Amateur Version) w/ Evan, 161: Bekah’s 2nd Birth Story: Franklin James, 160: Sexually Liberated with Ev’Yan Whitney (recorded Oct 29, 2019), 159: Ben Higgin’s Season Recap with 2 Black Girls, 1 Rose, 158: Tantra Talk with Kamali Minter (recorded June 10, 2019), 157: Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Season Recap w/ Nick Viall, 156: Bach Nation Recap, Antiracism w/ Taylor Nolan, & Protesting w/ Craig Conant, 155: Jade Roper Tolbert’s Birth Stories & Traumatic Births (ft. Alexis Haines), 154: Birth Story: Jess'“Unplanned” Birth & Birthing Choices, 153: Organic Olivia Chats Herbs & Natural Remedies, 152: Addiction & Recovery w/ Alexis Haines, 151: Ryan Neal of LTYH (and Natascha surprises us! They discuss Postmate’s robots, paying on dates, finding love in an Uber Pool, first date ideas, how to first approach a love interest at Target, Justin being late to the podcast because he was tied up, Malik commenting on Real Housewive’s instagram pics, weddings, …, (IMPORTANT: The Broads will be chatting about the tea and info that is currently being discussed by all major news sources.) #halloween #fabfi…, Well here we are, Broads. + Real Housewives Fired! Clare liking tweets/Clare’s #promgate) and then they dive into YOSEF (*no thank you*), Dale coming to the rescue (*hellloooo …, The Broads are joined by Ellie Coburn to chat about her experience fostering and adopting. They discuss how Jimanekia found her passion in this area, consent, boundaries, help…, Bekah is back next week - BUT in the meantime, Jess and her husband Evan do an amateur recap of Jojo’s Season (we explain in the episode). They discuss tantra, its deeper meaning, meditation practices for orgasm, transformation of self and sensuality, and much more.You can follow Kamali at @wearespaceforlove or @kamaliminter and find out…, The Broads recap “The Bachelor: Greatest of All Time - Kaitlyn Bristowe". + Bekah & Jess Crash Their Cars + Reality TV Tea! They express all their feels over the first couple to go, chat about the “Fantasy Suites, discuss the final perfo…, The Broads are joined by their partners, Grayston and Evan, for a quarantine double date night to answer some fun and uncomfortable questions! They chat about the filming of the Bachelorette, Kanye’s presidency announcement, their plans to run for office, #broadsquad member’s husbands coming home from deployment, how their families have hand…, The Broads are joined by the fantastic and hilarious hosts of podcast “Good Moms, Bad Choices, Erica and Jamilah! They discuss the last time Jessica was on the show and what their charts are looking like now. with Grayston & Evan, 148: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Episode 5 (Tour Bus Baby & We Quit), Daily Boost | Daily Coaching and Motivation. They obviously discuss the current bachelorette drama (*spoiler warning if you are trying to avoid any and all La Quinta happenings 12:30 - 46:30). 144: LISTEN TO YOUR HEART: Episode 3 (Jason Mraz, How Dare You! This browser doesn't support Spotify Web Player. First they chat first Bachelor ever, the “missing” Alex Michel, and all the fashion and WILD choices production made during this first ever season #findalexmichel. They then catch up on a few more Bach related topics before diving into The Snoozefest aka The Finale of Listen To Your Heart. First they catch up with Craig about comedy during the pandemic times and his psychic life transformation. ft. Sarah Nicole Landry (aka The Birds Papaya), 77: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 6 (Part 12), 76: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 6 (Part 11), 75: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 5 (Part 10), 74: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 5 (Part 9), 73: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 4 (Part 8), 72: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 4 (Part 7), 71: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 3 (Part 6), 70: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 3 (Part 5), 69: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 2 (Part 3 & 4), 67: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 1 (Part 2), 66: Bachelor in Paradise: Week 1 (Part 1), 64: Bachelorette Recap: Episode 13 (FINALE PART 2), 63: Bachelorette Recap: Episode 12 (FINALE PART 1), 62: Astrology & Reading Birth Charts with Jessica Lanyadoo, 61: BACHELORETTE RECAP: Episode 11 (MEN TELL ALL), 58: Bachelorette Recap: Episode 10 (FANTASY SUITES), 55: Bachelorette Recap: Episode 9 (HOMETOWNS), 53: Serving SPOOKY with Roz Drezfalez (Paranormal Pt.


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