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], since young children rapidly adapt their accent to their surroundings. Whilst living as a vagrant, he had become addicted to alcohol and crack cocaine. Kate inherited her mother's hippie tendencies, but her narcissistic personality was unique to her. Tim Beecham (Tim Brierley and David Parfitt), an old friend of Nigel Pargetter. He had an on/off relationship with Kate Aldridge, which resulted in their daughter Phoebe being born in 1998, but then married Hayley. As Quake walked out, Hellfire offered to take her for a drink. After an attempt to kidnap his son from Helen failed, Rob disappeared, and was last reported boarding a flight to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he had previously worked. This is a list of many of the characters from the long-running British radio soap The Archers. Fury knew Hellfire was a traitor and what he cared about by Daisy. After a brief split from Brenda, they got back together and got engaged on 29 May 2009. She was the catering manager at the local golf club and organised occasional film nights at the village hall. Christine married Paul Johnson; it was discovered she was infertile, and they adopted a son, Peter. Shula Hebden-Lloyd, née Archer, previously Hebden (born Shula Mary Archer, 8 August 1958) (Judy Bennett) is the elder daughter of Phil and Jill and twin sister of Kenton. Ian and Adam's liaison has elicited little moral outrage or criticism in the village, with the exception of Sid Perks, the late landlord of the pub, and Adam's grandmother Peggy Woolley, who was distinctly uncomfortable with the relationship. Crawford has since served a prison term for fraud. [citation needed] Ian proposed to Adam and the pair entered a civil partnership on 14 December 2006. Tregorran died in July 2014 and was buried in Ambridge. Elizabeth Pargetter, née Archer (Alison Dowling) is Phil and Jill's youngest daughter and, along with Kenton, at first rejected village life, attempting a career in publicity in London. In 2005 Peggy tried to persuade her husband to agree to his affairs being governed by power of attorney. [55] Both Daisy and Bucky met Bobbi Morse when she went under the radar as well. Daisy possesses the normal strength of a female Inhuman who engages in intense regular exercise. Nigel (who also had a never-seen sister, Camilla who was married to a man named James) had only intermittent help from his beloved mother, Julia; more often she was a source of anxiety and friction (due to her dislike of Elizabeth, which, happily ceased once Freddie and Lily were born), but she died suddenly in November 2005. A farm labourer, Ed secured a job in France and planned to move there secretly with Emma and George, but they were thwarted in November 2005 by Will. Daisy Badger is an actress, known for Hello Darlin' (2020), Royal Shakespeare Company: Troilus and Cressida (2018) and Home Fires (2015). He was regarded as one of the most humourless characters in the village, even before the death of his beloved wife Betty in December 2005. Initially he employed Ed Grundy to manage his dairy herd. Tilly and Molly Button — Sisters of indeterminate age (Molly, the older of the two, is hinted to be in her mid teenage years), who in recent times seem to have supplanted the Horrobins as the village malefactors. They escaped the castle without harm and had Daisy to thank for saving the team. [21] After a year or so, he fell in love with Ian Craig, the chef at Grey Gables. Prior to being injured in an explosion and fire at the Grey Gables Hotel in March 2020, Lynda was campaigning against Lilian Bellamy's plans to revamp The Bull under the title The B @ Ambridge. a wooden plank with a nail hammered through He had also attempted to rape Shula Archer. Pip has a clear interest in farming, and also caring for the environment. She finished her degree in the summer of 2015 and accepted a post with an international agri-business with which she could gain experience of farming around the world. I’ve not been acting for very long it’s essential to exercise those bits of your brain that creates and make things live in imaginations – knowing that I’ve had a little bit more experience of that gives you confidence; it gives you a bit more faith in yourself. He also once owned local country-house hotel Grey Gables (now owned by Oliver Sterling who acquired it along with his late wife Caroline), the Borchester Echo (a local newspaper) and other businesses outside the village. Eddie Grundy (born 15 March 1951) (Trevor Harrison) is Joe's son and Clarrie's husband. To offer support and protection, the local GP, Richard Locke (William Gaminara), then her lover, moved into her house, Blossom Hill Cottage, shortly afterwards. [12][13][14][15][16], Some time after the invasion, Fury revealed to Johnson that he discovered nine shadow bases that didn't show up in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Eileen Titcombe (formerly Pugsley) — housekeeper at Lower Loxley. Jazzer McCreary and Ed Grundy were involved with Fallon at various times. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Miserable and alone, Kathy befriended Lower Loxley chef, Owen King (a.k.a. Edgar Titcombe — head gardener at Lower Loxley, who is married to the widowed Mrs. Pugsley. Phoebe Aldridge (Lucy Morris) was born 28 June 1998 in a tipi in the former Tipi Field at Glastonbury Festival, and lived with her father Roy Tucker and his wife Hayley until their relationship broke up in 2014. Despite owning an MG sports car, bought with a windfall from his mother, he is generally considered to be a rather dull man. Jennifer has endured Brian's series of affairs over the years, partly by having one affair with her ex-husband, though Brian has long suspected John Tregorran as having rivalled him for Jennifer's affections at one time. She is the first skin that is based on a Peppa Pig character that comes from a different country in the show, France. Completed a two-year program at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.


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