danganronpa 2 walkthrough chapter 4
When you look back on every other trial in this series so far it’s possible to pin down the suspect purely with the clues you gathered before the trial. Anyways, great guide! He calls him worthless. Learn how your comment data is processed. Truth Bullet - The three of us - Group Photo, Truth Bullet - I remember everything - Interview DVD, Truth Bullet - Million miles away - Monokuma Control Room, Tuth Bullet - Got all those wounds in battle - Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Absorb Bullet - It was Mukuro Ikusaba - Right hand, Reasoning - The same person was killed twice, Absorb Bullet - Murdered twice - Junko Enoshima, Truth Bullet - Wasn't Mukuro - Mukuro Ikusaba's profile, Reasoning - They switched at the beginning. I did consider lumping it together with the class trial, however I don’t want my knowledge of the trial to influence how I write about the investigation. There’s always been a little guidance when it comes to Danganronpa’s crime investigations, but the first half of chapter four’s was really choreographed. I even said it in this chapter’s free time post: If he dies before I get that last soul shard, I’m gonna be so pissed at myself (;^;). I know the Strawberry boys weren’t there for that, but you would think someone with the technological prowess Kazuichi has could have put two and two together and see that the hammer was too damn clean! So Nekomaru’s arms and legs probably detached due to the blow to his head. Investigate the desktop to obtain the "Room key.". Find coins in the headpiece and haniwa on the shelf. Leave your room and go to the Dining Hall. Examine hammer behind the left of that person. Killer blocking knife with replica sword, 9. This was to both keep the group separated as well as to keep the true structure of the building a secret. His head hit the pillar down on Grape Tower’s level, causing the scene we saw. Which sucks because Nekomaru’s death was an interesting concept. Chiaki also notes that, oddly, there’s rubble under Nekomaru’s body. ", Examine container on the floor near the entrance of the room, receive word bullet "Empty protein shaker. After leaving Strawberry tower they broke the button to open Strawberry tower’s door. ", Talk with person there, receive word bullet (Celeste's) account. Firstly, try and investigate the pamphlet that is on top of the desk. Which means, according to the rules, everyone else would die and Gundham would have won. Speak with Celeste and pursue: Bothering me. Leave the Data Center and go to the Garden. ", After this, talk with person on the far left to receive word bullet "Disappearing Stain", Examine the Desk Lamp, receive word bullet "Library Desk Lamp.". After an event, make your way to your room. It turns out that Grape House and Strawberry House are indeed the same building. The following video is from JustOneGamr’s channel: I WAS WRONG ABOUT SO MANY THINGS IN THIS CASE! Nagito gave a multi tool with a compass to Kazuichi and asked him to watch it when he rode the elevator. To which Gundham gets bashful. I’m actually kinda surprised Akane didn’t flip her shit when that happened because it was not subtle! So that when Nekomaru’s alarm woke him at 7:00 AM for Monokuma Tai Chi, he would wake up alone. We’re talking swords, grenades, refrigerators filled with various poisons. Because on one hand: Nekomaru totally would sacrifice himself for the group. ", Examine shelf next to magazine rack, receive word bullet "Monokuma Bottle. He berates them for not noticing a broken doorknob among the debris. - DreadRabbit, Back to Square One: Monthly Recap - DreadRabbit, So Many Games! Interact with the door of your shower room next to the monitor for an event. The biggest message was that Gundham doesn’t believe in giving up on life. and he starts ordering the other students around. Especially when it came to the door. Because if it is…I don’t think that’s clever. After going into the trophy room for an event, interact with the door in front of you. If they don’t show Sonia taking care of Gundham’s hamsters in his stead I’m going to be so sad. This article is also a portal to each characters' individual Free Time Event pages, where you will find the guides to their route and a full transcript of their conversations with Hajime Hinata. Leave the Chem Lab and return to the Rec Room. And in this screenshot, he implies that maybe, just maybe, Hajime did it. So Kazuichi, Sonia, or Hajime…I hate all three of these choices! Toko looking out from inside the locker, 8. Because like I already said: if Nekomaru truly killed himself to save everyone else from starvation, then why didn’t he block both Strawberry and Grape Houses? - Spoiler Free, Chapter 3 - A Next Generation Legend! OR Someone did kill Nekomaru, and did everything in their power to plant as many red herrings as possible. Using the building’s own mechanisms to make Nekomaru fall to his death? The flu knocked me out for a couple of weeks, and for about a week and a half it was best I didn’t do anything for the most part. Nekomaru’s body, the pillar, and the hammer are all near the Grape House door now. As we move into April two big game updates drop! Leave Class 2-B and go to the Nurse's Office. After examining the lint roller, talk to the person on the far left. Chapter 1 involved killing off someone with fame and influence. Killer taking the poster off the wall (corners are bent), 8. Good grief…the writers really aren’t playing around this time, are they? Afterwards, go to audiovisual room and examine DVD deck for event. Speak with Hiro and pursue 'Need something'. Now granted, if we analyze how the game shares similar patterns with the first Danganronpa, then we know that Makoto was charged guilty in one chapter. Your email address will not be published. Investigate staircase leading up from 1st floor hallway. And why go through the effort of planting fake evidence (like the clean hammer) and risk everyone getting killed at the class trial? Walk/run into the entranceway hall for an event. It should be noted that a rather large portion of Nekomaru’s blood oil is slathered over the end of the pillar, but the hammer is clean. Interact with the door of your room to move outside. And why was the killer so obsessed with only blocking the boys? We discarded it as actual evidence from the start of the investigation! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 2. He didn’t confess right away, because he wanted to remain true to his mask of EVIL OVERLORD. In true Danganronpa fashion he brings the trial room to them, exploding from the floor and sending Nekomaru’s body flying! Successfully solving the riddles grants the challenger the opportunity to plaaaaay: Russian Roulette! I have to admit I wasn’t expecting that at all. Talk with the person who comes later in the entrance lobby. Your email address will not be published. Truth Bullet - The only reason you have - Aoi's account, Truth Bullet - I never saw her - Pocket trash, Absorb Bullet - When ogre's body was discovered - Magazine shelf, Final Strike - Kyoko's examination summary, Truth Bullet - Just once - Kyoko's examination summary, Truth Bullet - In front of the shelf - Status of Sakura's body, Truth Bullet - The shot to her head - Monokuma File # 4, Truth Bullet - From section C to section A - Footprints in the powder, Truth Bullet - The Rec Room was unlocked - Empty protein drink, Reasoning - Sakura wanted to create the locked room, 4. ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ. I can’t get the truth bullet on the lamp on Chapter #2’s investigation time. The loop was placed over the knob. There was also some disturbing foreshadowing on Nagito’s end that mentioned something about sacrificing one’s body and soul. Walkthrough Part 4 From: tr1ppa. This included Hajime before he started doubting him. I never would have gotten them, and I admit that. It’s just unfortunate that they went too far with the fake evidence. Leave the Nurse's Office and go to Hiro's room. Leave the Garden and go to the Data Center on the third floor. The killer than planted the hammer on the ground and chains around the fake door to Strawberry Tower to set up the closed room scenario we saw in the investigation phase. Examine door to the big public bath (If you have "A Man's Fantasy" present (Item #93) at this point, you'll get bath scene CG). But once again: that feels way too obvious. And I knew that one of the numbers written in blood (the 6) was actually a 9 thanks to the line on top of it. (ΟΔΟ;;). Then once the tables turn, Nagito becomes a straight-up, manipulating bitch. Nagito did earn a bit of respect from me with this move, and again I find myself understanding his fanbase a little better than before. Examine wall behind the right side of victim's body. When characters spoke up to counter Hajime’s points they felt random and needless. His limbs are detached from his body, but Monokuma makes it a point to show that his limbs were designed so they could detach easily. Talk to Sayaka and listen to all Reactions. Please see the. FAST! ( ˃̣̣̥ω˂̣̣̥ ). I suck so badly at those types of games! So this crazy ass bastard only had a 1/6 chance of living through the game. Examine incinerator to receive word bullet "incinerator. I really believe that Gundham was trying to sacrifice himself for the group. The only time it made sense was when Gundham spoke up, and that’s because we cornered him as the prime suspect! But that’s not what happened. But again: would she go through with Russian Roulette? In his panic he broke the fake doorknob from Strawberry Tower’s height, and thus fell to his death. So Little Time! Leave the Gym and go to the Archive on the second floor. Fuyuhiko called the moment they heard the dead body announcement, and revealed that: Obviously that seemed like overkill. It only makes sense that the hammer might have come from there since no one could leave the two houses. Examine the drawer behind the bed, receive word bullet "Tool Kit. I KNEW IT! I thought it would be much shorter given how staged the investigation was. In Chapter 6 one must go to Hallway 1F (Dormitory Floor) because there is a secret gateway/floor. ", After this, leave the kitchen to go to the dining hall and talk to the person there to receive "Aoi's account". Hello all you curious little buns out there! Everyone standing around the dead body in the Garden, Reasoning - The motives Monokuma came up with, Truth Bullet - Nobody can remember such a thing - Genocide Jack's memory, Truth Bullet - A single class - Locker notebook. If that really is the case then holy shit (0_______0) ! Mainly because he’s the one person in the group capable of discerning how Nekomaru’s functions worked. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. What the hell kind of clue was “Watch the News” supposed to mean!? That clock was stopped at 7:30 am, and the game makes a point to remind us that his clock is a radio clock that automatically updates. ", Examine knives hanging on the wall, receive word bullet "Kitchen Knife Set.


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