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More recently, he has walked city streets crowded with people, finding camaraderie and shared humanity in the Black Lives Matter protests. It’s not surprising, of course, that England made space for him. “I thought he was talking about me. “I don’t know, bi- or pansexual,” Katie said. He was in no rush. Throughout the pandemic, David Sedaris has been walking, masked, around New York City. “Everywhere I go it smells the same, and it smells like my breath.” He generally has two outdoor shifts, the second after midnight, so that he (or Fitbit) can apply those miles to the next day’s tally. “I just say that I like people regardless of their gender.”, “We’re alike!” Mr. Sedaris said in his mild and kindly way. “I was the last person on Earth to get it,” he said. He makes me laugh.”. Credit: Even when there is no new work to promote, he spends much of his time on extended tours in the United States and abroad. Nothing seems to faze Hugh. First, his own. And listen to us on the Book Review podcast. Along came a person named Katie, all tattoos and piercings and brightly dyed streaks of hair, barely out of her teens and shyly holding a book. For someone else it would have seemed like a high-wire act; for Mr. Sedaris it was business as usual. “People said, ‘We’ll scootch down a little bit, make a place for you. Mr. Sedaris is an atypical author, and not just because of his singular worldview or because his books sell so well or because he spends so much of his free time striding through the English countryside, where he and Hugh now live, picking up trash (“I don’t know what it is about England; people are such slobs,” he said). “People are like, Can you record a message of hope for all the people who were going to come to your show?’ and I’m like, ‘No, because it’s not like there aren’t things to watch already.’”, Sedaris himself subscribed to Netflix in January. But just then Mr. Sedaris paused, looked stricken. I don’t have depression, but I probably have other stuff going on.”, Which brings us back to . It’s exhausting, and sometimes you need a break from it. England famously loves its eccentrics, which could be why Sedaris, who grew up in North Carolina and lived in France before crossing the channel in 2002, feels so comfortable there. His record for ground covered in a day? . David doesn’t easily express his love for him (“We’re engaged, I guess,” he says) and has even publicly admitted he could imagine living without his boyfriend but never his family. “I spent a week at the beach with my family, but it wasn’t like anybody got into a car accident or someone broke into the house and stole things. I said to him the other day, ‘I hope you die of coronavirus, so I can write about it.’”, (He was kidding. In a quintessentially Sedaris move, though, his father did not die. “I’m sorry,” Mr. Sedaris went on, “it’s all ….” He could not continue. Mr. Sedaris was not fazed by this piece of information. At home, this involves pacing the floor like Gus, the neurotic polar bear who compulsively trudged back and forth in his enclosure at the Central Park Zoo. “People ask me what I felt when I saw her, but I felt nothing.”. With two books in the works but all plans on hold, the writer is pacing New York City and destroying his Fitbit friends. WASHINGTON — David Sedaris was taking questions from the audience after his reading at the Kennedy Center last month, when suddenly the evening took an alarming turn. Not the way he meant, as it turned out: They were mother and daughter. Tara Derby. Mr. Sedaris has been messing with our heads for more than 25 years, since he began reading his diary entries on National Public Radio. But the truth is that Sedaris, 61, rarely does, says or feels the expected thing—and that goes a long way toward explaining his appeal. But a man has to do what a man has to do. In fact, he said, it was because he has not let the pandemic thwart his efforts to rack up miles on Fitbit, the physical-activity-recording device. But his life, like everyone else’s, is more or less on hold. BUYERS: David Sedaris and Hugh Hamrick LOCATION: Emerald Isle, NC PRICE: $825,000 SIZE: 2,640 square feet, 6 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms. “Your mother looks like a predatory older lesbian,” he said, to the younger one, who did not seem to mind at all. It was because of his hobby: He often leaves his home in rural Sussex at midnight, puts on a headlamp and spends up to nine hours de-littering the local highways and byways. Someone named Christine said she worked in her firm’s H.R. His writing makes you giggle but also learn about yourself—it’s filled with “that’s exactly what I think—but I hadn’t thought it yet!” moments. But don’t look for Sedaris online anytime soon. ), “It’s been fantastic, it really has,” Sedaris went on, in an unexpected burst of straight-up emotional enthusiasm. Sedaris mentions Hamrick in a number of his stories, and describes the two of them as the "sort of couple who wouldn't get married." You know, how life feels like a story.”. As he spoke, Sedaris sounded short of breath, a worrisome symptom in the current climate. And Still Wanting More. It’s nice to be part of a group, and I like walking down the center of the street. After he appears, he signs books and chats to people late into the night, even if that means all night long. As a child, Sedaris admits, “my room was a shrine of cleanliness.” It’s all part of the anxiety and compulsions he lives with, which were never officially diagnosed as OCD. David Sedaris Leaves His Audiences Weeping. “Plenty of people have it worse than I do,” he says. Photos courtesy of Lisa Sedaris Evans The current tour goes to places like Toronto, Minneapolis, Houston, Albuquerque, San Francisco, Missoula and many more; heads to Ireland and Britain; and returns to the United States in August. Along came a young woman who, like most people in line, had her first name (Chelsea) written on a card that she handed to Mr. Sedaris, for book-signing purposes. “We’re not together any more,” he said. “That makes it much easier.”. But real mental illness is not like the wacky neighbor on television. “They’re so articulate and thoughtful, and they’re not regurgitating what they’ve already heard. Now he is about to publish his latest book, “Calypso,” which reflects the usual Sedaris preoccupations: the bonds of siblings, the trials and comforts of domesticity, the softenings and ravagements of time, the general confusion of the world, his family’s extremely weird sense of humor. . . “For the past 20 years I’ve been gone every fall and every spring, and people said, ‘It must be horrible to be away from Hugh for so long,’ and I’ve always thought, ‘No, it’s actually kind of great,’” Sedaris said. (“I call him Congressman Prude,” Mr. Sedaris said.). But it wasn’t because he’s sold 11 million copies of his books and is a master comic storyteller. The essay “Now We Are Five” poignantly discusses, in Mr. Sedaris’s familiarly discursive way, the suicide of his troubled sister, Tiffany. But the vicissitudes of his daily life are not so different from the vicissitudes of your life and mine, even if his eye for detail and way of processing the world around him are wholly his own. Front row, left to right: Lisa, David, and Dad (Lou). Hand sanitizer? He is constantly amazed, he said, at the high caliber of New Yorkers’ discourse. David Sedaris in Central Park. In “Why Aren’t You Laughing” (2017), his most recent New Yorker essay, about a vacation in Hawaii, Sedaris is nagged by Hamrick to get out of the house, even though Sedaris is quite obviously trying to process his mother’s disease by watching the reality TV show “Intervention.” In “The Perfect Fit” (2016), about shopping in Tokyo, Hamrick relentlessly criticizes what he considers Sedaris’s too-feminine … As of 2019 , Sedaris lives in Rackham, West Sussex, England, with his longtime partner, painter and set designer Hugh Hamrick. But “Calypso” reveals the later-day Mr. Sedaris to be more ruminative, more serious, and a little less inclined to play everything for laughs. Not Mr. Sedaris. David Sedaris signed books after his Kennedy Center reading until nearly 1 a.m. Sedaris at the Kennedy Center before his recent sold-out appearance. And so Mr. Sedaris remained at a table that night in the Kennedy Center until nearly 1 a.m. “Right now.”. Text us for exclusive photos and videos, royal news, and way more. I thought we’d spend a lot of time watching things, but Hugh” — that would be his boyfriend, Hugh Hamrick, an artist and a familiar character in the Sedaris oeuvre — … We wouldn’t not be home on Saturday because that’s when the scary movies were on TV, and that’s when I made pizza. His conversational gambits covered the sort of topics (abortion, religion, sexuality, disability) that people are advised to avoid in potentially non-safe spaces. The Sedaris family. “Most people, when they get to be teenagers, they say, ‘I want to be as far from you guys as possible,’” he says. He also has an unusually close relationship with his readers. (His record is 10 ½ hours, in Chicago.). David Sedaris, Dressed Up With Nowhere to Go. . But Sedaris’s realization that it’s no fun dressing up in semi-satirical garments when there is no one to see you is of course not the only thing he has had to contend with. “I was really afraid he’d get tired of me. “Whenever I’m walking and I smell death, I think, ‘Oh, let it be a person!’”. “It looks so bad. I wouldn’t have changed anything, because I needed somebody to sort of push against.”. He loves audiences, audiences love him, and his readings attract hundreds and even thousands of people. But throughout the pandemic Sedaris has also been walking, masked, to the far ends of New York City. David Sedaris and his partner Hugh Hamrick at home in Rackham, West Sussex Tara Derby “People said, ‘We’ll scootch down a little bit, make a place for you. “Everywhere I go it smells the same, and it smells like my breath,” he said. As he launches into a story about how he’s found receipts in tossed shopping bags that led police to finding the litterbugs and issuing fines, Hugh jokingly does the international sign for crazy person behind David’s back, winding his finger around his temples. Lately his family tales have taken a darker turn— inevitably, he says. You would think people might be put off, but they weren’t. I kept thinking, ‘I should be able to fix this or control it.’ Whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think, ‘Everyone in the world is going through this.’ That makes it much easier.”. But it still felt like a story to me. Mr. Sedaris: “Did you go to church on Easter?”. Those who follow Sedaris’s autobiographical writing, which has softened and become more emotional and self-reflective in recent years, will recall that the author and his father have long had a contentious relationship. “I like to start the next day with six miles under my belt,” Sedaris said. David Burton. Just as writing “definitely helps me harness my obsessive nature,” Sedaris says, “so does picking up trash.” That particular form of therapy started in 2010 when he spotted a man picking up litter in his village. Credit: She was nervous and talking fast. “I worry about him,” says Hugh, 58, a painter and set designer. “Thank you for bringing so much humor into this world.”. “We were never like that. The readers snaked in a line far down the vestibule. Mr. Sedaris and Mr. Hamrick’s enduring relationship, she said, has provided her with comfort and courage at a time of turmoil.


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