dirty 60s songs

The song contains somewhat difficult-to-comprehend lyrics, but, like several other songs on the album, they are full of sexual innuendo.

15 of them. Required fields are marked *. “If I Never Knew Your Name” Vic Dana

“My Pledge Of Love” Joe Jeffery Group 1910 Fruitgum Co.-Refections From the looking glass (flip of simon says)

Dave Anthony Moods were a Bournemouth group who did some great singles in the 60’s . Paul Revere/Raiders-SS 396/corvair Baby Country music was green, for example; inexplicably, R&B was orange, rather than blue. Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons; Don’t think twice, it’s alright. “Where Were You When I Needed You” The Grass Roots Singles were everywhere, played on radio, put onto jukeboxes and, more importantly, bought in their millions by fans. But these should have been included, too. Atlantic For me, it usually happens when I’m driving – that’s really the only time I have the radio on. Laura Nyro Wedding Bell Blues UK vs USA music list would be very different. This is a key to the success an artist has, and the promotion of their material. The Beach Boys; Hushabye.

Great song and it’s been over 40 years since I heard it on the radio. Tin Tin; Toast and Marmalade. on group, maybe the Lettermen) and Rosanna by the Freddie Miller group.

Then there’s the original band to call themselves Nirvana. gary lewis & the playboys green grass : Ed Ames. We have picked 67 of what we think are the great lost 45s from the 60s, and we suspect that many of you will not have heard the vast majority of them. Especially “Scene Through The Eye Of A Lens”. That’s the Way of a Clown (Teddy Randazzo), More Today than Yesterday , Spiral Staircase. hombres-let it out let it all hang out The Parade-Sunshine Girl 61 Had it as a single. Crystal Blue Persuasion reached number 2 in the states. It is different for each of us, but some songs just accurately reflect the feelings, news and politics we knew from that time. Stan Getz – Blowin’ In The Wind 13 Different Drum Stone Ponies…Linda Rondstandt I have 5 of them on 45rpm! Sagittarius – My World Fell Down 155 Tommy James crystal blue persuasion. Sam & Dave-Wrap It Up Left Banke; Walk away Renee. Shorty Long – Devil With The Blue Dress 116 Fairport Convention ~ Meet On The Ledge 323 Nazz-Open My eyes, Music Explosion-sunshine Games/We gotta go Home/Can’t Stop Now Where some feel their ‘album’ or some 45 is really valuable, keep in mind it is only valuable to someone familiar with the song and willing to pay for it! “The Bottle Let Me Down”

“Girl On A Swing” Gerry/Pacemakers The 78rpm shellac discs competed for much of the 50s, but finally lost out to the 45 in the early 60s, as every home, seemingly everywhere, had a record player on which you could stack seven or eight 45s to play in sequence. Sir Douglas Quintet “Mendacino” We recommend you to check other playlists or our favorite music charts. I still have so many 45’s. vogues 5 o’ clock world Your email address will not be published. I have well over 4,000 songs programmed from 1960 through the mid 80s (no 50s) and all were charted hits. Not lost at all!

Perhaps one hit wonders in some cases. The Magic Lanterns; Shame, shame, shame. classics IV-Poor People (flip of spooky), dave dee, dozy, beaky mich & tich-Save Me/shame SPANKY & OUR GANG – “Give A Damn 77 Created.....below...I think I know where..... Let me wander in your garden and the seeds of love I'll sow. Most people will not recall most of the songs posted in this area, and they were not really big sellers nor experienced great radio airplay. Look At Me I’m You – Blossom Toes and the Mysterians or “I had too much to Dream Last Night” by the Electric Prunes. Gladys Knight & The Pips – I Wish It Would Rain 60 “One More Heartache” – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Elektra 45620 – 1968 These are nothing like the most lost songs. Vashti Bunyan; Just another diamond day. The list is in ascending order of hearings (times 1000). Gin House Blues is not a song that slipped by, it was a no. bill Pursell-Our winter Love (My favorite all time instrumental) It was backed with One Has My Name. Searching YouTube with “I don’t remember” does not produce any reasonable results alas……..

WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: I need some love like I never needed love before / Wanna make love to ya baby / I had a little love, now I'm back for more / Wanna make love to ya baby, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Doing crystal meth / Will lift you up until you break...How do I get back there to / The place where I fell asleep inside you, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: If you be a nympho, I'll be a nympho / In the hotel or in the back of the rental / On the beach or in the park, it's whatever you into / Got the magic stick, I'm the love doctor, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: These players come to get me /’ Cause they’d like my behind / I can’t love my business / If I can't get a trick, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: I'm down on my knees / I wanna take you there, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Girl when I break you off / I promise that you won't want to get off / If you're horny, let's do it / Ride it, my pony, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: I know you want it / That thing that makes me / What the guys go crazy for / They lose their minds / The way I whine, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Body and beats I stain my sheets I don't even know why / My girlfriend she's at the end she is starting to cry, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona / Never gonna stop, give it up / Such a dirty mind / Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Bite my lip and close my eyes / Take me away to paradise / I'm so damn bored I'm going blind, WHAT WE OVERLOOKED: Two inches or a yard rock hard / or if it's saggin' / I ain't too proud to beg. Young Holt Unlimited-Soulful strut “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” The Silkie Tommy James. “Girl In Love” The Outsiders And have you heard the recent out of the vault finds “Flippety Flip Flop Fly” and “Only Mama That’ll Walk the Line”? Sun, Mr. Moon” Paul Revere & The Raiders FIRST HYMN FROM GRAND TERRACE – MARK LINDSAY 10 Not every record is a hit, and frankly, the odds are most are duds when they are released, and if the song is good that another artist will record it later and their ‘cover’ will be the one people remember!
“Down At Lulu’s” Ohio Express Your email address will not be published.

Moody Blues – Fly Me High 37 This makes them classics for many, where some, while wonderful songs, just never had the exposure and found favor with their audience. Thank You! Tired of Waiting (Kink’s cover). “Do Something To Me? This is still my favorite record. I’m glad that I got to tell her that. – Griffin – I am the noise in your head Merle Haggard – The Bottle Let Me Down 5000

I have the 45 record somewhere but can’t find it. How wonderful. In this case, "Custard Pie" refers to a woman's sexual organs and the song is rife with references to oral sex. Best ever live band I saw, Timebox and later Patto. Wonderful song. I wanna give you my love, every inch of my love. When you consider everything else we get exposed to, dirty song lyrics are no surprise in this day and age. “I Confess” The New Colony Six
“Lonely Drifter” Pieces Of Eight The Buckinghams; Kind of a drag. I think it was on the Atco label, it was a male/female duo I’m pretty sure. “The Land Of Milk & Honey” The Vogues

drifters-sometimes I wonder/jackpot.

Sonny & Cher “A Cowboys Work Is Never Done” Or Jody’s majestic debut single “He Walks Like a Man.” Jody’s stand alone single version of “If You Were a Carpenter” from 1967 should have been marketed to Hot 100 and Easy Listening, not just country stations. Robbs-Bittersweet Montannas-You’ve Got To Be Loved A lot of these songs may be forgotten by radio, however I have a good portion of these songs on my playlist including Michaelangelo , Give A Damn, Gone Is The Sad Man, Fly Me High, Mind Excursion, We Can Fly, (We Ain’t Got) Nothin’ Yet, She Just Satisfies, Magic Town, Who’s Cheating Who, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Neon Rainbow, Biff Bang Pow, Crystal Blue Persuasion, My World Fell Down, Will You Be Staying After Sunday the problem depends on the radio market and the crummy corporate idiots who control the airwaves. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And Penny Arkade’s recordings. THE BEACH BOYS gettin’ hungry 9 “May I” Bill Deal & the Rondells I still have some 5 or 6 melodies in my head, heard them one week on Big L (Radio London) or Radio Veronica but as the station politics did not put them in the playlist any more, they are really lost: My schoolboy English at the time was not that good, so I don’t remember artist or song name. Happenings-I got rhythm I Lied To Auntie May by The Neat Change (includes early Peter Frampton prior to The Herd). The Stone Poneys Different Drum 310 The Lovin’ Spoonful’s “Full Measure”. I barely remember a song that was on the radio in either the very late 50s or very early 60s. Some 45s end up being the record released just before an artist hit the big time, like The Moody Blues’ ‘Fly Me High’, Free’s debut single, ‘Broad Daylight’, The Steve Miller Band’s first minor hit, ‘Living In The USA’, or James Taylor’s version of ‘Carolina In My Mind’, which he recorded for The Beatles’ Apple label before hitting the big time. SKEET SKEET! Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. The Flirtations – Nothing But A Heartache 500 Blues Magoos…(We ain’t got northern yet I Love You – People “Jesse Brady” The McCoys. I don’t think I’ve ever heard you play this song. The Cowsills; The rain, the park and other things. “Sweet Cherry Wine” Tommy James/Shondells, “Black Pearl” Sonny Charles/Checkmates Four season flipsides (Pity/Raven/show Girl/Around And Around) His name is Jim Bobo and I want to find his personal music if it’s even possible. The Blues MaGoos – We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet 850 “Talk Back Trembling Lips” Johnny Tillotson

Sorry, the last three just slipped into the 70’s.

Find 60s tracks, artists, and albums. When you cut it mama, mama please save me a slice. Almost all of them now have the famous “Contains copyrighted contents” remark, so some company claimed it as his. Five Man Electrical Band – Half Past Midnight 10

“Color Him Father” The Winstons We’ve even included a Beach Boys song, ‘Gettin’ Hungry’, that, for some inexplicable reason, was released as a Mike Love and Brian Wilson record… It wasn’t a hit. But that’s very much an exception. Also, I have One Tin Solder by the Original Caste. Timebox – Gone Is The Sad Man 53 Winter Is Blue – Vashti Bunyan I know it, it’s in the back of my 72-year old brain but I just haven’t been able to dredge it up lately. Turtles-She’s My girl/Chicken Little Was right (Single Version) How did it become lost? Fifth dimension-workin On A groovy Thing/sweet blindness Come the following decade, hundreds of millions of singles were being sold, making the 7” single the format of choice for much 1960s music. “Backfield In Motion” One Tin Solider Conven Herman’s Hermits-Hold On (Single version)-No Milk today It’s called “1-45” or One-45. 17 tracks (53:30).

Rose Garden “Next Plane To London” Allan Clarke; Losing me.


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