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What you probably didn’t know was that the traction compound made before the show even started. Get phone info for 'Farmtruck". Drag your burnout for 30ft and lay as much rubber as you can. Dr.pepper cheap and works well or any soda with high sugar content. Devils Glue began being made in 2013 it was just like how all the other traction compounds start you mix a few things try some new things and then you sometimes stumble on something and it works or at least it did for Nic. Now i will say this, it doesnt work as well on blacktop or asphault as vht. © Copyrights 2010 NoPrep.com All Rights Reserved But on concrete, its hard to beat. After having to have back surgery a couple of years ago Justin was forced to take time off from racing and during his time off he decided to focus on making his product and during that time he made Skinnies available to the public. Joined: Apr 8, 2013 ... thats what iv heard. Bonnet says “ we test our product as much as we can to make sure its 100% cause at the end of the day if we don’t test our product then we are going to have problems.” Now I know we are talking a ton about the street racing here but if you go to a no prep you will most likely see a few of the pimp juice bottles. $59.95 Select UPS Ground as your shipping option at checkout. So if you want to hook the street or track and you want some Devils Glue your gonna have to “Sell your soul to get out of the hole”. I would never "soak" my slicks in Dat Juice. Get you some of that traction juice and make sure to do a good burnout. Shipping: Pimp Juice ships through UPS Ground Only, ships One Gallon at a time, and has to be ordered independently from other merchandise. When no prep first started track managers would have the traction compound brands come to there track and sell it at there no preps here are some of the best traction compounds around right now. RED 2000 #1623, Built, Manley internals, TF 44cc heads(9.5:1), Bullet cams, ported intake, ported Eaton, 10lb lower, Open element filter, 3/4in intercooler lines, 255 fuel pumps, 60lb injectors, Cat-less OBX exhaust, Circle D 2500 stall, SCTX4, 2in drop, BroncoBeater(longbars, panhard, DS loop), True Forged 20s. They didn’t sell it then but the whole cast was basically making it their own. Grip the bottle with your pimp hand and SHAKE WELL 2. Select UPS Ground as your shipping option at checkout. In fact a few years back Nic had his own event Horsepower on the plains which is when the name Devils Glue was getting out and after that event, Nic said: “I had guys I never knew coming to me asking for prep and I even shipped some out of state”. This is some sticky ass sh*t! Coyote'13 "He gone" Established Member. Built motor, Turbo Blown. Born on February 7th 2003, #1646 BUILT NOT BOUGHT 615/640 For Sale Is it illegal or something? What you probably didn’t know was that the traction compound made before the show even started. Jeff “AZN” Bonnett is the creator of Pimp Juice which has been made famous by the hit discovery show street outlaws. Instructions: 1. Devils Glue is run on some of the fastest street raced cars out there KC Maxx runs that and he is the fastest small tire and big tire car in Kansas City. So make sure it doesn’t get stuck on anything that you don’t want it to. Sean “Farmtruck” Whitley one day decided to make a better version by adding some herbs and spices which let me remind you he is no chemist and so then Bonnett and Whitley decided to find an actual chemist that wanted to take the time to understand what the compound is used for now they didn’t see the chemist till the show actually was started. We have taken the time and $$$ to precisely measure the correct amounts of solvents and polymers so that we could say with honesty, we own the entire formula from the ground up. Been a while since I've even heard anyone talking about it. They would try some crazy ideas from pouring down Dr. Pepper and sending it to red Powerade. This is not a re-branded formulation, like many of the brands that are currently being sold today. Pour out this stick a** sh*t in front of rear tires. wow, we have had really good luck with the pimp juice. Have him send you "Dat Juice"(formerly "Pimp Juice). Discussion in '2011-2014 Mustang Talk' started by Coyote'13, Dec 2, 2013. “Skinnies Sauce” is different then most other compounds which your probably wondering why well with Skinnies yes they have 130+ distributors across the U.S. but you can also buy Skinnies on Amazon prime and it will be shipped to you or can also find them selling Skinnies at every Street Car Takeover where they have it at their booth. Sale. They didn’t sell it then but the whole cast was basically making it … 2002 HD F150 all stock for now :bsflaglol, Go on The Bullet. Pimp Juice for traction? 1. As the title says how do you make your own traction juice for when running in mexico? http://www.yellowbullet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=477506&highlight=Pimp+Juice, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. This compound is used mostly on the street though Cory Bullock is a user of Pimp Juice and I bet he can tell you it himself but his car has never done a wheelie on the street till he used Pimp Juice. to do it right you need to cut it based on the outside temp with methanol. Skinnies is improving their product every day and plan to till they decide to not sell it anymore. Pour out this stick a** sh*t in front of rear tires.3. ... A forum community dedicated to drag racing drivers and enthusiasts. Then as street racing started to evolve and no prep started to grow racers would come up with more advanced methods to get traction and some even made their own brands to sell to other racers to use on the street or strip. JavaScript is disabled. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Dec 2, 2013 #1. And remember....”If yo tires are slippin' then you ain't pimpin!”. After a 10 year hiatus and countless hours of research and development, we've finally unlocked all the secrets to the traction formula and we're now bringing it back to the streets. Traction compounds have been around since street racing started. They wanted to make something that would stay on the roads for a long time and would still stay on the road after a heavy rainstorm. Ruins your tires after a few runs too... That's the crap people soak and plastic wrap the tires with right. 3. First Gen II Lightning running on E85! Join our Lightning Rodder community to discuss the supercharged Ford F150 SVT and Harley Davidson edition pickup. Someone post it up in here. Everyone wanted to get down the street the quickest. Regular price Roll up on the sticky icky and do a “Hot Box Cloud” burnout4. Remember, its yo duty to stick that booty!5. The traction compound created by Justin Price is Skinnies Skreecret Sauce Traction Compound. Skinnies is also different from others in a few more various way their compound isn’t affected by temperature as much as other preps Justin says” we have seen cars that use our product go wheels up on the street in 20-degree weather and also in 90-degree weather pouring straight out of the bottle, not changing the mix”. Shipping: Pimp Juice ships through UPS Ground Only, ships One Gallon at a time, and has to be ordered independently from other merchandise. Jeff “AZN” Bonnett is the creator of Pimp Juice which has been made famous by the hit discovery show street outlaws. ...talked about this at work today, supposedly its a pretty simple mix that most street racers know about. Nic Roberts started out small and made a name for himself when he started making his traction compound Devils Glue. If you see Nic at an event or on the streets and need some prep he always has it in the back of his car or truck and he is always down to sell some prep to anyone. Also, make sure there are safe areas for you to set up security.” -John Andrade Jr. aka “The Cutty” from Street Outlaws “Use Traction Compound and floor it! Dig or Die Dig Days 2 $20,000 at Rockingham Dragway Album... Flaco Unveils latest masterpiece known as Mona Lisa. Devils Glue has grown a ton since 2013 I mean now Nic has guys that use that everywhere they go and I can’t even begin to tell you how many no preps I have been to where all I see is Devils Glue. Pimp Juice. It's entirely proprietary to us. ™ Trademark 2019 No Prep Racing, No Prep Racing® is a Registered Trademark, Logans 660 Episode16 podcast from the pits at NPK 1 in Maryland. Messages: 977. Justin started making Skinnies traction Compound about 10 years ago when he was racing on the street and everyone wanted his compound but… he wouldn’t sell the prep cause it gave him the advantage against everyone on the street. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Even used some of the first and original pimp juice batch from the first few cashdays. Skinnies is so big now that they have racers using it in Canada and most of the no prep racers use it too like Jamond Haug driver of the Frigg and Gudfar also another example is Billy Hoskinson in his infamous s10 who kills it on the street and also at the track. The Original  and Only Pimp Juice! Grip the bottle with your pimp hand and SHAKE WELL2.


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