ecosystem diversity essay
Biodiversity aims to understand the positions these organisms occupy in the broader ecosystem. For example, there are dedicated national parks which earmark the area for wild animals and plants and reduce human intervention in their lives. Species diversity occurs when a habitat comprises different kinds of living things. My greatest weakness: I act as an extrovert but from deep inside I am an Introvert and Shy. Biodiversity gives quite a uniform view of the above discussed biological varieties. This was an affects to the ecosystem because flowers deliver food for bees. 2. The industrial wastes can be primarily treated before being disposed into the water properly and safely. Stopping penetration of invasive alien species. Some changes could be encouraged to improve biodiversity in our environment. However, the ever increasing pollution is negatively affecting biodiversity. Retrieved from, Type: After a while, the coyotes began to reproduce as they hade more space and they started hunting the small mammals, which lead to a decrease in the population of eagles in the area but the most significant change came because of the deer. Human beings destroy forests to build houses and offices. By the definition it is “The degree of variation of life forms within a given species, ecosystem, biome, or an entire planet. My favorite quote: ‘What you seek is seeking you’- Rumi. The variation exists due to genetics, species and the ecosystem or the habitat. Bio means the forms of life and Diversity means mixture or variety. An abundant amount of literature does, in fact, address the direct effects of climate change on biodiversity in the tropics. Why or why not. Similarly there must be infinite variety of other species in our Earth and these together form a perfect natural protection for the human race. There is a large diversity of different ecosystems that have distinctive species. Crops are used to feed cattle, then the cattle waste nourishes the crops. According to the Encyclopedia of Earth, species diversity is a measurement of an ecosystem’s species richness and species evenness. It is our responsibility to protect the endangered species of plant and animals. To make a better tomorrow, we need to take steps for preserving our very own Biodiversity. If proper care is not taken, the biodiversity of Earth may become extinct one day and if it happens then, humans have to find another planet to live. Having a very high biodiversity is extremely essential to help maintain the surroundings in a state of harmony. Moreover, it is also called biological diversity as it is related to the variety of species of flora and fauna. A lot of other words and terms have been at one time or another used to explain diversity. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves before we can understand why it is important, we need to understand what it is. Get a verified writer to help you with Biodiversity and Ecosystem. It provides natural services such as soil protection, water resources, pollution breakdown, food, medical resources, and future resources, according to Shah (2014). Get FREE Work-at-Home Job Leads Delivered Weekly! Explain how you determined this. Various other life forms are equally important and play their roles in the mutual survival of the various species on the Earth. (Simon, Dickey, & Reece, 2019, 2016, 2013) Ecosystems are then further broken down into biomes. Eco system diversity is therefore the diversity of habi tats (i.e., place or site where an organism or a popu lation of organisms naturally occurs), which in clude the different life forms within. Similarly, Corchorus plants and Agave plants are using for the production of Jute and sisal respectively. c. Round 3 = In this round bees was removed. Genetic diversity is due to the genetic components shared by living organisms. They are also the source of new crops, pesticides and source material for agricultural practices. Don’t forget to share it! There is social, cultural as well as the economic importance of it as well.


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