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she asked softly. Claiming that he can quite clearly smell the stench of a Dragon, Acnologia challenges God Serena, with the Shield of Spriggan seemingly over the moon about finally encountering the "Dragon King". "Judging from the backpack your carrying it's either you're going to a trip or going to run away and I'm betting on the second option." Everything was quiet like time has freeze until the dragon fell to the ground and the magic circle disappeared and Naruto change back to his regular clothing. Thanks to you we have rebuild that village in short amount of time and free us from the clutches of Raito. Due to the overuse of his magic, Acnologia ended up becoming a dragon himself and as a result declared himself to be the Dragon King. During the chase, Erza also caught on to Acnologia's weakness of motion sickness in order to keep him at bay. Formerly ranked first of the Ten Wizard Saints, God Serena was "the strongest Mage on the entire continent." "Here Naruto-sama, this is a gift from me and the village. He knew that the security seals around the house would soon turn on and he had to get away before that happens. Animal Soul. To his luck he was still there along with his mother Kushina and his sister, all three were currently eating ramen that was probably from that shack Ichiraku's. The main protagonist of the Fairy Tail series, Natsu is the Fire Dragon Slayer, raised and taught by Igneel, the Fire Dragon King himself. When using this magic, Hyperion's skin glows white and light constantly emanates from his eyes. Following Igneel's appearance, he flies and tackles the black dragon in order to stop the apocalypse. Even at the tender age of seven years old when life is just beginning, Naruto Namikaze was forced to mature faster than anyone else his age. 'I made the right decision in taking Light-san offer, now I'm living my new life happily. Running back inside Kushina went to find her daughter whom she was sure had been the one who scream, closely behind her. At some point, Zeref watched Acnologia travel through a barren wasteland, where Acnologia was quick to catch a pink ribbon that was once the powerful relic known as the Dragon Cry Staff. Your glow colour is changed to white as you gain very high speed and regeneration, as well as an empower. Before becoming a Dragon in appearance, Acnologia was a normal human. Shortly thereafter, taking advantage of Igneel's worry for Natsu, Acnologia fires a Dragon's Roar at his opponent's head, but misses. God Slayer Magic. The two of them turned to see their son walking toward them; inwardly they rolled their eyes knowing what he would want. The Fairy's God-Slayer, Perseus Jackson!" The Dragon raised its claw and was about to slam it towards the little girl in front of him. The figure asked. He is able to combine his Fire Dragon Slayer Magic with various others, able to use Lightning Fire, Black Fire, and Fire Dragon King Modes. (AN: Think of Ronan in his Aegis knight at Grand Chase). 'So this what magic feels like, IT'S AWESOME!" After also defeating Jura, one of the 10 Wizard Saints, "there were some rumblings in the Magic Council that Laxus should now be endorsed as a Wizard Saint, but after his boorish behavior was pointed out, those rumblings soon subsided.". The strongest slayer is a Dragon Slayer. By: Soul23. The dragon head made contact with the shield and send shockwave in their surroundings. From destroying Tenrou Island (along with most of Fairy Tail's strongest Mages) to killing the Fire Dragon King Igneel and eliminating God Serena in just one move, Acnologia is pretty much unstoppable. Fairy Tail Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. The note was short, but it still explained how he felt; now the Hokage and his family had lost their only son because of their discrimination. They, like Dragon Slayers, have the ability to eat their own element; doing so rejuvenates them. When no answer came she wondered if he was asleep or maybe he was just mad, yeah that was it, he was mad. If someone hurts the people he loves, they will have to pay, as shown with Jellal, Zero, Hades, Future Rogue, etc. After the light was gone Naruto found himself to unknown place. Seriously what did they see in that crap it had crap loads of sodium and couldn't too good for one's health. ", Sting is Rogue's counterpart and the Guild Master of Sabertooth, the White Dragon Slayer. When Kushina closed her eyes hoping to get a good night's sleep, she was forced awake when she felt the alarm seals in the compound go off. 1 Description 2 Spells 2.1 Basic Spells 2.2 Advanced Spells White God Slayer Magic utilizes the element of white light, described as holy by its user Hyperion Lucifer. "Of course Naruto-sama but can you also help rebuilding our village first and don't worry we will provide you some shelter to stay until the rebuilding of the village is done." Naruto let out a sigh then soon he started to hear people voices. His Dragon Force is nothing to laugh at and his appearance in Iron Shadow Dragon Mode is truly menacing. Zancrow was the first introduced God Slayer in Fairy Tail and was a former member of the Dark Guild Grimoire Hear & man did they did a great job on with him :+1: ! "Hitomi, what happened?" In her fight against Acnologia, she earns his praise and deems her a worthy challenge. Acnologia's eyes are white and beady, and his head is round and blunt with four, large, elongated, plates extending backward. The Lost Magic, over 400 years old, has shaped many Mages into overwhelmingly powerful individuals, able to perform feats that other characters simply could not. ", "I guess we should, I'll have a shadow clone start teaching him tomorrow," Minato said as he turned to look at the red hair woman, "hopefully he will forgive us, no, I'm sure he'll forgive us if I teach him my Rasengan.". The old man said as kneel down and bowed his head to the ground and soon everyone did the same. Some time after the Dark Guild is defeated, Erik joins Crime Sorcière with Jellal and his former guildmates in order to take Zeref down. The former Phantom Lord bad boy, Gajeel is the Iron Dragon Slayer, raised and taught by Metallicana. On their fourth birthday, Naruto was forgotten again. Later that night after dinner had ended; Minato and Kushina were in their bedroom thinking about what had transpired today. Zancrow appears as a young, slim but still muscular man with long blond, spiky hair. He further implies that Acnologia has been waiting for someone to give him a true challenge and Zeref claims that he will gladly take on the role of challenger for Acnologia. The man said then glances at Naruto. As he takes his leave, he reveals his motive, stating that there are still seven more Dragon Slayers left, indicating that he intends to annihilate each and every one of them, until all remnants of the Dragons have been wiped out of existence. or NarutoXharem, godlike Naruto … Acnologia asks what Zeref wants; however, he is met with curiosity, as Zeref points out that Acnologia could rule the world with his power if he wished, calling his motives unfathomable. In the anime and manga series Fairy Tail, Dragon Slayer Magic and the Dragon Slayers themselves are generally attributed with being some of the most powerful characters. The dragon brought down his claws to attack Naruto. Naruto said as he bowed his head. Every time Naruto went up and asked his parents they would just tell him to leave them alone and continue to focus on Hitomi's training, since they believed that she needed it more since she had the Kyuubi sealed into her six years ago on the day of her birth. "Shadow clone Jutsu!" Raised and taught Dragon Slayer Magic by the dragon Skiadrum, Rogue also had a Dragon Lacrima implanted into his body, making him a 3rd generation Dragon Slayer. Users It is said that the original usage of this Magic was to slay \"Gods\". While she does not enjoy fighting, she is incredibly skilled for her age. When she began to read the only thing she could say was nothing instead she let out a loud scream. Naruto was shock in hearing this and lower his head and his eyes were overshadowed by his bangs. While there are 3 generations of Slayers, each is unique and formidable in their own right. Additional Information Naruto asked and the man sighs and started to explain. Making sure that there was no one out of there room he walked over to his room's window and placed seals on the alarm seals that would slow down the activation letting them know that he left, he opened it, taking one last glance at the room tears swell up in his eyes again, then he jumped down and began running toward the gate. Now you can be the family you wanted to be, without someone to burden you. 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