fenwick fenglass vs echo glass
The innovative tip-over-butt ferrule design enhances the medium-action Fenglass with a graphite rod feel and crisper, faster actions. with a RIO 6 wt. It also makes a good indicator steelhead rod. Absolutely worth every penny. I've heard people really like the Redington Drift and Zero, while Cameron at TFM also suggested the Cabela's CGR reels which just came out. Does anybody have experience with either of these that could offer some advice? It covers not only Fenwick history and company ownership, but materials development, fly rods, bass rods, spin rods, and the rest of the product lines. To be fair I only made a few casts with the echo. It is designed specifically for this purpose and the ease of casting this line on the Fenglass exceeded my expectations. How do the Steffen rods compare to old Phillipson glass in terms of flex and action? would come in at a distant 2nd. Great casting rod. Second, Orvis Superfine Glass is awesome as well. Flexes great, even with a 12" fish on it. I like the butterstick in the lower weights but I change my opinion once you get past a 3wt. I have one as well and it is probably the finest casting/ fishing rod I've ever owned. Cookies help us deliver our Services. As a result, used Fenwicks are usually a bargain, and you can fish them without fear. Hopefully it will throw bigger gurglers so I can catch some bigger bass. I have used it to throw everything from small dries to large chubbies, big rubberlegs, and small streamers. Vic Johnson lists at least 30 fly rods. All are very nice rods although I have not yet fished the 6. New and improved unidirectional glass construction allows the Fenglass to track beautifully on the water. Lovely to cast. My current favorite set up for trout. It is a "Royal Wand" RWFC60. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. with the three-digit model numbers; they have actions that are, in most cases, distinctly different than their two-digit predecessors. But I don't think the butter stick is worth $50 more-if it were $20 or $30 more than I'd say spend the extra bucks and go for it, but despite being a better rod I can't say it's worth paying 20% more. 3 wt reels are nothing but a place to keep your line so buying an $800 Abel is totally ridiculous IMHO. This rod feels like the later FF70; sweet caster. To me it has a better action then the echo. The Fenwick Fenglass is not the latest rod that has grabbed everyone’s attention and is the center of big marketing campaigns. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. It really depends on the water you're fishing and how you're fishing it so for me it's been streamers with the FF856 and 857. The Fenwick Fenglass is an excellent mix of nostalgia and contemporary fly rod technology. The Fenwick book doesn't contain a comprehensive list of model numbers, nor does it discuss the casting qualities of the fly rods. Fishes size 10-20 dries, nymphs, and streamers very well. (pave). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (Troutguy), Smooth, easy-casting rod that flexes all the way to the butt. I have casted both the Echo and Butter Stick on water when they first came out. (lonefisherman), Fitted with short, stout fighting butt. I would sure like to try the FF805 or FF806. (Flytackle). Two totally different rods, IMHO. pure pleasure to fish. Mine is the Scott F2 7ft. Very light-in-hand; easy caster. (Russell), Later sold as the FL-6 by Fenwick Woodstream. Pecosjuan and I and I cast a modern (blue/orange) 704 (3pc) against a vintage ff705 when they first came out. These rods were generally full-flexing and slow (to a modern graphite-trained fisherman). The Light Line is not. Outside of your narrowing, I would suggest a Fenwick glass, they're newer, a little more stiff in the spine and are EXTREMELY accurate. Just for today, mind you. If you started flyfishing with a fiberglass rod, you probably also started with an old Pflueger Medalist. is really sweet and has a surprising amount of backbone. Vic Johnson's Fenwick (General Reference 2) lists at least 15 different early model Fenwick rods. Yet despite these factors that can sometimes make rods forgotten remnants of the past, the Fenglass remains a favorite and a go-to for some of the best of the best.


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