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However, evidence found on the couple's dog tells a different story. Sheila Ferguson, After a skull and bones are found in a Texas canyon, a forensic artist and an anthropologist help identify the victim and lead police to her killer. Investigators rely on DNA evidence found under a dead female college student's fingernails to find the man who strangled her to death. John Berry A successful businessman is murdered in his home. Gus Meins Jon and Jo Ann Hagler on behalf of the Jon L. Hagler Foundation. Shortly after opening a car restoration business, the owner becomes seriously ill. Investigators suspect that a business partner may be responsible. But the true motive proves much more complicated. A man joins the police force to learn police procedures with the intention of getting away with crimes. Documentary, Crime, War. Su Pollard, 30 min Lana Quinn, When the prime suspect in a park ranger's murder is quickly cleared, nearly six years elapse before DNA technology brings new facts to light. When a thug attacks an off-duty state trooper, forensic evidence he leaves behind revives a strikingly similar case gone cold several states away. Fishing in a pond, two boys discover a human skull bearing marks of a heinous crime. Skip Palenik, It can vary, says Judge Harry T. Edwards, a primary author of a landmark 2009 National Academy of Sciences report on the state of forensics. Director: Documentary. This program reviews and re-enacts dramatic cases from around the world in which forensic scientists find and examine previously undetectable evidence. Evidence found on top of a frozen river provides a big break in the investigation of the murder of a woman killed at the business she owned. A seemingly accidental drowning in an affluent suburb brings police to focus on one suspect who had a million reasons to want the victim dead. Patrick Kennedy, They take a room in a local hotel and a ... See full summary¬†¬Ľ, Director: Gene Galusha, When forensic specialists enhance surveillance footage, they discover that a seemingly simple encounter is instead an abduction by a serial killer. A spurned would-be lover may be behind the death of a woman gunned down in her driveway, but it won't be easy to prove the young man was obsessed. Two years after a 13-year-old girl goes missing from her Colorado home, a latent print examiner takes on the case and makes a crucial discovery. Charles Quigley, When two women who live in the same apartment complex are murdered, police believe they are looking for one killer with a deep hatred of women. For 18 years, a man who murdered his entire family successfully eluded the FBI. Robbery appears to be the motive for an eccentric millionaire's murder, but investigators suspect that the evidence might tell another story. Andrew Lincoln, Crime, Drama, Mystery. Stars: | A killer murders a woman and leaves virtually no evidence, except for shoe prints. 111 min John Brahm | Stars: Warner Oland, An old hat and a chunk of metal prove invaluable in identifying the killer of a woman found dead in a rain-drenched ravine 20 years before. Gregory Read Sally Forrest, Breakthrough technology enables investigators to uncover a previously undetectable blood trail that leads to a grim discovery in a family's basement. When a woman is shot to death in a church parking lot, police zero in on her spouse, who recently learned she'd been having an affair for three years. | Gross: Police rule the shooting-related death of a teacher an accident until they learn that his wife's first husband also died under dubious circumstances. Javal Davis, Directors: A young woman is strangled to death. Stars: Join "The Real CSI" correspondent Lowell Bergman and producer Andres Cediel for a live chat on 4/19 at 1 p.m. | After a pastor's wife drowns in the bathtub, investigators find an unprescribed drug in her bloodstream along with a series of troubling web searches. Multiple cameras follow serious crime investigations in real time, revealing the crucial role cutting-edge forensic science now plays in bringing criminals to justice. Forensic evidence gives investigators critical leads in cases involving a suspicious car fire, a strange bite mark, a series of poisonings and more. That's a question an FBI agent hopes to answer with his own vacuum cleaner experiment. Anne Nagel, Reiji Mano is a forensic science researcher at the Scientific Research Laboratory in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. $168.37M, TV-14 Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration. A forensic entomologist studies insects on a corpse to determine when the victim was killed and if the prime suspect could have done it. The US military is committed to eliminating that uncertainty. The owner of a junkyard is shot to death in his office, and police find the crime scene oddly clean. Science the home of inspiring documentaries from the scientific and medical world. Surviving members of an aristocratic English family are threatened by a legendary monster when they venture out on chilly, foggy nights. Forensic hypnosis helps investigators create a composite sketch of a murder suspect using the subconscious memories of an unsure witness. Peter Thomas, Ken Davis, Errol Morris examines the incidents of abuse and torture of suspected terrorists at the hands of U.S. forces at the Abu Ghraib prison. After a man dies of an apparent heart attack, police suspect his girlfriend may have had a role. The New Detectives: Case Studies in Forensic Science. When a woman and her infant son are found dead, the evidence points toward the victim's husband. In a race to stop a serial bomber who's attacked two churches before he strikes again, investigators pin their hopes on following a copper wire. | Add the first question. A young lawyer is elected mayor of the city and promises to rid it of the corruption it's famous for. A violent one-man, one-night crime spree goes unsolved for almost 50 years until forensic computer technology finally catches up with the killer. Investigators try a key in every mailbox in a small California town and use a tire tread and broken jewelry to find the killer of a murdered teenager. A war veteran is found dead in his home, but the investigation grinds to a halt until a lucky break points to a shady character with a sweet tooth. | After a deadly and mysterious house fire kills two family members, investigators discover evidence that points to a cold-blooded plot. Forensic investigators must use a breakthrough technique to catch the killer. A doctor's wife vanishes and he quickly buys a new house, where his young son helps investigators uncover grim evidence of his mother's disappearance. Etsushi Toyokawa, | Directors: Stars: Gerard Adimando, Science will determine if the fog occurred naturally or was caused by industrial pollution. A jury must determine if this was murder or suicide.


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