fullmetal alchemist fanfiction ed coughing blood
at Ed, "I am most certainly not. What the hell?!" Hi guys! Requests are currently closed but that doesn't mean you can read what I've got! Even if I go to the doctor, I'll scare them more than they would scare me and I'd get locked up as well! "Here, drink this.". He said as he took the blanket off of his head, Envy was looking out of the window with a frown, not indicating it was him who had thrown the blanket. "Hey…" Ed tapped Envy's cheek, he didn't receive a response so he smacked him. ", "How did you do it?" Hughes asked concern crossing his face. As time slowly crept by, he became aware that there were other noises too—crackle-and-boom in the background, an insistent discordant pattering on glass, boots on wooden floor walking about with heavy thuds for steps. Check out the "fma high school au" tag on the tumblr blog kazooiesart for all my dumb art for this au! He was just there, dead—", "He lost blood, a lot of it, but he'll be fine," the Bastard spoke reassuringly, with deep and understanding eyes. It shamed him, the thought. Roy he needs a transfusion," Hughes stated seeing Edward pale slightly. ", "The premise of it is simple, really," he shifted against the bed, his brain racing ahead as the pieces fell together into a neat picture. "She's been sick for a while now since we got back. (He refused to admit it, but he was rather apprehensive about the looming pain. Ed rubbed his head...how did one go about making something warmer? Their hands, with black fingerless loves, were up by a young looking face which had blood dripping from the mouth. The moment Maes Hughes heard that the Fullmetal Alchemist was apparently running all about Central and showboating his powers, he informed the Lieutenant. Anime/Manga Fullmetal Alchemist. But it was securely bandaged now, thankfully so; he was not all too eager to see that again. "I think it's some sort of... it decides the equivalency rule. Rated T. This is just a random idea from my little black book of story plots! "You're coughing up blood Fullmetal. ", "They're safe," the unknown voice said, deep and comforting. It was about 5 minutes before his coughing fit ended and Edward was gasping for air before taking a small sip of water. Something was holding his throat tight and captive, and it took him a good while to loosen it well enough to speak again. tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Ed was thinking of other forms of gentle reconscious solutions when he heard a cough, he looked up and saw Envy had woken on his own, the homunculus's violet eyes were clouded slightly as he looked up and saw Ed. You were rash, Edward, and you hurt your own family.". "Men I want to tell you something about the pneumonia Edward has contracted. The doctor walked in looking surprised that his patient was awake. ", He laughed a dry and mirthless laugh. He collapsed against the pillow in dizzy shock. The white-hot was a stabbing blade up into his brain, and when he sank, finally, into the darkness, he felt the warm hand still there. He glared at Ed who was busying himself in the bathroom. Blood seeped through his slightly parted fingers and ran down his arm or landed silently on the bed sheet. Ed could not tell if the person was being honest or not. Near him are dim shapes, metal probably from how the light plays off the edges. What the hell happened?" "I'm surprised, Edward," Pinako's voice was subdued. He didn't get it from last night," the doctor looked at both the men. Follow/Fav Fighter. It was not pretty. Blood Queen (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood), How to Survive Dimensional Traveling and Hamartia 101, Serenity Eclipse [Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood X Reader], Singularity [Male Reader] (Partial Hiatus), Found many years later (AOT x FMA fanfiction), Behind the Automail [Edward Elric x Reader]. It will help me assess the damage. Is my fever down?" Ed shrugged then wrapped the blanket around his shoulders then sat back at the table. The youngest State Alchemists in history, (Y/n) decides to work and Ed and his brother Al to find a Philosopher's Stone, but she finds herself taking an interest in Edward, and him doing the same. ~Crush And I’m throwing him into the meat grinder.”. "I don't think the blood was for the soul. Roy and his team have been stationed in the East for the last three years assisting in the rebuilding of Ishval after advocating strongly for them to regain full Amestrian citizenship. “Oh! That grin told him that Envy did know of a better way to do it. This happens often—information out in the open is free game for any alchemist. Thanks guys! Section 31 of Intelligence handles all sorts of weird stuff; Hughes knows this. But by this time reality was lost on him—the pain the pain the pain. Such was his agony that he failed to notice the hands on his chest keeping him against the bed, it hurts it hurts my leg it hurts my arm it hurts Alphonse Alphonse. He needed to find a way out of here and soon. Right so there'll be a little OOC but you'll deal because I know you just want to read the goodness that is EnvyxEd smut anyway. Even though whatever it may be could kill him. ", "...oh, okay, yeah." He tried to open his eyes but found that he could not—there was a wet towel draped over them. "Brother you're still awake? Some characters are teachers, some are students, and some don't attend high school at all but are still important. He placed a hand on Envy's forehead for lack of anything else to do, and his eyes widened. "Easy Ed. Poor kid it looks like he could use a break from life for a while. There was a pause as if the voice was contemplating something. Even in the half-darkness he saw its path quite clearly, a gleaming crimson red in the bluish-white glow of the still crackling circle. Baring the column of his neck, Ed threw his head back—and winced in pain. His brain was busy being overwhelmed. He did not want that. Ed noticed there was sweat rolling down the boys scrunched up face along with the blood from his mouth. "Ed we need to take off your jacket I need to get a better look at the wound.". "The boy did perform human transmutation and soul transmutation." "Granny, I'm getting your best set," Ed declared in a solid and demanding voice. The warm hand kept firm in holding his smaller, fisting, pale one. Pinako had a set glare for him as she carried the umpteenth basin of water and a fresh towel over. "Forget it, I just didn't want you freezing my sheets...not like it matters...there's already blood everywhere..." he heaved a sigh. He didn't want Al to freeze either; Ed inhaled then grabbed his red jacket and threw it on. ", "You," Ed snapped, before Pinako could say anything else, "Why do you care, anyway? Envy said between bouts of laughter, Ed scowled; he didn't like that Envy was laughing about it. The ambulance is on its way," as Roy said this the ambulance sped up and parked on the street. Pinako. His back snapped into an arch, taut, his one fist white as the sheets. ", "I miscalculated," and he did, magnificently so. His breathing was haggard and he hated the sound of himself being weak, he tried to get up futilely. "I'm not that warm you know...I don't know how much help I'll be..."Envy said softly from behind him. he frowned in slightly (only slightly, since he was being nice) condescending evaluation. Alphonse stared at the homunculus who had tried to kill him and the brother who was in said homunculus's arms. "H-Hurts," he croaked, finally, and the dabbing stopped. The hand was firm and reassuring, unlike the frantic cold ones offering no shelter but fear. he may have been freed of her, but dealing with him? She's not too proud to admit that she can't do everything on her own. The paramedic noticed and put a hand to the kid's forehead. Many pretend to, but given a good chance, they would take hard-fought research and assume the credit for it, unjustly. "You wear your heart on your sleeve, kid. I don't need any help! "...you're a pedophile, aren't you," he said it more as a morbidly horrified statement (which it was), and this time it was the stranger's turn to choke. After that done he sat back at his desk and continued to read, but he found he couldn't concentrate because every time Envy twitched Ed looked up at him, eventually Ed gave up and went over to the bed. Roy moved to Ed's side to see how bad the wound was. She exclaimed and Roy looked over and nodded at Edward. Especially for the chest X-ray. "Oh seriously? That's all he was he was just a really tough kid. Grown men die of the procedure! How much worse could things get. Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist and (Y/n) (L/n), the Wind Alchemist. "Look like you did a number to that leg son. Sorry if this turns out weird! "What does age have to do with it? And some characters have been replaced for my own writers' reasons. He'd found it amusing anyway. "Tha-" he stopped himself but it's not like it mattered, "Thanks..." he muttered. At a young age, she became the apprentice of the elusive master alchemist Dante. He had his father to thank for the basis of it (if he ever got out of this mess, which was at the moment looking highly unlikely) but most of the work he really did on his own. Soon he was coughing very hard and uncontrollably. He had grown up with them, after all, and Pinako had known his father. He grasped it holding back tears and a blood curdling scream. Not deep enough to cut through the liver but still deep. Now that he was well-fed, rested, and in substantially less pain than the previous night, his lucidity was heightened and his awareness was whole enough for some rigorous analytical thinking. When his hand neared the wound Ed could no longer contain it. "The most expensive set.". Ed grabbed the book back. Now let's get you knocked out and prepped to get your leg fixed up.". When he pulled the hand away the bottom of the glove was crimson. It did not cross his mind to question why such a person was here, now. In military blues too as to try and not be noticed. "...it's expensive, you know," he blinked stupidly at the person. "Hold on," the voice said, "you'll be fine.". Do not mistake this as my condoning your actions. I couldn't just let him die. I'm sorry.". "Aaah...my hair is soaked..." he mumbled to himself as he let it out of its braid then squeegeed it all over the floor. Ed looked back at him with a frown with a frown. The only ones who agreed with her sentiment was the military.


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