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Now you can’t blame Honda for this screwup. I don’t care how much more efficient the dct tranny is over the cvt... still way underpowered compared to the rzr and x3. Even a “mere” woman can do it! JavaScript is disabled. Lots of goodies that come standard too. 673. I know this is a RZR forum but I’m hoping folks can offer some insight one way or the other. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Honda Talon Forum Since 2018 The largest Honda Talon forum including the 1000X, 1000R, 1000X-4, and FOX Valve. With these wires reversed, the cooling fan operates in reverse! I have a Snow Hog snowblower on my 2018 Polaris Ranger XP 900 EPS. Your Zooter has several years of refinements, so most of the early problems have been fixed. An automatic 6 speed transmission vs. a CVT, and a twin cylinder engine vs. a 3 cylinder, etc. And you, the reader, like to see other people’s builds, even if you will never own such a machine. However, the high/low range in the trans is really what may make the Talon a winner. I deal with a lot of people like that, Boot. I don’t even have the clutch overheat light Boss talked about in the October 2019 Dirt Wheels. Official announcement tomorrow. We loved our RZR but the Honda Talon 1000X-4 is appealing. Last winter the snow was so heavy that I had a problem pushing the blower into the snow, even with 4×4 engaged. - The Largest Honda Talon Forum, Community And Owner's Club,,,, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Finally got all the parts in and installed!!! They are available in other colors. Notice how low the trailing arms hang compared to the competition. Cockpit looks great. If so (and I doubt it is), then your wiring is correct. An automatic 6 speed transmission vs. a CVT, and a twin cylinder engine vs. a 3 cylinder, etc. Honda off-road is not the same as Honda motorcycles with constant redesigns. My advice for Zooter owners has always been never purchase the first year of any new model. Dear Sarge, I have one of the new Talons from Honda. It will probably hang with a stock XP1k and Maverick Sport... that’s swell I guess. - The Largest Honda Talon Forum, Community And Owner's Club I must say that growing up on honda dirt bikes and atv's, I've been looking forward to this for a long time Looks like honda has come out with some new innovative ideas not yet seen in the sport sxs world. Laugh, Boot! R and X models. It's not rubber band powered so that 104HP may be a bit misleading. Machine looks good. Gear the rear tracks so they are moving a bit faster than the front tracks, and the on-demand 4×4 systems sees the imbalance as the rear end spinning, and the on-demand 4×4 system thus reacts and puts power to the front tracks. It’s a fantastic geared auto / manual transmission. 1.3K members. I’ll never sell my 900s because I’m too attached to it but this would be tempting as a second ride. They don’t let facts get in the way of what they know to be true. Search "" across the entire site Search "" in this forum. This transmission alone has me interested. Engine And Technical Discussion. There will be problems! 6.7K posts. The company that made the early connectors for Honda wired them backwards. For the desert though I think I would definitely go with a taller tire. So it’s like a YXZ with red plastic and an optional auto tranny? rzr-s-800-revival/. Order your track kit. And even if they are Honda will keep pumping them out the same way for years. The various track manufacturers have figured out ways to trick the various on-demand 4×4 systems into believing the rear end is constantly spinning faster than the front, thus engaging the front drive and the tracks. 690. Disappointed with 64" and 68.4" wide versions good for west coast riding but not so good for tight eastern woods. Given your Zooter’s age, I would freshen up the shocks and maybe install aftermarket power steering. Then, purchase the upgraded model with fewer headaches than the year before. What's New; Forum Listing; Showcase; Gallery; Advanced Search; Members; FAQ; Dark Mode Menu Log in Register Home. Dismissed! 235K . Well...if that transmission works they want it to, I think they nailed that part at least. Everyone seems to have RZRs and although we’ll buy new, used ones are for sale like crazy on FB and Craigslist. In fact, I think Honda used what they felt were the pluses of both those vehicles to help create the Talon. SARGE’S HONDA DUAL CLUTCH TRANSMISSION TIPS. For the average rider, most likely no. HONDA TALON PROBLEMS & CURES By Sarge McCoy SHOULD MY FAN BE PUSHING OR PULLING? 146.7K. … In fact, I think Honda used what they felt were the pluses of both those vehicles to help create the Talon. A how-to is here: I would not hesitate to take a well-cared-for 800 S the full length of Baja at trail-riding speeds, not racing speeds! I'm impressed with the styling. Forums. Define “inferior,” Boot! What happens when forward speed matches fan speed? It seems like every month I see heavily modified UTVs with most of the components replaced. Dismissed! All discussions related to parts and accessories for the Honda Talon 1000, HMF Honda Talon 1000 Performance Full System Dual Exhaust with controller, OEM Tires and Wheels from Talon-4 fox live for sale. For all Honda Talon Models Select Your Model Below Live Valve and 4-Seat models backordered until August 10th. The fix is either take your Zooter to a dealer for them to use a pin-pusher tool to push the pin locks out of the way and pop both pins out and reverse their locations when reinserting. Come on. The […] I'd like to see the 4 seat Turbo version in all reality. I realize that a manual transmission isn’t for everyone, so if a CVT is what you need, and it’s a deal breaker, then you’ll stick to your Polaris RZR, or Mavericks. Let the sheeple discover them and force the OEMs to fix it. copyright owned by hi-torque publications. Even your dealer should be able to understand it—unless he is an “internet engineer” and knows what he knows because he knows it! My dealer suggested chains, but I was thinking of a set of Camoplast 4S1 tracks. My dealer is insistent the Polaris on-demand 4×4 system will not engage the front end with tracks on, and I will end up pushing “dead” tracks forward. And I must say, it is everything you said it was. A forum dedicated to Polaris RZR enthusiasts! Private Ellie Mae, we showcase modified Zooters either because they are race machines, showing how our readers can build their own or they are showcased for aftermarket companies’ products.


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