how much does a drug mule make

2020 Showbiz Cheat Sheet, All Rights Reserved. Santos says he became one of the thousands of American and Mexican teenagers recruited into the dangerous world of drug smuggling. Other slang terms include Kinder Surprise and Easter Egg. That’s about 0.75% of global GDP. "You kind of project yourself into another time of happiness or joy.

This is often done using a mule's gastrointestinal tract or other body cavities as containers. We all knew a drug dealer or two at some point in our lives, whether we knew it — it may have been a burnout high school friend, the guy living in a sketchy house at the end of the street, or even your own doctor or pharmacist. It’s much more complicated than you would think. [1] In a vehicle, the contraband is hidden in secret compartments.[1]. Ruptured packets can be fatal and often require treatment as for a drug overdose and may require admission to an intensive care unit. [citation needed] Due to increased airport security the "body packing" method is rarely used any more. Danny Santos, 21, works two part-time jobs and still doesn't make as much as he did as a drug mule. As far as academic work goes, a 2000 study by economists at the University of Chicago (including Steven Levitt of Freakonomics fame) indicates that low-level drug dealers make … ", All About Illegal Drugs • Ciudad Juarez • Border Control and Customs, Watch how teens get drugs across the border », U.S. teens were hit men for Mexican cartel, Danny Santos, 21, says he made $50,000 in four years as a drug mule, Santos smuggled drugs across U.S. border from Juarez, Mexico, He was arrested once, as a juvenile, but said charges were dropped, Santos now works two part-time jobs as trains as a boxer.

One smuggling method involves swallowing the balloons, which are recovered later from the excreted feces. Getting them to the streets of the American Midwest, then, presents an expensive challenge. Methods of smuggling include hiding the goods in a vehicle,[1] luggage,[2] or clothes. In all, Santos says, he earned $50,000 making about 20 mule runs, driving right through heavily guarded border checkpoints. "We had a kid here who lost a load and had some of his toes chopped off," Rodriguez said. At age 15, Santos says, he met "a guy" at a party who introduced him to drug kingpins in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Customs and Border Protection officials in El Paso and San Diego report that in recent months, they've seen a rise in the number of juvenile drug smugglers getting busted at border checkpoints. "There's a lot of money in the trade, a lot of inducement for a lot of young people to get involved," El Paso County Attorney Jose Rodriguez said. Santos' journey into the underworld of teenage drug smuggling offers a glimpse into how drug cartels lure teenagers into doing their dirty work. Some narcotics-trafficking organizations, such as the Mexican cartels, will purposely send one or two people with drugs on the outside of their body to purposely be caught, so that the authorities are preoccupied while dozens of mules pass by undetected with drugs inside their body. EL PASO, Texas (CNN) -- Sitting in high school, math and history lessons never captured Danny Santos' imagination. Because he was younger than 18 when he was arrested, and juvenile cases are sealed, CNN could not confirm his story through court records. [17] Nigerian women make a large contribution to the remaining figure.

Other inconspicuous places, like the soles of cut out shoes, inside belts, or the rim of a hat, were used more often prior to the early 1990s. "I didn't care. Mexican officials say cartels have placed classified advertisements in Mexican newspapers with cryptic messages offering young people a job with good salary and benefits. A police officer holds a bag of heroin | John Moore/Getty Images. This is done because balloon swallowing makes bowel movements difficult to control. Television shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire don’t necessarily glorify drug dealers, but they do send the message that the occupation — if you could call it that — can be quite lucrative. [3], The practice of transporting goods outside or inside of the body is called body packing.

Drug Mule Drug Mule ... so much can go wrong with such a plan that the odds of losing the shipment should keep all but the foolhardy from trying it. Santos, who is now 21, says he was arrested once but spent only a few days in jail. He spent almost all the money he made smuggling. [citation needed] However, even these diversionary tactics are becoming less prevalent as airport security increases.

In fewer cases, the drug dealers can attempt extortion against people by threatening physical harm against friends or family, but the more common practice is for swallowers to willingly accept the job in exchange for big payoffs. These teenagers are usually hired only to smuggle drug loads across the border. US. That goes up for those dealing with harder drugs. But he has no regrets. Several sources said that both American and Mexican teens are lured into the work. In HBO’s The Wire, millions of dollars worth of drugs trafficked through the port and streets of Baltimore, making a handful of individuals at the top of the pyramid very rich. However, it's a slow climb to the top of the boxing world. Though it’s difficult to get an accurate measurement, for obvious reasons (drug dealers don’t typically fill out tax returns on their “profits”), recent estimates have pegged the international drug trade at $435 billion annually. Santos says he became one of the thousands of American and … The balloons may be made with multilayered condoms, fingers of latex gloves,[6] or more sophisticated hollow pellets. Illegal drug movers can make from $500 to $225,000 for smuggling drugs, and transporting them. His office is responsible for prosecuting juvenile smugglers. Some drugs, clearly, are harder to cultivate and transport, giving them a higher street value. He said charges were dropped. "I can't say I wasn't nervous," Santos said. But there’s no way to be absolutely sure.

With regard to traffic from South America to the US, the US Drug Enforcement Administration reports: "Unlike cocaine, heroin is often smuggled by people who swallow large numbers of small capsules (50–90), allowing them to transport up to 1.5 kilograms of heroin.
She had been detained for over 16 hours by customs inspectors before she finally passed some of the balloons.

There are numerous online forum posts and questions posed to drug dealers asking how much they make, which may actually be the best way to get an honest answer these days, given the anonymity. If you’re dealing heroin in certain cities — particularly in certain areas where the opioid crisis is in full swing — the money is probably great. The U.S. Supreme Court dealt with body packing in United States v. Montoya De Hernandez. They're often called mules. Surrounded By Toxic Coworkers? I feel better now. [5], Routine detection of the smuggled packets is extremely difficult, and many cases come to light because a packet has ruptured or because of intestinal obstruction.

It was the beginning of a four-year smuggling career. It is most common for the swallower to be making the trip on behalf of a drug lord or drug dealer. How much money any individual makes from the drug trade or from dealing depends on numerous factors, but it mostly comes down to simple supply and demand laws. The swallower then attempts to cross international borders, excrete the balloons, and sell the drugs. [14] Repeat imaging is only necessary if the mule does not know the packet count. In most cases, it is only necessary to wait for the packets to pass normally, but if a packet ruptures or if there is intestinal obstruction, then it may be necessary to operate and surgically remove the packets. The 7 Richest Criminals in History. As reported in Lost Rights by James Bovard: "Nigerian drug lords have employed an army of 'swallowers', those who will swallow as many as 150 balloons and smuggle drugs into the United States. Small-scale operations, in which one courier carries one piece or a very small quantity, are sometimes called the ant trade. This Helps Explain Their Actions. Those drugs are typically produced in specific parts of the world, like South America and Central Asia. [citation needed] 20 Awesome Photos of Insane Amounts of Cash. According to Customs Law of China and Smuggling Penalties, a person shall be subject to a criminal charge if found smuggling small quantities of goods three times in one year. Teenage boys and girls alike are involved. But Rodriguez offers a chilling reason why teenagers should avoid the lure of easy money. For example, Breaking Bad‘s Walter White abandons his career as a meddling high school teacher to make millions selling methamphetamine. Alternately, the balloons may be hidden in other natural or artificial body cavities – such as rectum,[6] colostomy,[8] vagina, and mouth[9] – although this method is far more vulnerable to body cavity searches. Given the per capita yearly income of Nigeria is $2,100, Nigerians can collect as much as $15,000 per trip. In this case, smuggling may be done in plain sight, in smaller quantities, so that a suitcase full of used clothes or a new computer can be passed off as a personal possession rather than an importing business. [citation needed]. [7] A swallower typically fills tiny balloons with small quantities of a drug. An increasingly popular type of swallowing involves having the drug in the form of liquid-filled balloons or condoms/packages. The maximum jail sentence is three years.[15][16]. The woman claimed her Fourth Amendment rights had been violated, but the court found in favor of the border authorities. That mostly involves the trafficking of drugs like heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. A phone number is included in the ad. Santos is working two part-time jobs, and he says it takes him two months to earn the money that he used to make in one day of drug smuggling. Methods of smuggling include hiding the goods in vehicles or carried items, attaching them to one's body, or using the body as a container. "You're young, and you're naïve, and you think it's easy.".

Smugglers buy them in Hong Kong and employ mules that strap iPhones around their waists and ankles, and smuggle them across the border from Hong Kong to Shenzhen. This is done by a person usually called a mule or bait. But heroin and cocaine? How much money does a real life meth kingpin make? In Hernandez, a woman attempted to smuggle 88 balloons of cocaine in her gastrointestinal tract. Some contraband is legal to possess but is subject to taxes or other import restrictions, such as second-hand clothes and computers, and the purpose of the smuggling is to get around these restrictions. A drug mule may swallow dozens upon dozens of balloons. Cocaine seized by Coast Guard | Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images. It’s very difficult to actually say. [citation needed], In all, around 18% of the UK's female jail population are foreigners, 60% of whom are serving sentences for drug-related offences – most of them drug mules. It is most common for the swallower to be making the trip on behalf of a drug lord or drug dealer. Boxing and smuggling can both be vicious worlds, but at least boxing is legal.

The drug-fueled streets of the Texas-Mexico border provided his education, and he was an excellent student. Submit a … If you’re peddling cocaine on Wall Street? Watch how teens get drugs across the border ». Many smugglers come from middle-class families.


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