irish doodle size

They usually grow to a heigh between 15 and 25 inches, while these dogs will weigh between 20 and 35 pounds. Now, after 3 months, hair has grown into the hairless area, but it is not poodle hair. And they are best known for their fire-engine-red coats. History and original purpose of the Irish Doodle, Training and exercising your Irish Doodle, let us help you find the perfect fit for your Poodle or Poodle mix, an Irish Doodle, named Barney, who acts as a US judge’s diabetic-alert dog, The specially-trained mix dog was given by a charity to provide assistance to an autistic boy, proper training to deter any bad behaviors, Addisons Disease and a skin disease called sebaceous adenitis (SA).

22-28 in *Height is measured in inches from the front paws to the top of the shoulder while the dog is standing on all four legs. Hi Jenn, we have an article on male vs female dogs that you might find useful. She enjoys playing with her choc lab friend a lot. See an unwanted behavior? We were worried so we took her to our Vet. When Irish Doodles do not have enough exercise, they may fall prey to obesity. Irish Doodle Size. Most owners opt to clip their Doodle’s coat for lower maintenance. Do you have a irish doodle (mini) breeder you can recommend within a few hours of Richmond, Va? You can text me at 717-6391272 for more information. Therefore, they enjoy lots of daily exercises and playtime. The breed seems to be growing in popularity in the US and UK but hasn’t taken off here.

They love having a job to do, which is why many find themselves as they were originally intended for – gun dogs. Have you seen this before with Irish Doodles? The earliest Irish Setters were bred to be able to search out birds then hold their position, preventing them from entering the line of fire and they often came in either red and white or yellow and white, but in the mid-1800s their characteristic deep red color became the ideal. Not do they just love the members of their families, but they are also co… We support our readers with informative reporting and thorough research to help find the best ways to enhance the lives of pets and their owners.

For that reason, they should have the following tests carried out: The Standard sized can suffer with both hip and or elbow dysplasia too and the Mini can suffer with luxating patellas due to their smaller size.

The Irish Setter was developed in Ireland, at some point in the 1700s as a field hunting dog and by the early 1800s, the breed was popular not just in Ireland, but also throughout the British Isles. He was also potty trained in less than two weeks.

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The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not constitute professional, medical, veterinary or healthcare advice or diagnosis, and may not be used as such. The water dog ranked as second most intelligent just behind the Border Collie. When you are looking for Irish Doodle puppies, the most important detail is to find a reputable and responsible Irish Doodle breeders. Irish Doodles have a wavy or shaggy coat that is easy to groom. You might find a stray hair on you every once in awhile after holding him, but if you keep them brushed he does not. Poodles have clocked speeds just behind the Whippet which is pretty impressive!

F+D+BB, Thanks for the Irish Doodle information. In theory, these should be even more hypoallergenic than F1 Irish Doodles because there is a stronger Poodle influence in their genetic make up. The Irish Setter parent needs brushing and grooming at least every other day to keep the coat and the ears healthy.

The Irish Doodle is a hybrid dog and it is a cross between an Irish Setter and the Poodle (standard poodle).

(2013). It’s recommended that you groom your Irish Doodle at least once every eight weeks to maintain the condition and good health of their coat. Poodles don’t shed a lot compared to dogs with single or double coats that can shed throughout the year. Minis will mature at around 12 months of age vs. standards taking up to 18 months to reach full maturity.

A good rescue center will support you through the process and answer your questions to the best of their ability. Read more about how Google manages ads on this site.

For this reason, it is vital to learn all you can about health issues and required/recommended health tests for both parent dog breeds. The running capacity of this dog is 60 minutes. He is intelligent.

Your email address will not be published. High quality foods will ensure his daily nutritional requirements are met. In the end, the Irish Doodle temperament can balance out and consist of natural intelligence and a strong drive to please. Bubba: Their fur can get matted easily if you do not take care of it properly.

“Poodle Dog Breed Information.” American Kennel Club. Having hunting lineage, they may choose to ignore you in search of that squirrel. And today, they are bred mostly as a working dog or for conformation.

Mini Irish Doodle is an obedient, caring, loving, and therapy dog and has a well-balanced temperament.

The Poodle comes in 3 different sizes- standard, miniature, and toy, but only two types can be used to develop this designer dog. A dog that is hypoallergenic was a huge thing to us when deciding on what type of dog to get. Irish Doodles may be aggressive with strangers if not socialized properly. Our readers’ most popular and frequently asked questions about the Irish Setter Poodle mix.

Remember to clean his bowl out too! (2018). The Irish Doodle is an international hybrid, its also known as a designer dog. Some pages may also use cookies for advertising. Just be mindful they haven’t inherited their Setter parent’s selective hearing.

Irish Doodles will require a moderate amount of energy to ensure these gorgeous dogs get enough mental and physical stimulation. As big as his Irish Setter mum and much bigger than his Mini Poodle dad! However, in purebred circles, there is some opposition to such hybrid dogs. He would be right at home on a farm or equally with his own yard to romp and play. Irish Doodles seek to combine the intelligence and non shedding coat of a poodle with the friendly, happy-go-lucky nature of an Irish Setter. Content with laying around all day doing nothing but is also and incredible athelete and loves to do stuff.

Not renowned barkers, they will generally just bark to let you know something is out of place.

Otherwise they’ve got relatively similar personalities, an almost identical life expectancy and are both considered pretty hypoallergenic dogs.

Because it rarely sheds, Irish Doodles are perfect for owners with fur allergies.

As this is a breed in development, most puppies are first generation or F1 mixes.


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