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You also must hyper hop after 214B to link j.C. Jotaro quickly calls Star Platinum which performs a super fast smash. However, although not common, Iggy has a hitconfirm that allows him to convert if you take the hit. The amount of bad tools Jotaro has is quite limited compared to other characters, so do not underestimate buttons not on this list, as most likely have a place in Jotaro's game. If an attack with more active frames connects late, the advantage will be bigger. It can also be canceled with the S button.

Posterd#7176 - I just recently overhauled the Jotaro wiki, so if there are any questions or you just want to chat, let me know! Gun on block can be quite oppressive with its chip, so taking advantage of this disadvantageous position is key. Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Kujo Jotaro Theme - Stardust Crusaders, Users who like Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Kujo Jotaro Theme - Stardust Crusaders, Users who reposted Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Kujo Jotaro Theme - Stardust Crusaders, Playlists containing Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Kujo Jotaro Theme - Stardust Crusaders, More tracks like Jojo's Bizzare Adventures Kujo Jotaro Theme - Stardust Crusaders. Still, it takes a long while and you'll most likely never land it in a real game. So the general idea is [ANY STAND OFF NORMAL] xx 236S > s.214B > s.214A. Some hits may whiff if you use 236B. This was cut in the English version, but can be enabled. Fear Transcended Kakyoin (恐怖をのり越えた花京院) was renamed as New Kakyoin. Several enemies that weren't present in the previous version make an appearance uniquely in the story mode, sometimes accompanied by a change in gameplay: A Dreamcast port was released on Oct 31, 1999, featuring assets and performance that matched closer to the original arcade version. Some of Jotaro's strongest buttons will be listed below and divided into 3 catagories: Poke, Counter poke/Whiff punish, and moves to catch those waiting for a whiff punish. (Note other counter tech will be in the video these were just particularly important or served to point out a flaw in Alessi’s gameplan) While in custom combo state Alessi can be pictured having two zones of influence. Chaka players may look for s+j.c after CC in an attempt to reset a combo and therefore scaling. For the most part regardless of a Stand being either an active type or passive type, a victim being "sandwiched" between a Stand and their User has their blocking orientation based on their position towards the User, and not the Stand. You want to stay grounded so you have the opportunity to jab out Chaka’s jump-ins with hyper hop. Star Finger (Stand Off) - 623 + A/B/C (can be charged). Star Platinum rushes forward and performs a single powerful strike. Overhead is used for attacks that cannot be blocked while crouching. New scenarios were also written for Fearless Kakyoin, to explain his lengthy hospital stay just for the game, in his case, being haunted anew by Death Thirteen while recuperating. It was uploaded on September 24, 2019. It comes out fast but it can be easily punished when done randomly. This special is the ideal combo ender in Stand On for Jotaro and allows him to either launch or cause hard knockdown.

Don’t over extend and know when to back off and play back. Luckily you have access to all your basic combos which will chunk pet heavily due to low defense. It leads to some insane damage, though opponent might have a slight chance of recovering from it. In the manga (as well as the anime adaptations), Jotaro takes him home and relieves him of DIO's slavery. It does a very high amount of Stand Gauge damage. Stand Adv. As with the change of motif, the Super Combo character cutscene is now different and dynamic in nature, as is the Super Combo chime. He is the first character introduced with a Stand, Star Platinum.One day Jotaro claims to be possessed by an evil spirit and locks himself at a prison. Star Finger is one of the scariest things in the game because the opponent is forced to guess. This is not a string you should be doing often in real games. B. Pols will either do 1 part of the rekka, 2 parts, or 2 parts and 236s. On knockdown you cannot go for star finger oki safely, so you will either have to meaty 6b or use Ora/Starbreaker oki. This is your best counter-poke and whiff punish tool up-close in stand off. Devo will usually be looking to open you up with puppet, so be wary as to not overcommit. This mechanic would later be incorporated into future JoJo games, such as All Star Battle In some cases, clashing can lead to a Blazing Fists Match. After this move connects, you can combo with s.5A. was released for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in August 2012. Counter measure videos are being gathered, but if you are struggling with a certain offensive string, either try several options against it in training mode, or ask knowledgable players. The reset is incredibly punishing so getting caught and not punishing hyper hop s+j.c properly will put you in a danger life deficit and oki situation. If they opt for all three you have a choice.

Depending on the button pressed, Star Platinum will cover a longer distance, but the move will also come out slower. Take s.on landing Alessi- even without taking an air action, s.on landing had 1 frame of vulnerability, making it extremely prone to active moves, allowing anywhere from like damage to full confirms. Has a long lingering hitbox. (邪悪の化身ディオ!!) There are four additional hidden characters (Rubber Soul, Khan, Fearless Kakyoin, and Hol Horse w/. j.C 5A 6B 214B hh.C 5A 6B 236S s.214A !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... j.C 2B 236C d.j.C 5A 5A 6B 236S s.214A !SC d.s.5C 214S {TS}... j.C 5A 6B 214B hh.C 5A 6B 214S {5AAB 623X} d.o.5C 2B !SC 623[X] d.o.5C ]X[ d.o.5C 6B 214S {TS}... d.s.5A s.5A s.5A s.5B s.236C(2) s.214A s.214B !SC [cl.s.5C s.214A s.214C]. Blocking it will result in Chaka backing off or overextending on pressure, both securing momentum. The game, apart from upscaled graphics, includes tweaked dialogue and fonts as well. ), Say a Little Prayer - Brook$ (ft. Gia Koka). j.s.c is important in attacking SS and double jump can cause SS to whiff entirely. Most notable in the game is the face-shot of a defeated enemy if finished off with a super combo move, whose animation also reflects the kind of damage received; the portrait would be riddled with bullet holes, bisected or bloodied, depending on the finishing move. 5A 5A 6B xx 214B d.5A 5A 6B 214S {2A 2B x N} 5A 5A 6B xx 214B d.5A 5A 6B xx 236S > s.214B > s.214A - Variation of BnB that helps with short characters that 214B hh.C is a little inconsistent. This is a far departure from typical Jotaro matchups so understanding how to handle certain interactions is crucial, particularly Iggy’s oki and stalling options.

There is a glitch where if someone loses a round, the player can perform a time stop with DIO or Jotaro and the opponent will be frozen between rounds. The overall motif, including opening and closing credits as well as the character select theme, are different. Holding Light Attack and pressing start with Kakyoin, Fearless Kakyoin, and Vanilla Ice will show a different taunt. More notes in the video. 2A, 2A, S+5A>5A>5B xx s.236C (1 hit on most characters) xx s.214A > s.214A - Optimized combo. Depending on the button pressed, Star Platinum will travel longer distance while performing this attack. The three combos above can have 214AA substitute for 236S > s.214B > s.214A. If Star Platinum gets sent out, Jotaro cannot block for approximately 2 seconds and that's all the time someone needs to punish him. By having a strong first layer you can start to put some of the options that require the opponents respect of your strings. Weapon Stand Users on the other hand, only access a "custom combo" mode where nearly all of their moves are freely-self-cancel-able into one another for the duration. If done quick enough, Star Platinum will cancel the first Blazing Fist into the follow-up. Cannot be cancelled. Many of the names in the game's English localization have been changed due to copyright or other issues. One day Jotaro claims to be possessed by an evil spirit and locks himself at a prison. You could watch me but I'm probably the least experienced of the bunch.

This reference mirrors to the 1993 OVA where DIO’s tank truck explodes after pummeling it. Jotaro Kujo (空条 承太郎 Kūjō Jōtarō) is the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders and the main character in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Heritage For The Future.

There are reports, however, of people winning legitimately on D'Arby's minigames on the first try in Super Story Mode, without resorting to bluffing in his poker game.

Tier 10. Secure life lead and play back and punish reckless approaches is all it boils down to. If an attack with more active frames connects late, the advantage will be bigger. Furthermore, passive Stand Users may also have their own animations recovery/function independently of their Stand's animations moreso than active Users. I really love the heritage for future soundtrack, so figured should put … HFTF - Jotaro's Theme Roblox ID - Roblox music codes. Saving meter to dump into quick and deadly whiff punishes in the form of s214aa and raw tandem at lower levels makes the matchup a lot easier. Notes - Miscellaneous info about the attack. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. In Enya's taunt, she uses Justice to transform herself into an attractive young woman as she does in the 2001 OVA. In the game's Secret File, there are concept artwork of, While some of its sound effects have been borrowed from the, Some of the visual effects used in the game, particularly the sparks, dust, and super sparks have been borrowed from Capcom's. j.C 6B xx 214B hyperhop j.C 5A 6B xx 214S {ABC x N} 5A x N j.C 2B 236C d.j.C 5A 5A 6B xx 214B hyperhop j.C 5A 6B xx 236S > s.214B > s.214A - The basic ora extension in the corner. To counter this, apply pressure with s.j.c. There are options to use the original graphics style, however. After your tandem ends, you can continue your combo. After a very long startup, Jotaro freezes the time, allowing him to freely bash his opponent with whatever attacks as long as his meter does not run out. d.5A - A confirmable, fast normal that can stuff enemy ground approaches incredibly well. You will have to compensate and improvise for such situations. Only changing their base moveset without any disjointed entity beside them. A low backhand punch. Alternatively, you can substitute the two s.5As and the s.5B with s.2B. Play smart and once you have a life lead, it is not too difficult to lame him out. It is important to note that Ora Okizeme is ONLY CONFIRMABLE IN CORNER. Small stand guage means that you can get near 80 damage on a typical route and about 100 on a more optimized routes solely off an s5a. Quite useful especially against characters like Kakyoin as it will disable nets safely. Very useful poke and a move you'll be confirming your specials and supers from. Can be quite a volatile matchup but it is infinitely harder for B. Pol to open you up and win neutral compared to Jotaro’s vast arsenal of tools. d.2A xx 214A d.5A 5A 6B xx 214S {ABC x N} d.j.C sideswitch 2A x N j.C 5A 6B xx 214B hyperhop j.C 5A 6B xx 236S > s.214B > s.214A - Variation of BnB from a dashing low.


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