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Sheriff Medford believes Judy may have wanted time out from her marriage, or even tried to start a new life by heading for the hills — literally — but that somewhere along the way she met someone who killed her. None of the witnesses felt that there was anything wrong with her. They then decided to travel separately and meet later that night. Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Judy Smith, the real-life Olivia Pope ("Scandal"), joins the Petraeus affair scandal landscape, hired by "other woman" Jill Kelley. “But I thought maybe we had mixed signals, and that she thought she was supposed to proceed to the cocktail party (which was due to begin at 6pm). They said Judy was rarely seen without her “signature” backpack, but it was bright red and nowhere to be found. Witnesses saw a woman matching her description in Philadelphia several days after she vanished, apparently acting strange and disoriented. That night Jeffrey searched the streets in a cab, looking for Judy. A shirt was buried nearby, with US$87 in the pockets. Detectives surmised that Jeffrey Smith could not kill his wife alone, but would need the help of a hitman, further solidifying his alibi. No wallet. On April 9, 1997, Judy and her corporate lawyer husband of eight months, Jeffrey, arrived at Boston’s Logan International Airport. Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Judy was last seen alive attending a pharmaceutical conference in Philadelphia by her husband, Jeffrey Smith. FIVE months after inexplicably vanishing during a business trip with her new husband, the skeletal remains of Judy Smith were found on a remote mountainside — almost 1000km away. Judy E. Smith Tucson - Judy E. Smith died on August 22, 2020 at the age of 63. If you want to listen and subscribe to the podcast just search Talk Murder To Me in any podcasting app. Results: Unsolved. Judy dedicated her life to her God, Jehovah in 1968, by water baptism. That morning was the last time that he saw her alive. Jeffrey Smith (left) and his stepson Craig with a photographer of wife and mum Judy Smith after she went missingSource:Supplied, Serial killer Gary Michael Hilton was once considered a suspect in the murder of Judy SmithSource:Supplied. Medical History:-Pregnancy at age 42. No identification at all.”. Thanks for reading, please share! Judy Smith vanished while accompanying her lawyer husband on a business trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. SHE vanished on a business trip with her husband. US election 2020: Donald Trump wins Ohio, Joe Biden falls be... Find out more about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Together they enjoyed nearly 65 years of true love. Judith Smith with her husband, Jeff. However, police believe that she may have planned her disappearance, and met with foul play while hiking near Asheville. Judy was preceded in death by her husband of 26 years, Paul Bryant Smith. Here’s what investigators believe happened in the 36 or so hours leading up to the disappearance of Judy Smith. Hey y'all I'm the main story teller on our podcast episodes. She would never return but for the next few days there would be numerous sightings of her, in Easton, Philadelphia, then New Jersey and, after her body was found, witnesses would claim to have seen her alive and well in Asheville, which is just 15km from the crime scene. Another one of his victims was found tied to a tree not far from where she was found. No identification at all.”. She was dressed in hiking gear and thermals, an outfit completely different from the clothes she had been last seen in, but completely appropriate for someone planning a trek in North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest, where she was found. Nearby, investigators found a blue vinyl backpack filled with winter clothing and US$80 cash. Before Judy’s remains were found police assumed it involved her newly wedded husband and prominent Boston attorney. However, no other evidence has been found to link him to the crime. news.com.au — Australia’s leading news site. It was also profiled on Haunting Evidence. Suspects: Jeff has been ruled out as a suspect in Judy's disappearance. Based on at least 12 unconfirmed sightings of Judy in the days after her disappearance, in locations several hundred kilometres apart, detectives believe she may have voluntarily travelled to the area before being murdered. Sadly, Jeff passed away in 2005. Picture: Matt SlocumSource:AP. Her diamond wedding ring was still on her finger and more than $200 in cash had not been taken but there was no sign of her wallet and no ID. The site is almost 1000km away from Philadelphia, where she was last seenSource:Supplied. They were identified as Judy's through dental records. Judy’s two children from a previous marriage, Craig and Amy, insist Jeffrey and their mother (pictured) loved each other and he would never harm herSource:Supplied. She had only been to North Carolina twice, but had not been to that part of the state before. As they checked in for their 1.30pm flight to Philadelphia, Judy realised she’d forgotten to bring photo ID; she would have to return home to retrieve her driver’s licence.. Jeffrey had an appointment scheduled for that afternoon, so the couple agreed he would go ahead. Others have theorised Judy may have crossed paths with a serial killer who was operating in the area at the time called Gary Michael Hilton. The medical examiner did not record a cause of death. Police investigated him as a potential suspect but could find evidence to suggest his involvement. Nationwide News Pty Limited Copyright © 2020. Authorities found that the clothes Judy was wearing suggested that she was hiking in the area at the time, not that she had been dumped there. woman's murder, https://unsolvedmysteries.fandom.com/wiki/Judith_Smith?oldid=47808. Jeffrey, on the other hand, would be tied up for most of the day with conferences and workshops. Date: April 10, 1997. Forensic testing revealed the bones belonged to a white female between the ages of 40 and 55 and had been at the site for up to two years. Judy was preceded in death by her husband of 26 years, Paul Bryant Smith. He soon notified the Philadelphia police and her children about her disappearance. Police do not suspect Jeff in Judy's disappearance and death. According to her adult children from a previous marriage, and other family members, Judy loved Jeffrey and the pair got along very well. Although Judy was shy, she truly loved her spiritual brothers and sisters. Her work in crisis management is the inspiration for the ABC television series Scandal. Extra Notes: This case first aired on the August 1, 2001 episode. He called police but they told him he had to wait 24 hours before he could report her missing. Did Judy Smith try to take some time out, only to be murdered?Source:Supplied. “There was nothing in the pockets. At 5:30pm, he came back to their hotel when he discovered that she was nowhere to be found. It was the last time he ever saw his wife alive. Details: Fifty-year-old newlywed Judith "Judy" Smith was planning to go to Philadelphia with her husband of five months, Jeff, on a weekend trip for a pharmaceutical conference, when she forgot her ID at Boston's Logan International Airport on April 9, 1997. You can suggest stories for me to cover by leaving a comment on any post on this site, which I will see and respond to. Police have determined that the sunglasses and the navy and unfamiliar blue bag probably belonged to her killer. She carried her belongings in her signature red backpack. Real Name: Judith Lois Bradford Smith Nicknames: Judy Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date: April 10, 1997 Case [edit | edit source]. But it was the revelation that the victim had suffered chronic arthritis in the left knee that would lead investigators to her true identity. On September 7, 1997, a father and son hunting deer at Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina came across Judy Smith’s shallow grave. However, several reported sightings of her did come up during the investigation. Two years earlier, the body of a woman was found tied to a tree in the woods just a few kilometres from Judy’s crime scene. At 6:15pm, he told the concierge he was concerned something had happened to his wife and the staffer began ringing around the local hospitals. The remains found in a shallow grave were identified as 50-year-old nurse Judy Smith. Born July 12, 1957 in Phoenix, Arizona, Judy spent her life as an Arizonan, growing up in Phoenix before attending the University of Arizona where she met her husband …


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