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Distribute The Classroom Law Code worksheet. Categories Sitemap • Fast facts about the Justinian Code. Students will identify the three main parts of Justinian's Code and then connect one law to the USA. There were thousands of Roman laws that ordered life in the empire. What You Need: Reference books and videos on the Roman Empire and its contributions -- see our Unit 1 Bibliography for suggestions. �� sڄ�rD�C�F6&5�l�L��K�!�ҳ��������\�����Iq�3�[��T`2���1��t tw�'������UM&pZ�e&����Li�o��ON/�ֆvXS΅���Q�IZ�Dsb�c,a"�����AQ���x������+;�Қ6��ڶM�䛎Ⱥ�!kݔU�"�5aߘf�9�� �������NA �+R��r��1ϱ�/�%)p���[�_��D��R�ڒž�����h����G�-�*��f�� Encourage students to click on each of the four books of the code to note all the different areas of law it addresses. The western empire was quickly overrun by foreign invaders while the eastern half survived as the Byzantine Empire. Use http://www.dictionary.com to look up the meanings of terms if necessary. This lesson, like all of my lessons, are 100% translated in English and Spanish, On this single sheet worksheet you will find context for Justinian's Code, primary source tips, and chunks of the code itself broken into manageable pieces. Specific facts can and often do drastically change legal results. Encyclopedia of Law: The equivalent to a print encyclopedia with 178 volumes. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Encourage students to share their research with the class. Explain the preservation of learning and classical culture through a universi. If students have difficulty understanding legal terminology, focus their efforts away from the individual laws and more on the areas of law. The Legal Thesaurus The emperor chose ten men to review 1,600 books full of Roman Law and create a simpler leaal code. How are they similar and different? \!b.qb#�Q`�62��|��ҔZ��D�mW=ok�(�ڍB��k?�Gxk�y�����Y���r��}U��������@�M���Dev0@!�X *bl"��^h���8�aW4f"qZD��yܡ�8���&�@m�����]�h�����9͘�Z⛠,|�N�`�`I�Pδm��NrZ"��?�%�Dh{�L;��ʩ����̩!� ��uY~��i�ja$$(��Sa�D�K؂$�����fJ\��d.,�'����8$�$"���M���۝�## �|��kT��u ��.�t��;��a��7�LH �2q�?�&�a1�n�RBG��Q��"��P5��;��)Ӈ�u4��[zdK�X���@�HH��ʪ����0�?��u���l�l{b�\�!F���l��#�/f���#k�?����[䑡�:|O�x^���������$H ���Yz��v����1�&�Z�Evq1��ʶ*4y�d��$�]��[�����8ª����)!�N���E���� Many countries in the world have used the Justinian code as the basis for their own laws. Student Analysis In A.D. 528 the Emperor Justinian began a review of the old Roman laws. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 9 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 792 612] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Understanding Primary Sources: The Justinian Code Objective: Students analyze a section of the Justinian Code and collaborate to create a new set of laws for the class. Introduction. Subject Area: Social Studies Students will explore the background, rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire and Justinian's life, and then proceed to explore information about major points of the Code of Justinian. It is designed for middle school or high school students. Pay special attention to how certain legal concepts, like free and justice, are defined in Byzantine society. After finishing their new laws, each committee will choose a representative to present their laws to the class. There are 9 questions that have students analyzing the ancient c, NOW WITH LINKS TO A GOOGLE CLASSROOM PRODUCT FOR CLASSROOM SUBMISSIONS!This one page reading plus one page of questions gives an overview of one of the Byzantine Empire's most important contributions -- The Justinian Code. Entries Sitemap 6 show outline, Author: Steve Guditus Students will learn about the importance and significance of the Code of Justinian, as well as the major points that comprise the set of laws. Once they had written down all the laws and made sure that laws did not conflict with each other, they gave this body of law a name. endobj Emperor Justinian narrowed down the Roman laws into his own code. 0T}�n4��)�� �w;_Y�~u�/u�m�mSC�~�:�)��! Engage your students and get them discussing Justinian's Code with this all-in-one resource!This resource includes a quick bell ringer/do now activity that reviews previous law codes students have previously learned about. 5. The worksheet includes an introduction and several easy-to-read passages from Justinian's Code. This resource can be used easily as class work or hom, Byzantine Empire: Rise, Geography, Justinian & his code, art & Architecture. Encourage students to visit your local library to research state legal codes. Education Place | JUstinian PowerPoint The CODE. Encourage students to think about how our state and local governments enforce their legal codes. Dictionary This 22 slide PowerPoint slide show details from the fall of the Roman Empire to the formation of the Byzantine Empire. This site is educational information based. The Codex Justinianus (529) compiled all of the extant (in Justinian's time) imperial constitutiones from the time of Hadrian. Justinian's Code. Slaves . <> Web. have extensive legal codes? Entries Sitemap 5 �mTԞEY�-0�8�=�;7O����H�߄HA��F�@d/��K�lb�����Lz�7!I����������$�{�k 3 0 obj The Roman Empire was officially divided by the will of Emperor Theodosius upon his death in A.D. 395. Tell students that they will be learning about this code and creating their own legal code to govern their class. This is an overview which includes: the founding of Constantinople, Justinian and Theodora, Great Schism, Justinian's code and more. endobj They also wanted to write down the laws that began in ancient Rome, the laws called the Twelve Tables. Divide the class into small committee groups. This is exactly what Justinian and his officials did when they created Justinian's Code! The Classroom Law Code In A.D. 528 the Emperor Justinian beUan a review of the old Roman laws. Legal Documents of the 20th Century Author Sitemap, 1800 Century Park E Los Angeles, CA 90067 Review how civil war, corruption, and foreign invasions that began in A.D. 161 left the empire weak. Justinian I becomes emperor of Byzantine Empire 622 A.D. Hijrah 750 A.D. Abbasids become new rulers of Arab Empire 330 A.D. Constantinople becomes capital of Roman Empire 0314-0329 CH21-846240 11/22/02 8:58 AM Page 314. What did Justinian do as a result … 3. Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. United States, Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. Explain to each committee that it is responsible for creating the laws that will appear in that part of the legal code. History 101, FREE ENL Global - Justinian's Code Stations (English and Spanish), Byzantines and Slavs Test for Medieval History, Byzantines and Slavs BUNDLE for Medieval History. Legal Books of the 19th Century If your kids enjoyed Hammurabi's Code for Rulers, you'll want to check out these Court Cases from the Code of Justinian. Building Background: As students offer examples, record them on the board in an outline form. Guide students by offering examples such as property law, judicial law, and criminal law. This Medieval History Byzantines and Slavs test covers Justinian and Theodora, Justinian's Code, the rise of Slavic Cultures, Nika Revolt, schism, and more! These men were able to create the Justinian Code with just over 4,000 laws. Byzantine - Phoenix Union High School District / Homepage. Map of the Roman Empire Worksheet | Year 7 PDF. Medieval Sourcebook: The Institutes of Justinian, 535 CE (http://www.fordham.edu/halsall/basis/535institutes.html), Reference books and videos on the Roman Empire and its contributions -- see our. Use the journal function on the left. Then, they can have fun by making their own laws. Wrap up the activity by posting each committee's revised laws. Distribute The Classroom Law Code worksheet. As students offer examples, record them on the board in an outline form. Because they weren't written down, the laws in one part of the empire might be different then the laws in another part of the empire. 1. Objective: Students analyze a section of the Justinian Code and collaborate to create a new set of laws for the class. What To Do: Students will summarize the main points of Justinian's Code. Students will learn about the importance and significance of the Code of Justinian, as well as the major points that comprise the set of laws. Using 12 original cases, this activity leads students to become judges in the Byzantine Empire and use the Code of Justinian to render judgement in their court of law. 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