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[1] The slogan was "Turn your knob to Bob". Just this week, Barreiro spent an hour delving into Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney’s recent back and forth over who reigned supreme between the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. He hears his tunes on Twin Cities country station K102 (102.1 FM), such as “Favorite Song” or “North Country,” co-written with his previous band Rocket Club. “I’m living the dream,” says the man with two jobs and two kids. One of the main weekly guests is local Minnesotan professional angler and fisher "Tackle" Terry Tuma, who gives weekly updates on where he is fishing and on how the waters are, fishing strategies including baiting and lures, and overall fishing banter. Hawkey unabashedly wants to make commercial music, not necessarily works of art and introspection. “Everybody is looking for some kind of nugget, or something, on this virus. The former sports columnist will discuss a game or a trade, but he seems most in his element when dissecting the news of a day — or, in this current case, a generation. Offstage, he’s pinching himself about his burgeoning music career. … We’re not going to talk for 15 minutes about how many people have died in the state of New York from it, but we’ll be informative.”. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Make the Switch: News Talk Moves to 102.5 FM! "We are officially in COVID land on the Power Trip Morning Show," Hawkey said at the outset of Thursday's show, where he was speaking from his basement. Seven people were in the station's St. Louis Park-based studio when Zach Halverson was known to have had the coronavirus last Friday, Aug. 28, according to co-host Chris Hawkey. “It may be kind of mindless,” Barreiro said, “but if not now, when?”. This virus surrounds everyone. One night, Hawkey had an embarrassing epiphany while singing “Free Bird.”, “A biker jumped onstage, took the microphone away from me and sang the rest of the song, and he killed it,” he recalls. A regular guest on the program during the pandemic has been Mayo Clinic immunologist, Dr. William Morice. “Because everybody is looking for some slice of what it was like, something they can count on that they were used to counting on before, even if a lot of what we’re talking about is directly related to the crisis itself.”. Minneapolis/St. “We’ve done it this way for a long time, that’s why, as odd as this whole stretch has been, from that standpoint, it hasn’t been as challenging for us in that it’s what we do,” he said. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. Each Power Tripper plays an exaggerated version of himself: Cove the cynic, Hawkey the eternal optimist and Lambert the comic relief. Half the time, Cole’s “sports talk” is spent making light of issues others spend hours pouring over. Around the same time, Colfax took advantage of recently relaxed Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and became the Twin Cities market's first duopoly when they purchased KQQL to partner with the new station. There are times when, in the meat of the sports schedule, a touch of guilt hits Dan Barreiro and he’ll wonder if, perhaps, he isn’t talking quite enough about the subject on which his radio station is based. Unless he’s got a music commitment at night, Hawkey puts Abby to bed about 8:30 and maybe enjoys an hour of TV with his wife. KFXN-FM is the flagship station of Minnesota Vikings , Minnesota Golden Gophers football and Minnesota Wild. “So if they can’t leave their house to go hang out with their friends, at the very least, they get to hang out with the Power Trip morning show.”. But they have to ring true to him. The new KFXN-FM call sign, shared with former AM sister station KFXN, was adopted the same day. It's been really rough with the fever, the nausea, the dizziness...it's been almost impossible to sleep at night.". Producer Zach Halverson was in the studio before his symptoms began. We are a sports radio station, but above all else, we are your entertainment radio station as well, and that hasn’t changed.”. “I do on TV what I did with my Hot Wheels when I was a little kid,” notes the once-avid NASCAR fan. The food services were managed by Grand Management, which operates a chain of Sidney's restaurants in the Twin Cities. It opened in 2004 and closed in 2005. Startup company, Colfax Communications, purchased WCTS-FM for $10 million in early 1993. Still, Hawkey estimated maybe 40 percent of the morning show is normally based on sports, but that number has recently dipped to 10 or 15. There are now 862 people with COVID-19 hospitalized in Minnesota. Undated courtesy photo, circa May 2020, of Dan Barreiro, host of Bumper to Bumper with Dan Barreiro, from 3-6:30 p.m. each weekday on KFAN. One morning this winter, Cove kvetched about how he and his wife were trying to install flooring in their house. But the draft has passed, so now what? He doesn’t even ask his wife for advice about the business. Dan Barreiro is a sports radio talk-show host on KFAN 100.3-FM in the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul.Born in Gary, Indiana, Barreiro was a sports columnist at the Star Tribune for 17 years after previously working for the Dallas Morning News.Barreiro left the Star Tribune in March 2004.


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