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Merlin's House: Chests: 1. Unfortunately, if you struggled against Vanitas, things won't be getting any easier, and you may wish to retreat to the Mirage Arena (or another EXP spot, such as the Garden's Reactor, or Never Land's Skull Rock) for a while. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. On the piece of land in the center is a chest containing a Megalixir, and at the end of this area is Zero Graviga. Return to Mermaid Lagoon and Air Slide to the islands in the lagoon itself since Terra cannot jump when in water. Here, we’ll go over the locations and any special notes of each! The higher level you and your Shotlocks are, the more significant their damage will be, and—paired with reflected bolts of darkness—this should deal adequate damage on Xehanort. High Jump and Double Jump REQUIREDFlower Sticker - Forest Clearing. While the first segment of the Keyblade Graveyard is vacant, the next—Twister Trench—holds numerous foes in its inescapable tornadoes. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Summary : Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep is the tale of a new trio of heroes, told across three scenarios utilizing the groundbreaking technology of the PSP. Fleeting Crystal (Antechamber Balcony), 1. As a means of defense, he'll fly away, sometimes high out of reach and sometimes low enough to the ground that his evasion tactic doesn't make a difference. They're enemies you've fought before, like Buckle Bruisers and Mandragoras, and as such, you know how to hold your own against them. Glide/Super Glide REQUIREDThe Mysterious TowerIce Cream Sticker - Tower. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Flying Balloon (West (Collectible After Olympus Coliseum)), 1. Remove gravity to reach.UFO Sticker - Ship Hub. Where is the last treasure in Neverland Terra's story. High Jump (West, Center) 2. After the scene, he receives the Ends of the Earth Keychain and is directed to the Badlands. The map shows an exit into the tree, but it isn't accessible to Terra at the moment, so continue to Mermaid Lagoon. Offense-wise, their attacks tend to be unpredictable, as an attack by the Fire Unversed will result in flames being spewed in Terra's direction, Blizzard results in shards of ice being shot his way, and Thunder results in lightning striking down on his location. Return and exit to the Cove, where Terra is welcomed by a save point and an Ether. How do I get the Ars Solum in Neverland in Terra's Story? Appears after clearing world.Castle of DreamsFlying Balloon Sticker - Passage. When the credits have finished rolling, record your progress, and whatever you do, don't overwrite that save file. I even tried using Command Styles to get the treasure but all the command styles are useless (Wingblade doesn't hit the pole for some reason). Defensively, they boast resistances to the three classes of Magic. In general, stay on your toes, make him come to you, and hang in there, as the toughest fight has yet to come! Return to the Cavern and defeat the Jellyshades to clear the world, earning you the Pixie Petal Keychain. In center. Up in the air. As soon as Terra lands, he comes across none other than Captain Hook and his first mate, Smee. At every opportunity, use aerial combos to bring Pan back down to the ground, essentially trapping him again. Back at the Jungle Clearing, enter the tree to find Peter's Hideout, which holds a Shimmering Crystal and a Mega Magic Recipe. Here, we’ll go over the locations and any special notes of each! Appears after clearing world.NeverlandDewey Sticker - Peter’s Hideout. You can still run for the outskirts when you need to recover, but Xehanort may come after you even then. You now have the option to continue with the story or revisit Neverland for some chests. Up in the air. (Aqua). Return to the fork and enter the cave for a boss battle. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep | Table of Contents | Walkthrough. A fork splits the path in two, with numerous boulders along both. There’s one at the very top!Wellspring Crystal - Pete’s Rec Room, up near raceway entranceOlympus Coliseum Fire Strike - Gates, upper rightCura - Gates, upper left (in columns)Mega-Potion - Gates, lower leftMap - VestibuleDeep Space Abounding Crystal - Durgon Transporter (behind starting point), middle of roomHi-Potion - Ship Corridor, starting areaPulsing Crystal - Ship Corridor, starting areaMega-Ether - Ship Corridor, middle corridorHi-Potion - Ship Corridor, middle corridorMap - Control RoomThundara - Ship Hub, second floor upZero Gravira - Ship Hub, bottomPulse Bomb - Ship Hub, near upper computerChaos Crystal - Machinery Bay, upper nookMine Shield - Machinery Bay, upper central level (after boss battle)Xehanort’s Report 1 - Launch Deck, upper level, use anti-gravMega Attack Recipe - Launch Deck, upper leftFire Surge - Launch Deck, lower rightFleeting Crystal - Launch Deck, lower rightMega-Potion - Machinery Bay Access (right exit from Launch Deck)Neverland Megalixir - Cove, other side of save (after Hook fight)Mega-Potion - Cove, other side of save (after Hook fight)Ether - Cove, next to save pointHi-Potion - Cliff Path, lower right dip in groundFiraga - Cliff Path, top of rock (Air Slide/Glide over)Treasure Raid - Cliff Path, behind rock in upper left (blow up with cannon fire)Aeroga - Mermaid Lagoon, upper right nook (swim in)Blitz - Mermaid Lagoon, left side upper level ***enter from Cliff Side; run up the rocks and glide through the hole in the wall aboveElixir - Mermaid Lagoon, islandHi-Potion - Seacoast, right sidePanacea - Seacoast, left side behind rock pillarBalloon Letter - Jungle Clearing, Mega-Ether - Peter’s Hideout, nook in the backFleeting Crystal - Peter’s Hideout, nook in the backMap - Gully, near SaveAbounding Crystal - Gully, upper rightMegalixir - Rainbow Falls: Cove, back areaThe Mysterious Tower Magnega - Outside of Tower, backWellspring Crystal - Outside of Tower, leftChaos Crystal - Outside of Tower, rightMega Magic Recipe - Tower EntranceThe Keyblade Graveyard Elixir - Seat of War, back nookMega-Potion - Seat of War, behind starting pointMap - Seat of War, upper rightWind Raid - Twister Trench, middleMega-Ether - Twister Trench, middleMega-Potion - Twister Trench, top (nearly in front of exit)Megalixir - Twister Trench, upper leftElixir - Twister Trench, middleXehanort’s Report 12 - Seat of War, back nook. Near Peter’s Hideout entrance.Rainbow Sticker - Mermaid Lagoon. In center of roomNeverlandRainbow Sticker - Rainbow Falls Base. While most of the treasures are fairly easy to find with exploration, it’s still very possible to miss a few. Strength of heart will carry you through the hardest of trials. TERRATreasuresLand of DeparturePulsing Crystal - Mountain Path, upper nook near Summit exitHi-Potion - Mountain Path, upper nook near Summit exitStop - Mountain Path, ground level near “table and chair things”?Soothing Crystal - Summit, nook looking out to the abyssEnchanted DominionPotion - Waterside, on leftPulsing Crystal - Waterside, on right up on ledge near Forest Clearing entranceBlizzard - Forest Clearing, upper left ledge opposite from saveZero Gravity - Audience Chamber, lower left cornerEther - Audience Chamber, near stairsPotion - Audience Chamber, upper right side of throneEther - Hallway. High Jump and Air Slide REQUIREDUFO Sticker - Ship Corridor. Swim to an island to the right for an Elixir. Air Slide REQUIREDTraffic Cone Sticker - Raceway. VENTUSDwarf Woodlands Payback Raid - Mine, middle area surrounded by boxesPanacea - Mine, ground level beneath Mini chest near middleMini - Mine, upper level in the middleSoothing Crystal - Flower Glade, across from Deep Woods exitShimmering Crystal - Deep Woods, near Flower Glade entrancePotion - Deep Woods, near Cottage Clearing exitEther - Deep Woods, near Cottage Clearing exitFire - Cottage Clearing, behind cottagePoison - Cottage Clearing, lower right nook through riverMap - Cottage Clearing, upper rightAttack Recipe - Cottage, upper right cornerPotion - Mountain Trail, back of map near Cottage Clearing entranceEther - Mountain Trail, next to Mine entrancePotion - Mountain Trail, up on ledgeCastle of Dreams Map - Cinderella’s Room, next to JaqStun Edge - Cinderella’s Room, on nightstand, jump from bed or use ballMagic Recipe - Cinderella’s Room, up on dresser, use ball to roll and jumpPotion - Mousehole, first area upper level near Wardrobe Room entranceThunderstorm - Mousehole, upper right corner on beamEther - Mousehole, upper right area near fork and high Wardrobe Room entrancePulsing Crystal - Mousehole, lower left on top of bucket (hit cheese in spiderweb above)Potion - Mousehole, upper left area, upper levelHungry Crystal - Mousehole, bottom left corner, behind forkZero Gravity - Wardrobe Room, lower left on top of books, must enter from Mousehole on top of dresserBalloon Letter - Wardrobe Room, upper left on table with flower (use ball)Blizzard - Wardrobe Room, upper right beneath table with books (use ball)Fleeting Crystal - Wardrobe Room, lower left on top of boxes (use ball)Enchanted Dominion Balloon Letter - Gates, upper level rightSoothing Crystal - Gates, upper level rightCure - Gates, left of Maleficent’s Throne entranceWellspring Crystal - Gates, upper level across from Maleficent’s Throne entranceAbsolute Zero - Gates, upper level leftHi-Potion - Maleficent’s ThroneFleeting Crystal - Dungeon, upper level near Hall entranceTornado Strike - Dungeon, upper level Glide Required!Wellspring Crystal - Hall, left of Maleficent’s Throne entranceHungry Crystal - Hall, left of Maleficent’s Throne entranceMagnet - Hall, take purple warpHi-Potion - Hall, near Gates entranceEther - Forbidden Mountain, left of creepy rock bridge thingPotion - Waterside, on ledgeMap - Forest ClearingHi-Potion - Audience Chamber, upper leftThunder - Audience Chamber, next to throneHi-Potion - Hallway, in front of windowSleep - Tower Room (next to Aurora’s Chamber)Radiant Garden Soothing Crystal - Outer Gardens, rightPulsing Crystal - Outer Gardens, leftEther - Central SquarePotion - Central SquarePanacea - AqueductFira - Aqueduct, behind big ass pipe filter thingHi-Potion - Aqueduct, right side of bridgeMap - Castle Town, in front of Merlin’s houseCounter Rush - Fountain Court, upper left cornerBlock Recipe - Merlin’s HouseHi-Potion - Gardens, lower levelBinding Strike - Gardens, upper level near fountainWellspring Crystal - Gardens, upper ledgeSlow - Gardens, top level left of Front DoorsHi-Potion - Front DoorsFreeze Raid - Front Doors, upper leftDisney Town Map - Main Plaza, leftPotion - Main PlazaSuperglide - Raceway, tallest left side. Exit Neverland and enter the Badlands for a scene in which Terra is redirected back to the Land of Departure. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There's only one chest here by the Brush containing a Hi-Potion. High Jump REQUIREDIce Cream Sticker - Gardens. Falling further into Xehanort's scheme, he obtains the Dark Impulse Command Style. Taking the exit past the save point to the left will lead Terra to the Indian Camp, where he can find some Unversed but not much else (still, the rounds of Unversed that spawn make for some easy grinding) Use the other exit to the right to find the Jungle Clearing. I don't remember). Potion (Northeast)--Stickers: 1. Retreat to either corner of the field with Slide when necessary, as they will most likely remain in the center, and use ranged attacks to take them down one by one, including Shotlock if Commands are charging. On the other hand, if you breezed through the mysterious boy's onslaught, you will come out on top of this bout, too.


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