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These make the Feld2 simple to use and extremely easy to control, especially using the dial-lid’s clear numbering and its simple, wide-ranging stepless adjustment. It helps everyone comparing grinds to get in roughly the same position. The Aerspeed’s larger spacing between setting adjustments suits pour overs & V-60s very well & has the benefit, therefore, of speeding up the grinding process. Capacity is c47g(!) But still, I’d consider this a ridiculously cheap electric grinder, and I wouldn’t expect a great deal from it in terms of consistency of grind, and I would be surprised if it’s capable when it comes to Espresso, but then again, I haven’t used this grinder so my assumptions may be wrong. Mine arrived in this morning's post - super stoked it actually turned up!! I have tried twisting like the feldgrind but its fixed securely. Coffee Buyers Guide: how to select the best speciality coffee beans in the UK. Display as a link instead, × Lido 2: 33cm x 7.5cm 1590g   (I’ve seen some conflicting info on the weight of Lido2, but it’s just under 1.6k according to this review). This is an inexpensive manual hand coffee grinder, around £20, and it’s very popular – the no1 selling hand grinder on Amazon, with over 300 reviews and 34 answered questions. They also now produce a model called Skerton Pro, which they state has Improved grind adjustment and a stronger grind shaft, but this is quite a bit more at £70. With Hausgrind you’re buying directly from Knock, who are the manufacturer, you’re getting this grinder at the direct from factory price – if they changed their business model and started selling through stockists, we’d be able to buy these grinders with next day delivery etc., but it would cost us  more, as the stockist needs to make a margin, some of this may come at the expense of the manufacturer’s margin, but not all of it. Our most popular grinder, the compact Aergrind, was successfully funded via kickstarter in 2017. Anyway, if you’re reading this, you’re probably trying to decide which is the best manual coffee grinder for you, you’re probably not planning on using pre-ground coffee.=. The lower end of electric burr grinders is around £200-£300, and at the high end you’re looking at a couple of grand. I wonder if the rubber seal has gone 'sticky'. I'd like a hand grinder due to doing a fair bit of travelling and camping + I'll be living in a small space in Ireland. The peculiarity of espresso beverage is the simultaneous presence of three dispersed phases coexisting within a matrix, namely a concentrated solution of salts, acids, sugars, caffeine and many other hydrophilic substances. Easily switch from Turkish to Espresso, to Aeropress, Filter & French Press with smooth and stepless infinitely adjustable tuning. Just enter the discount coupon CB999 at Going for a coffee date is very popular in London, It’s the first choice for a couple. While somewhere in the region of £30-£100 with an electric grinder is likely to buy you something which is probably not going to perform well when it comes to the consistency of the grind, and the quality of the resulting shot – spending this kind of money on a hand coffee grinder could get you a burr grinder which could do a great job on this score. My Coffee Blogging Setup – The Ergodoz EZ, plus coffee of some description ;-), usually Oomph, or Espresso or flat white if I’m at home. Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the informative guide. I’ve not yet had the pleasure of trying this grinder, but if I didn’t struggle with my wrists, and if I did use manual grinders, I reckon this would be my weapon of choice, as it appears to be with a growing number of competing Aeropress Baristas. While some will say this isn’t good for Espresso, I’ve seen comments from people who use it for Espresso saying it works great. As far as I can tell, when an item is being sold and fulfilled by Amazon, or sold by a reputable company (check their seller rating) and fulfilled by Amazon, you can be fairly certain that you’re going to be getting the genuine article, but you’ll sometimes see other sellers listing their stock, usually cheaper, and there’s no way to know whether this is the genuine article or a cheap fake. With the crank arm in place, turning the dial to the right (clockwise) will tighten the burrs, making the particles finer; turning to the left (anti-clockwise) will loosen the burrs grind, making the particles coarser. The crank arm is longer than the original Feldgrind to give easier grinding but slightly shorter than the Honed for travel convenience and speedier cranking. The reliable Hario Skerton will never disappoint as it really does tick all the boxes! The grinder this is often compared to is the Lido 2 & now Lido 3, by Orphan Espresso, which is £180 – and from the reviews I’ve seen, there’s really not much in it between the two. If you want to research these grinders (and do let me know if you find any of these available in the UK) the grinders I’m referring to are the Orphan Espresso Pharos, various Helor hand grinders (Helor 101, Helor Stance, Helor Flux) & Kino grinders, Kino M47, Kino M68 tabletop. As well as more bang for your buck in terms of the quality you can get at the same price point for hand coffee grinders vs powered grinders, there are many home Baristas who swear by manual coffee grinders, who consider powered grinders to be a case of compromising quality for convenience. Anyone happen to have had any experience with both grinders since the question was posed 6 months ago? I’d have rather boug. Get it Tuesday, Nov … I will be trying it with my Flair espresso machine and will report back upon my return! Burrs can be replaced by us but the rated life expectancy is such that you'd need to grind 500g - 1000g of coffee a week for 5- 10 years or more before they should need replacing. I can't directly compare it to the Aergrind because I don't have it, but what I can say is that the Aerspeed is incredibly quick (I can grind 16.4g of coffee in about 10-15 seconds) and it's very consistent. No comms. All grinders are built here in Portobello, Edinburgh with our specially treated Nerost Black Steel Italimill burr sets. They are produced in Portobello, on the east side of Edinburgh, which makes their products extra special to us. I do wish there was more info out there on the grinder. Most of the cheap hand grinders are made from ceramic burrs, which is fine, they work – but there are advantages to be had with steel burrs. With this grinder, these observations are from use combined with research, as I actually have this hand grinder. And it’s also the only hand grinder that can be used as a bottle opener . 1 bean/turn. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE / HASSLE FREE RETURNS / SEE DEALS PAGE FOR DISCOUNTS. OK, the real answer is – better tasting coffee, due to more expensive components, which lead to more even grinding. Far superior to steel grinder burrs. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Clear editor. There will be some folk reading this who have no interest in the budget manual coffee grinder at the £20-£50 range, and if this includes you, just scroll down a bit and you’ll get to the premium manual burr coffee grinders. Click here to check the current price. The iconic Hario Skerton (also known as skeleton) has become the most popular manual coffee grinder over the last few years. Thanks!


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