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They simply didn’t renew it, and frankly, all parties knew it wouldn’t be renewed as soon as it became feasible for Harley to build their own trikes. In a move aimed at consolidating operations and increasing efficiency, the plant in Spearfish, South Dakota, will close by the middle of February, 2020. Lehman Trike Parts and Part Numbers. Lehman ended its agreement with Harley-Davidson in 2010. With 1/4 of the US population being now baby boomers, I wonder why the sidecar market didn’t take off. The agreement was broken in 2010 when Harley-Davidson decided to build its trikes in York, PA. Lehman founder John Lehman passed away in January 2012 and the company closed its doors. A Lehman trike is a conversion kit created to turn a standard two-wheel street bike into a three-wheeled vehicle for a more stable and safe driving experience. It’s actually astonishing what it costs to do business there. The two loans were originally approved back in June of 2012, related to the acquisition and sale of Lehman Trikes to Champion Trikes, after Spearfish-based Lehman Trikes had … And … though Sidecars are by far the cooler choice [ as well as my personal choice ] … they are a handful on the upper body unless specifically re-engineered [ new fork etc ] for sidecars …. Top it off, you get 360 days of riding weather and lane splitting! There were a ton of trike converters at Daytona. Was there some kind of financial restitution for Lehman or was the contract written so Lehman could go suck a hind tit in such a case? Though Polaris is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company, Indian motorcycles are manufactured in Spirit Lake, and that facility employs approximately 550 people. View our entire inventory of New or Used Lehman Trikes/honda Trike Motorcycles. “We are very excited about the reestablishment of this exceptional company and have been working diligently and ambitiously for the past several months reinstating staff, vendors, and production.” said Craig Arrojo, CEO of Champion Investments inc. in a press release. Sammy, I have an “older” than me friend who went from two wheels to a side car. Polaris will offer the thirty-three employees currently based at the plant in Spearfish the opportunity to relocate to an available position at another Polaris plant. Sadly, company founder John Lehman passed away last January due to heart failure caused by an embolism. Lehman, The Polaris plant in Spearfish also painted Victory motorcycle parts until Polaris discontinued the Victory marque in 2017 to, Polaris Consolidates Indian Production, Closes Spearfish Facility, https://www.rideapart.com/news/396573/polaris-consolidates-indian-closes-facility/. KTM’s 1290 Super Adventure R John was one of the pioneers of the modern day trike and an exceptionally wonderful man ! Besides motorcycle trikes, the company also specializes in trike accessories for different trike motorcycle brands. First of all, Harley didn’t break any agreement with Lehman Trikes. Craig Arrojo, CEO of Champion Investments, owner since 2012 of Lehman Trikes, announced that the Spearfish manufacturing facility will close. adventure bikes in this issue: Six months later Champion Investments, Inc., purchased Lehman Trikes and restarted production, promising the creation of 50 jobs, a workforce never reached. Lehman ended its agreement with Harley-Davidson in 2010. though even then they do take some effort .. driving many to the Trike option. The operation will progressively be moved during the next couple of months to a new 43,000-square-foot facility in Garden Grove, California. Have the feeling that Lehman is not doing so well. Indian Motorcycles’ parent company Polaris Industries just announced that it is shutting down one of its facilities. Lehman Trikes of Spearfish, maker of three-wheeled motorcycles, is rolling out of town and will close its local operation and take a dozen jobs with it, the company's CEO said. Now there’s a switch . An investment company purchased Lehman in 2012 and later moved the manufacturing facility to California. The company has expanded its line from the original Gold Wing conversion to include kits for other Honda models, as well as models from Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki Suzuki and Victory. The purchase included all of the painting equipment Lehman used to manufacture trikes for Harley-Davidson, among other brands. After moving operations to Spearfish, South Dakota in 2004, the company was forced to close its doors in March of this year due to a general decline in business. Lehman moved from Canada to Spearfish, South Dakota in 2004. Prices will come down. Sorry, Im not believing its going to be a better business environment to manufacture these in CA…or that they’ll have a better work force either…Theres a reason a number of notable motorcycle accessory builders left CA to to move TO South Dakota… What am I missing here ? What happened when H-D broke the agreement? If the price of trikes came down (a lot) they would sell like crazy with the geezer set. “We have built up our painting capabilities in Spirit Lake over the last several years and no longer need a separate paint facility in Spearfish,”said Polaris Industries spokesperson Jessica Rogers. The Spearfish operation is going to close with its dozen employees being laid-off. Breaking News. With all the laws & crap going against you, for goodness sake, WHY ????? Hopefully, any skilled painters formerly employed by Polaris won’t have a difficult time finding new employment in the area. Anyone in the business who would move BACK to Cali, is crazier still !!! In 2008, Lehman signed a supplier agreement with Harley-Davidson to manufacture the Tri-Glide Trike. Lehman founder John Lehman passed away in January 2012 and the company closed its doors. Many Lehman Trike owners are having difficulty when contacting Lehman Trikes for needed parts and or part numbers, answer to maintenance questions and general information on their particular Lehman Trike. It’s looking like this manufacturing segment is getting crowded. Just the same…best of luck guys. Here’s hoping Lehman can hang in there 😉, As to Sidecars vs Trikes … yup … there’s a whole lot more of us Boomers reaching a certain age that are either by choice or by circumstance moving from two wheels to three . John Lehman was one of the good guys of the “motorcycle Industry”. why is Lehman bucking the trend ? Which kind of makes one wonder …. Find Lehman Trikes/honda Trike Motorcycles For Sale. The Best Heated Gear, 'Cause We're Not All Built For The Cold, Moto Safety Database MotoCAP Says Women's Pants Have A Problem, This Custom Yamaha XS650 Is A British Inspired Classic. CA seems to “make up” taxes, fees, licenses, etc. The Lehman trike conversion kits are available for Harley-Davidson, Honda, Victory, Indian, Kawasaki, and … The Spearfish operation is going to close with its dozen employees being laid-off. “Lehman will be producing the same, if not better, quality products before it closed its doors,” said Craig Arrojo, the president of Champion Trikes. RT. Maybe Lehman should offer sidecar conversions for diversification. Sidecar riding takes a whole new skill set and a lot of upper body strength. Unfortunately, having lived in CA my entire life, I can tell you it is the LEAST business friendly move you will make, and thus the reason I have transitioned into slowly moving our company to NV. Good luck in the move folks. He rode it for 7/8 years and has gone to a trike. Lehman Trikes is producing many motorcycle trike conversion kits for numerous motorcycle brands such as Harley- Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Victory. and BMW’s S1000XR..... Lehman Trikes has announced it is back to full operation after ceasing production last March. What is a Lehman trike? Polaris will offer the thirty-three employees currently based at the plant in Spearfish the opportunity to relocate to an available position at another Polaris plant. The plant in Spearfish specialized in painting Indian motorcycle parts and has done so since 2016. Moving To California. Copyright ©2002-2020 Motorcycle Mojo | Privacy Policy | Built by Gooder Marketing. Purely from a business perspective…. © 2018 Cyril Huze • Powered by Wake Interactive Web Design Agency, Cyril Huze Blog – World's Number One Source For Custom Motorcycle News, Steve McQueen’s 1915 Cyclone Sells For $775,000, Postcards From 2015 Swiss-Custom Customizing And Tuning Show. Will expect to see an “out of business” or a “Moving” article here soon. Somebody moving To California … just as the waves of production / manufacturing / WHQ’s etc [ along with much of the entertainment industry ] are bailing out of the state in droves . Southern Cal is the home to all Japanese Motorcycle American Headquarters its also the major location for most after market companies not to mention home of many long time Industry Professionals who sit various cycle industry orgs. Secondly, when I get so old and geezerly that I can’t ride a motorcycle any more, I’ll buy a convertible rather than a bastard stepchild three-wheeler, so I can have something that can handle the curves. The purchase included all of the painting equipment Lehman used to manufacture trikes for Harley-Davidson, among other brands. Pairing manufacturing with painting means Indian’s transportation and shipping costs will be much lower. that’s a BAD move……. Will KTM Up The Hyper Naked Ante With A 1290 Super Duke RR? Steve… couldn’t pay me enough to move back to southern California… a wise man once said in reference to the so-cal, LA area… “Learn to swim” I hope In Lehman’s case it will be profitable, ANYONE who is in the motorcycle business that stays in Cali is crazy !! According to the Rapid City Journal, Polaris originally purchased the 51,000sq ft facility from Lehman Trikes in 2015, which had owned it since 2004.


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