longmire season 6 episode 11
Chance Gilbert is convicted and, rather than spend his life in prison, he asks Walt to investigate and charge him with the death of a census worker so that he can go to death row. Episode cast overview, first billed only. Nighthorse offers Cady a job as legal representation for the natives. Walt investigates the murder of a teenager who was one of four boys acquitted of raping a developmentally disabled Cheyenne girl. Walt helps a 10-year-old girl who Cady finds alone in a car parked at the casino. David Ridges and Branch face off, but Branch is unable to successfully shoot him. Vic, Walt and Ferg look into the death of the caretaker of a former Japanese internment camp. Walt and Henry dig up Miller Beck's body to find a feather in the throat of Walt's wife's killer. Jacob's troubles escalate at the casino. Longmire often turns to close friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear (series star LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS) for support as he sets out to rebuild both his personal and professional life one step at a time. Following an explosion on the reservation and the discovery of a dead body, Walt is bombarded with public confrontation as the Cheyennes blame the blast on a gas leak from a fracking operation run by Newett Energy. Meanwhile, Cady develops an unexpected relationship that could stir up controversy in their small town. Walt wonders if a presumed-dead member of the Irish mob is alive. In the third season finale, Walt seeks closure for both his wife's murder and Henry's case. An inevitable confrontation leads to lives changed. Episode Ep. After losing the election, Branch checks out the car that Cady was tending. This FAQ is empty. Longmire: Season 6 (Trailer) Longmire (Trailer) Longmire: Season 5 (Trailer) Longmire Season 4 (Trailer) Longmire: Season 5 (Recap) Longmire: Season 4 (Recap) Episodes Longmire. Henry discovers that he no longer owns the Red Pony bar. With Robert Taylor, Katee Sackhoff, Lou Diamond Phillips, Cassidy Freeman. A beautiful young woman's body is found on the outskirts of Absaroka County. In the third season premiere episode, Walt deals with the aftermath of Henry's arrest and Branch's shooting. Vic kisses Walt just as he wakes up after surgery. Watch Longmire episodes, get episode information, recaps and more. The bizarre death of a drug dealer points to a new and violent Hector. date unkown. Those teeth are found at the Red Pony and Henry is arrested. When a wild horse is found dragging a dead body, Walt discovers evidence of an illegal rodeo at a local farm. Year: Season 6. Walt interviews deputy candidates, based on their responses as to how to prevent the ending of. Mathias forces Henry to do his dirty work after figuring out Henry has taken up Hector's role and that he is the one Walt shot. A, Two teenaged boys, out of four previously found not guilty in a, In preparing for a transport, serial killer Wayne Durell (, Holly Whitish (Heather Kafka) finds a dead man's (Patrick Robert Smith) body in her compost pile. Travis continues to be very involved with Vic, due to the pregnancy, and Vic continues to hide it. Season 1, Episode 8: An Incredibly Beautiful Thing. As Walt learns what’s behind the lawsuit, both Henry and Cady face tribal rituals. A Wyoming sheriff struggles to cope with his wife's death as he attempts to move on with his life and career. It is also revealed that Vic is married, a secret to most people despite Vic's six months plus residence in the county; and it is not a happy one. Upon arriving at her home Henry discovers that the woman is Malachi's grand-daughter and that he has been lured into a trap. The investigation (which includes Vic's performing a partial striptease at the club where the victim allegedly worked in order to have a suspect identified) leads the team to learn that the woman was a Mennonite. The investigation reveals that the man had planned legislation to limit certain heritage percentages within the nation, in order for an increased share of the future casino's profits. The man's family hasn't seen him in 30 years. How close will the show stay to the comic storyline? He reports that the prisoner is freed by the assailants. Hector, however, claims he merely assaulted Beck and took his teeth, which he gave to Henry. After receiving a severed finger at the station that was unexpectedly left to him in a will, Walt connects this seemingly random act to a new murder – as well as an armed robbery twenty years ago. Branch walks a thin line in his alliance with Jacob Nighthorse (recurring guest star A. MARTINEZ). With his death, Lucian is named the new Connally heir. In the fifth season premiere episode, a shaky Walt searches for Donna (recurring guest star ALLY WALKER) as he and Vic reconstruct what happened in the cabin. Based on the Walt Longmire Mystery series of novels by Craig Johnson, Longmire also is named after its central character, Walt Longmire, the local sheriff in rural Wyoming. Season 2, Episode 10: Election Day: Extended Version. She goes to get help, and both are abducted by. In the aftermath of Lucian's death, Walt finds a signed confession that Lucian wrote along with the evidence needed to exonerate him. Walt decides to retire and encourages Cady to run for sheriff in his place while Walt searches for the buried treasure that Lucian claimed to have found. Travis tells Walt about Vic's pregnancy. And while Henry faces a major setback in his trial, Vic makes an important decision about her future. In the victim's pocket, they find a drawing of a tree with unrecognizable writing underneath it. Vic's father pops in for an unannounced visit. 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Vic's vacation weekend goes awry when an accident leads to her and her husband Sean (recurring guest star MICHAEL MOSLEY) getting kidnapped. A final farewell that wraps up most of the outstanding storylines and gives you a few morsels to let your imagination run wild. Walt is left with a choice of whether or not to save Nighthorse and chooses to do the right thing. Elsewhere, Branch conducts an experiment by clipping his hair and dripping his blood on an animal carcass and setting it on fire. The barn owner was hiding from the, A fisherman discovers two bodies wrapped and tied together in the river. Ultrasound shows that the baby is fine. Meanwhile, Branch's uncle Lucian Connally (Peter Weller), the retired former Sheriff, lands in jail after firing a shotgun in his retirement home, and obliquely aids in the case. Lucian Connally, being in town to play at the casino, also helps to solve the case. Cady and Zach begin a relationship. Although he has serious concerns about Branch's behavior, Walt makes a key discovery in the David Ridges case. She had been hit while fixing a flat tire on a car at the side of a road. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. An FBI agent helps Walt pin down the mole working for Malachi. Nighthorse is facing continual difficulties. Meanwhile, Henry reconnects with an old flame and Cady returns home. Bob pleads for Walt to arrest him instead of his son, who was coming to the Red Pony to pick up his drunk father. Malachi makes an illicit deal with Muldoon. Meanwhile, Henry finds the book he needs and Cady gets legal advice. Malachi and his men are waiting for him and kidnap him. As the trial for his civil suit begins things don't look good for Walt especially after a murder leaves Vic and Walt as suspects. Cady becomes suspicious of Henry when she learns that the worker was one of the rape suspects that Henry inquired about. The sheriff's office is aided by an old friend. Season 6, Episode 2: Running Eagle Challenge. Meanwhile, Mathias agrees to give Cady access to old, neglected legal cases on the Rez. Season 2, Episode 7: Sound and Fury: Extended Version.


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