losmandy g11 disassembly
Note the order of the washers. Launch the ExploreStars App on your device and give the device a minute or two to upload the Celestial Database. Loading the two different software packages is really simple. Accepts both "D" Losmandy Style Dovetail or Vixen Style Dovetail. You could also try if any local or European dealer is keeping stock of these parts to minimise transport lead times. We don’t want to set limits and force users to conform to our vision. I have done this twice so far. Take off the worm block cover by unscrewing the (very) small Allen screws on the side facing you. Well - I thought my G11 was pretty large! After several years of usage I noticed that gears became a bit sticky and I decided to take apart the mount to clean everything. This is not meant to be a tutorial or a guide how to take apart your own G-11 mount. This delegation of tasks among the processors results in a system that offers superior responsiveness, efficiency and reliability. – see below, second image from the left. And, when controlled by ExploreStars, this mount is a proven favorite among audiences during events outreach and at star parties. Please note that this is always done at your own risk. EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC / LOSMANDY G-11 WITH EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC PMC-EIGHT GOTO SYSTEM, I agree to allow Ontario Telescope and Accessories to store and process my personal data as described in the, 1-1/4 inch diameter weight shaft w/safety knob. Designed specifically for the PMC-Eight, the intuitive ExploreStars app will streamline your observing experience by making it easy to align your equipment, navigate the stars and learn specifics about tens of thousands of celestial objects. With clutches released and counterweight bar missing the mount will be top heavy and slam down – worst case scenario: it will crash into motor and motorhousing causing substantial damage !! G11 Issues. The free ExploreStars application can be downloaded from the Windows app store onto your Windows 10 tablet or PC or from the link below for Android Tablets. Very nice and interesting for me having been a former owner of two Losmandy G11 which had to make place for new mounts and were given into good hands. Now you need to get them all to move in unison and make a YouTube movie. To start using ExploreStars, download the free app by clicking the logo above and load it to your Android device, and also download the celestial data set that contains the astronomical catalogs, reference images, and reference text. A small lid to clean washers in and some old toothbrushes for scrubbing of the smaller parts and needle bearings. RA assembly fully cleaned and relubed with white lithium grease. http://hosted.comm100.com/knowledgebase/Category.aspx?id=5000000&siteid=56501, iEXOS-100 HD PMC-Eight Equatorial Tracker, Explore Scientific G-11 with Explore Scientific PMC-Eight GoTo System. Downloading and Installing the ExploreStars App and Celestial Database for Android. Programmers can use their unique skills to manipulate the PMC-Eight’s robust electronics, which include a two-channel multi-processor micro-controller with eight central processing units that operate independently of one another. We put an emphasis on accessibility so you can unleash the full potential of this extraordinary system. Newly relubed Dec with white lithium grease. Alcohol is only used for plastics, all other parts are cleaned with petrol. In pratice it is not important if you start with RA or Dec first, the process is more or less the same, it is just the way I set up below overview. No need to remove the polar scope knob plug in the middle of the housing. Use petrol to get rid of all the old grease (and accumulated dust and pollen). Start by getting several old cloths and unplug all cables to the mount. PS/ G-11 and GM-8 are using a tripod, while the HGM-200 and Titan 50 are on a pier. eCommerce Software by 3dcart. To fully unlock the potential of this controller, Explore Scientific has adopted an open-source approach -- meaning that Explore Scientific freely provides documentation for the controller and example software demonstrating how the controller's features can be utilized. It is connected to the motor via a “oldham coupler”, you can just unclick the worm block from the coupler leaving just the motor. Before you start working on the mount make sure you are prepared. As soon as preparations are finished we can get to work on the Dec axis. Again images are in chronological order showing disassembly step by step. Here in the USA Amazon has tubs of the stuff for $10 and is lasts forever. For users without such software, Explore Scientific provides an intuitive mount control graphical interface software package called ExploreStars™, which is downloadable from the Microsoft App store at no charge. Dry after cleaning. Simply unzip the ExploreStars folder containing the expanded celestial data set into your "Pictures" directory, you will expand the native database from a thousand objects to over seventy thousand objects. Loosen both small metal tubes to the left and right. A brief overview with images of how I cleaned both the RA axis as well as the Dec axis on my G-11, relubed everything and put the mount back together.


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