lucky day app lawsuit

This is the most common way to win cash or tokens. I decided along with my friends we are giving your app ( Lucky Day app) a little bit longer and if it former pay out your welcome to take my 8.75 cents and deposit it into a Lucky Persons account when I ( we delete your app. However, if you want to play the games to see how lucky you might get or just for the fun of it, then the Lucky app is for you. I think it actually is a scam! I’ve been using all my tokens on the 5,000 raffle.

In the end, I don’t recommend the Lucky Day app at all. I never received it. It also looked like they had quite a few skilled job openings, which could signal some great growth. Now because I got that I of course played and wanted to earn it again.

As you can see from my screenshot above, I didn’t earn any tokens just yet for the day, but I ranked #434. In case you do not know, the app has had over 10 million downloads with over 100,000 winners recorded on their website.

Seeing it’s a game of luck, you really need to win big to make it worth anything. I was scratching cards September 5th, like I do every morning before work and matched 3 cards and won $100 cash.

I’ve been at $9.75. I did send my code to a few friends for them to download the app but it said that it was no longer available in United States anymore. But when I went to the app, there wasn’t anything stating I won anything nor was my money amount increased at all. Never received a thing! The average income is seemingly circling around $8 over 4 months if you?re not too lucky. And the pictures of the winners have not changed so all that adds up to me as being a scam. For every activity you complete, the app will then reward you with the said token amount. Lucky Day App represents a sweepstakes app for mobile devices, which allows customers to play lots of game variations such as lotto games, scratch games as well as slots with an incredible possibility to win real-cash prizes. If you get to do the whole 20 available each day, that will be a total of 30,000 tokens per day. However, just because the company is legit, it doesn’t always mean it’s worth joining.

This is required to start playing with the up, so it’s really up to you as to how you want to sign up. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Yet the website boasts over 800,000 5 star reviews. This explains why everyone seems to get that initial $1 win!! Don't waste your time. Winning the cash prize is why a lot of people joined and want to join this app. You don?t need to worry about ghost-winners ?

Lucky Day is no different. Have never ever won money. Discover how I make passive income online, Lucky Day App Scam Exposed… Or is it a Legit Opportunity? I was told they were reloaded every 90 minutes which is not true. Example there’s a hair is a wallet for 10million tokens. The next email was asking me was my issue solved I said no I still haven’t received anything I ordered from 6 months ago. Download & play to win! Make sure to check out our full review of Swagbucks here, Your email address will not be published. This is a SACAM. We change lives daily by offering hundreds of games for our players to scratch and have a chance to win real money instantly. The app is categorized as a sweepstakes game, meaning that their platform operates within legal parameters. If you matched 1-3 numbers, you get tokens; and if you matched 4-6 numbers, you get cash. I have to agree with Tom who wrote the review…further more I played the scratchers to try my luck…and 3 times at least I matched three colorful stumbles and they were taken away but I did manage to get screen shots for at least three of the winning scratchers!!

However, it is not possible to rely upon this game as a source of income. Please tell me what is going on, I’ve be waiting for 3 months for my package, in the mail. Look I only need 25 cents to cash out my 10.00 been playing for a month now and still can’t get a quarter please give me my 25 cents so I can cash out! All of the raffles vary in what it will cost, but these raffles are just that — a chance to win something quite valuable. The scratcher feature of the app works just like a real-life scratcher card, and new scratcher cards are revealed at 12am, 10am, and 6pm PST. Is rigid it’s ridiculous. With the lottery, you have the chance of winning the $100,000 jackpot.

After that it came to a stop. You scratch 3 tickets wait for the ad to pop up then you fully exit out of the app and after that you re-open the app right away and you have to click on a scratcher right when the game loads or else it wont work. Apart from cash prizes, tokens are available to be earned after a game. And, by the time you do, you probably earned peanuts per hour. It?s actually the other way around ? Plus, you can purchase more tickets with 10,000 tokens too. To keep the game going, approximately 20 new scratchers are added to the game daily. That part seems legit. It does stall out aroumd the $8.50 cash mark but with persistance it will eventually get you to $10 in order to cash out. how much? You could go on it 3 times a day, everyday, for months, before you are able to cash out that first $10. You are given six numbers and then at 7 p.m. PST every day the numbers are revealed and you will see if you won. Whether it is cash or gift cards, they pay instantly. Not to mention all the ads i have to watch. For every game, you play there is always a reward waiting. Once I reached 9 million it became sold out before that it was never sold out. PayPal is always sold out. Lucky Night. I have been playing this app and while it’s my choice and fault I’ve been testing to see what’s going on. Now, I don’t recommend doing this as the value is extremely poor, but I’m just including this here anyways to show you how it works. Scratcher – this means you’ll need to match a bunch of identical items in order to win a real-money prize according to random generator results; Slots – you’ll have to match several tokens in one row in order to get hold of some prize; Lotto – this option costs two credits and gives you all chances to increase your payouts to the maximum in case you are lucky enough to get matching numbers. I do win tokens with every game I scratch. I’m glad I didn’t listen and delete the lucky cat app by the way once again I’ll say. You have a better chance of winning the lottery in your city than on this app.

This mobile app offers lots of gaming tools to try out including the following: 1. First off, there?s the good-old lotto game for you. And, I can’t seem to find an 1-800 number to speak to a representative. You can enter different raffles to win different prizes. I just got to $9.75 but like you I suspect that’s the top end of the “cash prizes.”. Lucky Day Blackjack.

So then I invested in my time other apps of this type which include lucky go lucky star and another that is called lucky cat. Every ticket carries different amounts, and your winning could largely vary. I’ve been stuck at $9.75 to cash out for a few mos now and I’ve just reached my 10,000,000 coins for a gift card now I need to know if they’ll send a gift card or if I’ve gotta get a gift card for them to put the money on? Let’s first start off with the scratch-off tickets, the main point of the entire game. Is it a coincidence? This is like the traditional lottery game but instead of going to the lottery place, you just download the app and you now have the chance to win money. Ive cashed $20 in cash and $35 in PayPal and Amazon cards using my points.

I am stuck, however at $8, but I don’t even look at or expect that. Note that you after every few scratchers you will have to watch a video before you can play anymore. is a participant with the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, a program designed for sites to earn advertising fees by linking and advertising to I genuinely enjoyed playing & didn’t really care about winning cash, After all it’s a game generated on luck right ? Should You Rent Your House For The Short or Long Term? Here’s the list of the best gaming apps like Lucky Day. It’s a scam deleting it now. Even if you don’t match all 3 symbols you will win some tokens…, There are a variety of ways you can win tokens on the app including….

Half of me says this is a waste of time and the other half says keep playing…I have had the Lucky Day app for 2 months and have racked in $3.00, and over 1,000,000 tokens…every day I check the recent winners and all their earnings are around the same…I don’t really think anybody has won over 100 dollars on here let alone the $500 and $5000 on the raffle drawing…i bet somewhere on somebody else’s device it will say that I won something. The company ?Lucky Day? Click here to read the proof about how real people spend their time: The options are endless when you figure out the secret to making passive income online. Yes. If you want a risk-free, cost-less lottery playing app, then Lucky Day is where it?s at. All of these free casino games seem worthless and a waste of time. Trying to decide if I hang in there waiting for whatever or just delete the app and move on. Yeah right sure this guy probably works with the company nobody is going to win any real cash. I had to pay a fee and they wanted the money but i said take it out of the taxes and they left me an inappropriate message.
To prey on the needy like myself . While you can make money playing games, it’s not as easy as it sounds. And other saying I was a daily raffle winner and yet again… nothing. And the overall ranking for the app is over 4 stars. And according to a Forbes article about Joshua Javaheri, he wants there to be more small winners than just a few big ones, because he wants “everyone to feel like a winner.”.

Huge scam. Learn About My #1 Recommendation Which Has Helped Me Quit My Full Time Job And Work Anywhere I Want, Discover the Perfect Part Time Job Online, Why You Should Make Money Online Part Time, Affiliate Marketing Online: The Secrets Revealed, 8 Lucrative Affiliate Marketing Tips for Beginners, The Best Affiliate Marketing Products to Sell, Find out how I make passive income online. I am hopeful to this being real, for me it’s a free money ticket and if I can win some $$ then I will give them my time when I am not busy but can’t do any thing else, I am able to spend time playing interesting games for millions of tokens and currently have tons of raffle tickets. Before you find some that actually got paid, you would probably read more than 20 reviews. There’s millions of people who play this game everyday and you really think that you deserve to win over them well sounds like most of the people giving negative responses are just selfish and greedy people. U just have to be patient. I’ve been playing the lucky day app for about a year and there was an offer for I forget the exact amount of tokens but it was a lot if you get to a certain level on a game so I played that stupid game for 9 months (guns of glory) its awful… i got to that level and now they won’t reward my tokens its a scam in my opinion .

It’s a wide range, I know, but it should at least give you an idea as to what they make.
The company has recorded a total of 10 million downloads and with new players coming in every day, the odds are very slim. The token can be referred to as virtual money spent only in the game.


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