michigan impact crater
D. Ph.D. Thesis, Oregon State University, 86. It hit about 450 million years ago, long before humans or even dinosaurs. Westbroek, H., Stewart, R., The formation, morphology, and economic potential of meteorite impact craters, CREWES Research Report v. 8, p. 1-26. (4) No igneous material has been recovered from well cuttings or identified in petrographic studies involving the structure. There's an estimated 1 in 2,000 chance that a devastating, kilometer-sized (0.6 mile-sized) asteroid hits Earth in the next 50 years, he said. Impact Crater Beneath Lake Huron . Naeye, R., The hole in Nebraska. Hidden far below corn fields, a scattering of homes and an RV campground, there's a 5-mile-wide meteor crater in rural, southwest Michigan. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin 28 structure: Evidence for impact origin. 1988. Michigan Gov. © 2020 www.freep.com. "Someone once described us as living in a cosmic shooting gallery.". These features were caused by the collision of meteors (consisting of large fragments of asteroids) or comets (consisting of ice, dust particles and rocky fragments) with the Earth. (5) Calvin 28 is an apparently isolated circular structure of intense deformation in otherwise flay-lying strata. 17-29. Confirmed impact craters listed by size and age. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin impact crater, Cass County, Michagan: Identification and anlaysis of a subsurface Ordovician astrobleme. [2] The crater is not exposed to the surface. Milstein, R. L., The Calvin 28 cryptoexplosive distrubance, Cass County, Michigan. Thinking that a car had left the road in front of the house, they ran up the hill to the side yard opposite the garage," according to an article from the Meteoritical Society. Michigan meteor: Here's everything we know, Meteors can go from pretty ... to pretty deadly, history shows. That meteor lit up metro Detroit like the early-morning sun, frightening thousands. "They may be traveling horizontally for miles and miles and miles," Linke said. Chunks averaging roughly 3 inches and traveling at supersonic-to-hypersonic speeds would blast through an area roughly 62 miles from the impact zone. About 200 impact craters, including Calvin crater, have been identified on Earth, and about 4,000 are believed to be identifiable – even despite erosion and plate tectonics. It was discovered in 1987 by Randall Milstein of the Michigan Geological Survey while examining data from about 100 test wells drilled in the area. The scene at the home included a "perfect hole in the roof ... kind of like a cartoon's outline" after a character runs through a wall. Buthman, D. B., Global hydrocarbon potential of impact structures. "These things fall all the time, everywhere," Linke said. It really frightened us," he told the Free Press in a story published the next day, Sept. 18, 1966. 1987. Ames Structure in Northwest Oklahoma and Similar Features: Origin and Petroleum Production (1995 Symposium), K. S. Johnson and J. The Calvin impact crater is an isolated, nearly circular subsurface structure of Late Ordovician age in southwestern Michigan. (A meteoroid is a piece of an asteroid that gets broken off, according to NASA, and a meteor is a meteoroid that enters Earth's atmosphere.). A father was doing backyard work with his sons a little after 5 p.m. on Sept. 1, 1997 in northeast Washtenaw County, when they heard a sound like distant thunder. A massive firestorm, spreading from a fireball 18 times brighter than the sun, would erupt immediately from a blast so catastrophic, it's difficult to imagine. Please “search“ for specific craters. In a Jan. 14, 1934 Free Press article, an executive with Michigan Mutual Liability Co. in Detroit was featured for his collection of meteorites. Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Geological Survey Division, v. Report of Investigation 28, pp. 1524-1530. He confirmed the Calvin crater's existence in 1987, when examining information from about 100 gas test wells that had been drilled. Formed in the late 1990s, the center has identified more than 8,000 asteroids of 460 feet or larger in size that are worth keeping an eye on, because their orbits take them by Earth within 1.3 "astronomical units," a measurement equal to the mean distance of the Earth to the sun. "'His condition was such that he had to be committed to a hospital,' the doctor wrote. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 25, pp. The father called Matthew Linke, who is planetarium director with the University of Michigan Museum of Natural History Planetarium in Ann Arbor. Oblique Impact Crater on Mars with ejecta butterfly We theorize that the impact occurred into a 1k to 2km thick ice sheet, which adsorbed much of the impact energy. They're observed in the night sky as shooting stars, burning farther up in the atmosphere. "The blast debris would shred everything exposed in its path in all directions," he said, with further devastation spreading throughout the region. While many "were convinced that they saw it land 'right beside the University of Detroit,' or 'slap-dash in the middle of Lake St. Clair,'" experts said those estimates could be far off. Free Press staff writer Keith Matheny contributed to this report. "In the blink of an eye, it could be 10 miles downrange.". The crater is defined by gas test wells, has a rim to rim diameter of 6.2 km, an overall dimensional diameter of 8.5 km and consists of a central dome, an annular depression, and an encircling anticlinal rim. Linke said it was about the size of an over-sized yam or baking potato.


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