military water buffalo trailer for sale
  Tanks and water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 500 gallons to 1600 gallons. When would a green or black water tank be helpful? Our water storage container products include water trailers, plastic tanks, corrugated tanks, flexible tanks, and emergency storage tanks. M715. Water buffalo trailers provide reliable clean water transportation for highway or farm use. SOLD! The Express Water Buffalo Trailer comes with a four HP Honda gasoline engine (5.5 HP on the 1600 gallon tank trailer) powering a two-inch aluminum pump, providing faster, superior performance. SOLD! Military Trailers for Sale Buy and Sell Military Trailers in GovPlanet's weekly auctions. (Off-road packages are also available.) Motorized pumps are available as an option. Alabama, AL | Alaska, AK | Arizona, AZ | Arkansas, AR | California, CA | Colorado, CO | Connecticut, CT | Delaware, DE | Florida, FL | Georgia, GA | Hawaii, HI | Idaho, ID | Illinois, IL | Indiana, IN | Iowa, IA | Kansas, KS | Kentucky, KY | Louisiana, LA | Maine, ME | Maryland, MD | Massachusetts, MA | Michigan, MI | Minnesota, MN | Mississippi, MS | Missouri, MO | Montana, MT | Nebraska, NE | Nevada, NV | New Hampshire, NH | New Jersey, NJ | New Mexico, NM | New York, NY | North Carolina, NC | North Dakota, ND | Ohio, OH | Oklahoma, OK | Oregon, OR | Pennsylvania, PA | Rhode Island, RI | South Carolina, SC | South Dakota, SD | Tennessee, TN | Texas, TX | Utah, UT | Vermont, VT | Virginia, VA | Washington, WA | West Virginia, WV | Wisconsin, WI | Wyoming, WY Military Cargo Trailers were designed to be pulled behind a Humvee and typically feature Surge or Air/ Hydraulic Brakes, which allows them to be towed by almost any vehicle with a pintle hitch. Tanks are available in NSF drinking water, black, green or translucent varieties. For more information please select the size water buffalo trailer needed: Each Express Water Buffalo Trailer can be filled in two easy ways making hauling water easier. Water hauling tank trailers are practical in farming, ranching, industry, and fire prevention. The heavy-duty channel iron frame is powder coated with black acrylic, providing rust and corrosion protection. The liquid storage tanks can store rainwater, non potable water, drinking water, or fuel. (500, 800, & 1000 Gallon Trailer) • Tandem Surge Brakes Water Buffalo Trailer Malaysia, MY | Indonesia, ID | Antigua and Barbuda, AG | Bahamas, BS | Barbados, BB | Belize, BZ | British Virgin Islands, VG | Cayman Islands, KY | Dominican Republic, DO | Grenada, GD | Haiti, HT | Jamaica, JM | Montserrat, MS | Puerto Rico, PR | Saint Lucia, LC | Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, VC | Trinidad and Tobago, TT | Turks and Caicos Islands, TC | United States, US | US Virgin Islands, VI | Mexico, MX | Campeche, CM | Quintana Roo, QR | Yucatan, YU | Central and South America | Canada, CA | Alberta, AB | British Columbia, BC | Manitoba, MB | New Brunswick, NB | Newfoundland and Labrador, NL | Northwest Territories, NT | Nova Scotia, NS | Nunavut, NU | Ontario, ON | Prince Edward Island, PE | Quebec, QC | Saskatchewan, SK | Yukon, YT. Water transportation is easy and affordable with the Water Buffalo trailer, available in sizes ranging from 500 to 1600 gallons. Buffalo Trailer Jeeps     Optional water lines, valves, pumps, and other options are also available. SOLD! Tanks and water trailers are available in sizes ranging from 500 gallons to 1600 gallons. While available as an option, the water hauling tank does not include a pump and relies on gravity to disperse the water. The water hauling tank and trailer is DOT compliant and can be used safely on public roadways.     Buffalo Trailer $1,550, TRLW12 XM107E2 Water Water Buffalo trailer ; 9.00 x 20 tires; Will pull nicely behind 2 1/2 ton or 5 ton trucks; Printle hitches; Air brake connectors; Light connection ; Stainless steel tank with GOOD TIRES. The standard model of water buffalo trailer is designed for durability and economy. • 140 GPM with Galvanized Fittings Trailer FTW Price: $1,195.00 ~ SOLD; Inquire about this Water Buffalo Trailer >> … TRLW01 M149 Water Buffalo Trailer • Inlet & Outlet Manifold Kit the right of each photo for Truck info ), TRLW04 $1,850, TRLW07 M107A2 If you're looking for a water buffalo trailer for sale, our Express Trailers come in four convenient sizes so you'll have the right amount of water for any job. A water trailer allows individuals to do a variety of tasks including fight fires in an emergency, wash equipment, control dust on a construction site, and more construction and agricultural jobs. Adding to its durability and field-use, the trailer has been designed with galvanized frames and decks for an extra layer of protection from use and the elements. TRLW07 M107A2 Water Buffalo Trailer $1,550. The result is a strong and longer-lasting trailer for hauling water that can weather the elements. Buffalo Trailer • 8' to 25' Adjustable Width Swath Each Express Water Buffalo Trailer can be filled in two easy ways making hauling water easier. • LED Lights (DOT Compliant) The galvanized spray bar allows you to spray water as you go, making your watering tasks quicker and easier. • 2"HP Tsurumi Aluminum Pump with Honda Engine States: READY TO PUT TO WORK !! TRLW05 XM107E2 Water Buffalo Trailer $1,850. • Electric Brakes (1600 Gallon Trailer) Express Water Buffalo Trailers feature a high-strength, impact resistant poly tank which provides good chemical resistance, keeping your water safe. • Drawing Water Through Pump. Military vehicle trailers for fuel and water consist of a tank mounted on a chassis.


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