mute peter parker
Most popular Most recent. Scarlet Witch was simply sitting at the side, happily reading a book on 'How To Wait Till The Perfect Moment To Strike'. Or you can do it with tom since u said once that you like writing for tom more :), Synopsis: a study in the silence that comes when two people understand each other. - When he started being spider-man he thought he would able to use his senses to his advantage but he ended up ignoring them most of the time. Steve Roger's voice rang out through Peter's mask. Your review has been posted. Scarlett stared at Steve with a 'sorry' expression before Bucky carried Spider-Man and Steve carried Iron Man off of the scene. The lines went dead as Spider-Man webbed a bad guy to the wall of the alley. I really hope this wasnt too shit, but what can you do? What Peter said was 'hi I'm peter, and I was born without vocal cords.' As Peter suffers over Aunt May's death, and fangirling about living with the Avengers, all seems unreal. hopefully I started okay though? He couldn’t make or hear any sounds. YOU ARE READING . When he walks in on an unwanted conversation, his dreams fly out the window. Peter was mute. "Ha! "Hey, Happy." Nice try buddy!" “Do you have a name?” Peter asked, and you nodded your head. Will I ever Make a Sound? Peter Parker and Sensory Overload. "What are you hinting Lang?" All posts.

Peter’s life as Spider-Man wasn’t easy before and now with a manipulative and abusive guardian, things only get more complicated but he’s still determined to listen to his uncles words: “With great power comes great responsibility), OOOOOO, I really like your writing and u asked for prompts. So, maybe u could do a really shy!reader or mute!reader with peter? Mute ~Peter Parker Table of contents. Falcon searched through the fridge, returning with three cans of Strongbow. You took his hand and laid his palm flat, carefully writing your name with your finger. Peter yelled whilst he webbed up the horse-cat's feet. "Peter, we need you here as quick as possible." "Spider-Man, glad you could make it." No, I know what your thinking, all three of them cans were just for Sam. "I'm only going to say it once, Peter Parker is not my kid."

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Wow, a mission with the Avengers!

I so hope we can have Chinese afterwards.". Tony then realized what was going on and said "oh Pete go get your translator." Steve and Bucky seated Peter and Tony on one of the large, plush sofas before leaving to shower the sticky dirt off them. Tony smirked as Peter rested softly on his shoulder. Ask. He’d get bothered by noises louder than the constant rumble of New York or lights brighter than the street signs. "There's a large threat in Harlem, meet us there in 20." Scott and Sam jumped harshly as Tony spoke up from the couch, and no, Sam totally didn't spill his whole can of Strongbow on Scott. He thought the world would just have to deal with a soundless child wandering around the world without any parents. I hopefully wont take too long with the next chapter, but lets see.

And soon enough, Peter wishes he was dead. Black Widow mumbled as she strangled a minature horse-cat looking thing. Now, almost 10 years later Peter is given the chance to finally speak, but will he take it? And when that accident causes for him to lose his uncle and his hearing, he became frightened. "Sure Cap, what's up?" And that’s what scared him. Happy asked rhetorically without any greeting. Read Chapter 27 from the story | Peter Parker by psychotic-queen ( ) with 1,596 reads. - Peter was always sensitive. - think like… a way less shitty version of Stick. Peter closed his locker and walked the final steps out of the school and to the sleek black car Happy was leaning against. Peter Parker has always looked up to his mentor, Tony Stark, as a father figure. Mute ~Peter Parker by donnalusby04. "Dunno. Ant-Man spoke up. I’m Peter.” A curly haired boy pulled the seat out next to you and sat down. As Peter suffers over Aunt May's death, and fangirling about living with the Avengers, all seems unreal. Just seems like there's some father-son bonding going on between them.". Scarlett slowly stood up, and sprung a large wave of red particles at the monster, hitting it, with Tony and Peter, making them fall asleep.
You waved at Peter and put your backpack on the table, deciding to give him a chance. Anyway, im hoping this story will have at least 12 chapters overall, so recommendations needed! "Don't you think that Peter looks like Stark's kid?" Hawkeye struck an arrow to horse-cat's eye, making it scream a sound of strangled cat and falling horse. Either way, Tony Stark can tell something’s not quite right about the kind hearted May Parker. The police can clear up, the Avengers are just for the fighting part. Tony's sarcasm really pissed everyone off. Spider-Man yelled back as he swung his way to Harlem.

"What is this guys problem Mr. When he walks in on an unwanted conversation, his dreams fly out the window. He could hear his aunt crying quietly in her room for months after Ben’s death. After half an hour of muscle pulling fighting, horse-cat launched one of it's oversized feet at Bruce, making him go green with fury. "Seriously though, this kinda thing doesn't happen over night." Vote. Wow, Scarlett must have shocked Peter with that sleeping wave more than she shocked Tony. Dad made me these translators so I can talk. Peter yelled back as he punched a thug in the face. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

Chapters: 27/27Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017), Spider-Man - All Media Types, Iron Man (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies)Rating: MatureWarnings: Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceRelationships: Peter Parker & Tony Stark, May Parker & Peter Parker, Spider-Man & Iron Man, Ned Leeds & Peter ParkerCharacters: Peter Parker, May Parker (Spider-Man), Tony Stark, Karen (Spider-Man: Homecoming), Iron Man, Spider-Man, Ned Leeds, Friday (Marvel)Additional Tags: Verbal Abuse, Aunt May Is Evil, Tony Stark Has A Heart, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker’s Parental Figure, Peter Parker Is Selectively Mute, Peter Dose his Best, Spider-Man: Homecoming AU, only slightly different, ASPD, Some Physical Abuse, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, CompleteSeries: Part 1 of Spider-Man NorSummary: After a traumatic experience at age 6, Peter Parker hasn’t spoken a word. And soon enough, Peter wishes he was dead. You sat alone at on a bench on your first day of kindergarten, feeling intimidated by the noise and spectacle of it all. Peter Parker has always looked up to his mentor, Tony Stark, as a father figure.


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