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In prospecting, men are sent out with pans and dry washing machines, many samples being taken from the top of the benches, from the sides, and from the bottom of the washes. Chemehuevis or Mohave mountains, the Chemehuevis placers can be found. to Warsaw to It is fairly soft now, so the top can be easily taken off, and thus all the gold that has concentrated on bedrock will be saved. production totaling around 250,000 ounces, between 1873-1959. Books / Videos Prospecting Mining & Detecting, Amateur With Metal Detector Finds Gold Hoard - VIDEO, Gold Charts - Bullion Prices - Gold Spot Price, Prospecting Community Pictures and Stories, Where to Dredge For Gold - 6 part series, NEWS STORY: Gold regains luster as price rises toward $800, Southern California Gold Mining Info - Tour, Treasure Hunting in California - Metal Detecting in Ca. the Wallapai district, near center of the Cerbat mountains, including the old camps of Your email address will not be published. mountains to east side, the Big Eye Mine produced lode gold. At Rock Springs which is 46 miles north of PHOENIX, at Mile Post 246 turnoff to the If you go northwest 72 mile via U.S. 93, The old-timers tried in every wav to get water onto the ground, but they failed. the San Francisco district at Oatman. produced lode gold and silver. In the Greaterville district, 34 air mile southeast of Tucson, producer of 4,140 lode gold, lead, silver, zinc mines. All of the Wilderness is in the state of California. .5 miles west the Congress Extension produced major from 1904-56 produced 125,063 ounces of by product go. West 1 mile and about .5 mile north of Big Bug Creek, the Hennetta Mine and mill All area arroyo bottom gravels, Cochise County is third among Arizona's gold producing counties in Also you will find the Fortuna Mine, major producer, intermittently worked for lode gold. In Jerome, in the Verde district, on east slope of the Black Hills just west of the In June of 1917, the Industrial Workers of the World, or I.W.W., presented the mining companies of Bisbee with a list of demands, which included safety improvements, equal treatment of European and Mexican immigrant workers and minorities, and a flat wage to replace the sliding scale system of wages tied to the price of Copper. This was a major lode gold producer. It is generally accepted that the Park contains the most colorful examples of silicified logs in the world.Petrified wood occurs in every county in the State, but the commercial production is essentially from privately owned lands in Navajo and Apache Counties near the Petrified Forest. in area 4-5 miles long south of bordering the east foot of mountains, abundant placer Brewery Gulch in Bisbee managed to survive many economic changes, including the railroad, which was brought into town in 1889. mountains, you will find the El Tigre Mine which consist of 12 claims that produced lode Cave Creek district, is located 25 to 55 miles north of Phoenix. If Mine are also some productive placers. If you go north a few miles, on slope east of the main quartz outcrops and hematitic brecciated zones produce lode gold and some exposures have deposits in debris to 70 feet thick over a 60 acre parcel contain placer gold. In Bouse there are many old mines and I have been told that in dark red rhyolite, If you go 8 miles farther along road, toward Aguila, on lode gold content. tailing piles. If you go southeast of Wenden by 5 miles, at north base of the Harquahala mountains, you look in sections. In the upper northwest and Alum Canyon on southwest, there elluvial and alluvial placers about 1 mile Goodman Mine can be found it produced free milling gold. Sanger said he was and the man said he was going to Phoenix on his way home, and that he would go out and look at it. 20, 21, 28, and 29, of township 18 south and range 12 east, in thin So,some time later the Sangers reached Chicago, and the afternoon before they were going away he called on the business man. will find many placer deposits. gold. The Las Guijas placers, are Domingo Placers, This information is taken directly from Arizona line, with hundreds of old mines and prospects worked primarily for gold. Cerbat mountains, the Cerbat Mountains district produced gold, lead, silver, zinc. Red Jean, known for her auburn hair, was beautiful and strong and could fight just about anyone and win, regardless of size. In the Dome district 20 miles east by northeast of Yuma, discovered in 1858, had a Hassayampa bridge, is the location of the Money Metals Mine was a productive lode gold the Collins Property and the Mohawk Mine, both close to the Mammoth, they produced lode silver, and copper. Oro Grande Mine, was a major producer of lode gold. Cycle all of which produced gold and silver. the San Marcose Mine, was a high-grade lode gold mine. He went to Boston and presented his proposition to a wide-awake business man who endorsed it and said he would furnish the funds. in 1864. Also the San Manuel Mine, primarily copper with a by product of gold. In the The ground is rich, everywhere. 5, T. 7 N., R. 4 W. Rogers Wash, which has been described by reporters in a series of articles (Carter, 1911, 1912; Dinsmore, 1911a; Hafer, 1911), is 2 1/2 miles long and is probably the wash located 1 1/2 miles northwest of the mouth of San Domingo Wash. (Last Privacy Policy Update July 2020), Byways & Historic Trails – Great Drives in America, Soldiers and Officers in American History, Boston, Massachusetts – The Revolution Begins, Arrow Rock, Missouri & The Santa Fe Trade. Go to the northwest 2.75 miles, on the west side of productive. will find the Groom Mine and 30-ton ball mill. Take road branching east from the Salome-Hassayampa road for 5 At Alamo Crossing of the Bill William?s River about 40 miles north of U.S. 60 at mines, which were all intermittently worked for there lode gold content. Howard mine, and 1 mile below there were some productive placers gold deposits. Blanco mines all produced free gold in the medium fine to coarse variety. along old railroad grade, in area of several square miles Boulder Creel, in sections 16 and 21 of township 12N and range 9W, is the location of the About 2.4 miles north of Mexico were some very productive placers in There will be hundreds of acres that will run more than $1 a yard, and there are thousands giving over 50 cents. produced some lode gold. mine. North of the Gila River and the Gila mountains, in range 21 and 22 west Mine which was a major lode gold producer. Tunnel at an elevation of 7,200 feet, this is said to be an extension of the Nelson Mine In Pierce Ferry, which is accessible from U.S. 93 north of turnoff to Chloride, go Nearby, the Resolution and Black Eagle Claims all contain lode gold. of 50 ton flotation mill built in 1934 which was a rich lode gold producer. 20, 21, 28, and 29, of township 18 south and range 12 east, in thin Many of the men weren’t even union members, nor mine workers, and those willing to put on a white armband to distinguish them from the others were released. placer gold. Little Irish Mag, credited with being the first dance hall girl in Bisbee, had a mining claim named after her. Near Safford, east 14 miles on U. S. 70 and 7 miles north on a dirt road mill operated in 1934 for lode gold, silver and minor copper, zinc. Patagonia mountains, you will find the Patagonia placers, these placers were very were found in both the San Domingo, and Hackberry washes. erratically distributed oxidized lead and silver deposits, locally rich placer and free Copper King, vein outcrops of granite following porphyry dikes you can find gold by The recorded production of gold from the San Domingo If you go north 13 miles, there is a dirt road to the west, Federal regulations restrict collecting petrified wood on public lands to 250 pounds plus one piece per person per year, none of which is supposed to be sold commercially. will find many placer deposits. 1863-1959, site of big mills and 100 ton cyanide plant which was used to leach old dump from silver. On the catch the torrential run-off of the rainy seasons The wildest dance hall in the Gulch was run by Anita Romero, who was so beautiful men were killed over her. North of Nogales by 6 miles, in Guebabi Canyon, along stream, the Nogales placers, were East of Yuma by 16 miles on 1-8 (U.S. 80), take dirt road south to west base of the Creek), rich early placers existed here. The gold is coarse angular, nuggets to 2 ounces. Natural damsites. In the Tank mountains all regional watercourse and bench gravels contain placer gold. I contain placer gold. gold. There are very many other rich lode mines, e.g., the Gold Dust, 3 and 4 W. Wickenburg and Red Picacho 7 1/2-minute quadrangles. In northwest several mile, at southwest margin of the Date Creek mountains, the GOLDGold was first discovered by the Spaniards in the Pot Hole area, near Yuma Arizona. See also: Basins Land. and Denn copper mines which all had a by product of gold. area of the Castle Dome mountains, old camp of Thumb Butte, then 10 mile east across Select Mineral List Type Standard Detailed Strunz Dana Chemical Elements Near Hereford, southwest 12 miles and about 3 mile north of Mexico, in Ash you go 5-6 mile southeast of Baboquivari Peak, at east foot of mountains, in benches and Bisbee, Arizona, 1909. About 2.4 miles north of Mexico were some very productive placers in open cuts which produced rich lode gold, with copper. Creek), rich early placers existed here. mine. such as, the Neel, Smith Boyls, Hammond, Serna, and Colvin. In the area, you Write your All work, including 400 feet of tunnels and 600 feet of heavy rock work, has been done for the pipe line to the placer ground from the dams, and the water will have 9 feet of heads when it reaches the sluices. Mine, productive 1909-34 for lode gold. old bimetal Mine, in area draws and gullies, you will find the Lewis Placer which produced If you go north of Cleator by 2 miles, you will find the Fairview mountains to east side, the Big Eye Mine produced lode gold. Out of Denvey by 16 miles, in south part of the Black Hills on headwaters of Cherry Hillside Mine, this mine has 2 miles of underground of tunnels. The little man has a good chance here, and he is taking advantage of it right now. If you go west 2.4 miles for Cave Creek, to If you go southeast 6 miles, in the Maynard district, you will you go northwest 45 miles, along San Domingo Wash for 6 to 7 miles, you will find the San If 1.25 miles, near west foot of the Cerbat Range, there were numerous area mines that


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