original hamster dance
Deidre LaCarte: The challenge was to see how many people you could get to your website. Hazel Steenman: We didn't hear from him for a while until it really went nuts, and then he turned up again and he sort of edged his way in. Joey Balin) — a guy whose C.V. includes songwriting for German metal acts (plus The Smurfs, according to Bill). Ricardo Autobahn: We looked up an Oasis website. They were storyboarded and Melanie Anne, she took the ideas that I had for four characters, and the four characters, literally, to be cliché, was sort of an homage to the Beatles. [The guy who purchased the domain] his name was George Vuckovic. I didn't want a website! There was no Facebook, no MySpace — not even Friendster. The two would later marry. spawned hit songs, worldwide LOLs and a giant hairball of drama. Rob DeBoer: There's a long history of novelty songs that do crazy business and then disappear. This version peaked at number 4 on the Christmas 1999 UK singles chart. [4] By March, the site gathered approximately 60,000 views in four days. Hampton the Hampster was a novelty dance music act best known for the Hamster Dance in 2001. That was the whole idea behind this. Ricardo Autobahn, The Cuban Boys: It was a joke title. Loads of retina-searing animated clip-art, albeit a few hundred more of those GIFs than usual. You name it, there was a dance for it. It raises a couple of points that are peculiar to the era. It kind of gave you a little taste of fame even though it was — bogus. In 2005, CNET named the Hampster Dance the number-one Web fad. So before we press on, we need to take a detour to December 1999. Tags: music, song, internet, the hampsterdance, geocities, meme, How The Hampsterdance Took Over The Internet, And Then The World, An Old Lisa Frank Factory Is Up For Sale, So Now We Can Finally See Inside, This One Teen's Tweet About Burning CDs Will Honestly Ruin Your Day, Ikea Is Bringing Back The Couch Of Your Nightmares, And People Have A Lot To Say About It, 20 Retro Products Every Nostalgia Addict Needs To Make Their Home Complete. The popularity of the website led to the creation of a full song called "The Hampsterdance Song", which was produced in 1999 by the Boomtang Boys and released on 3 July 2000. Hampton and the Hampsters. Hazel Steenman: Viral wasn't even invented as a word connected to the internet at that point (laughs). One song — "Life is Good, Life is Great" — Britney Spears wanted that from my cousin. Share this story with someone to get the song stuck in their head! It was OK. Now that Hampton and the Hampsters had themselves a hit record, the Hampsterdance had mutated into something beyond the original meme, and its stakeholders were convinced that it could keep on conquering the offline world. I got my counsel involved. And I had absolutely nothing to do a page on! Because again, what is the Hampsterdance? Jeffery Lane: I had a concept of an idea that was partially started by somebody else. Bill Porfido: Every day I say, "Somebody's going to come and offer me something for Hampton and the Hampsters.". Everything, everybody — they just copied it, pasted it, put in their own images and did it to our song. I didn't know what to do. Easy to use, the service — and its contemporaries like Angelfire and Tripod — made it simple for countless people (and their Empire Records fansites) to get online in no time, and by June of 1998, Deidre LaCarte had a Geocities account and was copy/pasting the code that would become the Hampsterdance. I clicked with somebody and it made somebody happy. David Cassel: There were hundreds of hampsters.


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