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But for all the players who want their creations to live wild and crazy lives, there is an equal number who want theirs to live as realistically as possible. I'm not looking to have them not age at all. While in The Sims, career wages are decent and your families can be paying bills and hitting the town in no time, in real life this is not always the case. Enhanced Aliens can also conquer a lot to start an alien invasion where some or all of the sims will be abducted to the maniacal laugh of your alien sim. Normal with a tweak to the elder stage to set the lifespan to 100 days total. Fairy sims have wings and pointy ears. From Nescafé coffee packets to Capri-Sun, Lucozade, and even Gillette – the best a Sim can get. There are a few items which can stop the infection, but if left untreated and bitten once more they will turn into one of the undead. With the Explore mod, your Sims can do a number of different things, go to different places under the ‘Explore…’ action menu. One of the few things I miss from Sims 3 is adjustable lifespans. Not only does this add a challenge, but when your Sims need to use the gym, they’ll genuinely need to. Players can now start a new funeral event, where people can perform eulogies and view the body. Here is a mythical beast that EA has yet to add to any of its Sims games. Overall, it’s a pretty great mod to celebrate natural bodies. If the ‘Thirst For Flesh’ need reaches zero, the zombie sim will collapse and then regenerate again. Slice of LifeEasily the most comprehensive and complete realism overhaul for The Sims 4 is Slice of … Here’s a more painful touch of reality. If other normal sims see this occurring, they will run away or possibly even throw up. This mod expands Aliens them even further by adding new abilities, interactions, buffs, a ‘Brain power’ need, and more. If a normal sim is around a zombie sim, they will get a terrified moodlet. There are three different ways to start a zombie apocalypse: If bitten by a zombie, your sim will get the Zombification Virus and get injured. What the game needs is a proper funeral, which is what the Funeral Mod, originally by Brittpinkiesims and revived by Rex, does. I like playing the Sims 4, but I find that the long lifespan just isn't long enough. Kids haven't received the most attention when it comes to gameplay features. There is also another mod from a different modder that offers improved mermaids as well, called the Mermaid Lifestate 2.0 mod. Stick the items you want to sell in your inventory, use any computer in your Sim’s home, and the option for Online Service should appear. Her spare time is spent playing games, doing one-woman performances of Wicked in her bedroom, and eating ludicrous amounts of dessert. You can follow her on Twitter at @LeylaResuli. The mod pack also offers a new quest, that has you interact with a golden witch statue to begin a magical mission. She’s an organised chaos of stories, poetry, and flailing around the kitchen (sometimes with a cat in each arm). Witches and warlocks can use the Magic Broom Closet to ride their broom, the Mystic’s Table to peek into the future, the Mythical Bonfire to interact with spirits, and the Loyal Witchy Cauldron to mix up to five potions. Well if you really want all the ordinary (and downright difficult) facts of life in your game, this mod will help. Bills will now be a serious issue rather than a quick click fix, adding a decent challenge to the game. In fact, anything under the age of a teen in The Sims 4 is usually insanely boring to play, and it's unlikely EA will actually spend time fixing these issues before working on projects like The Sims 5. It reduces salaries of adult and teen jobs by about 50%, which sounds harsh but hey, you wanted realism, right? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If a human sim tries to interact with any of these items, they won’t work for them. I'm aware of that. With the Stretch Marks mod, your Sims can have them on their breasts, tummy, thighs, and bottom. This mod is one of many that makes the clouds in the game look more realistic, with more variance and translucence, among other details. A subreddit for all those who play and love The Sims games! RELATED: Sims 4: Ultimate List Of All The Hidden Lots You Can Discover. This is why mods like the Slumber Party mod are so important. Ever wish your quaint, little Sims 4 town could be overrun by zombies? It allows for the creation of a brand new event, which basically creates a slumber party with special interactions and buffs. They can remain young forever if they drain another sim’s life. Your alien sim is now be able to use mind-control regular sims, whether they want them to clean the house or repair everything on the lot. No more pointless running on treadmills; you’ll actually see the results as your Sims lose weight. For a more detailed look into real life, this mod adds a ton of branded items that look like our everyday groceries. Neat! 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Now your Sims can daydream to their hearts’ content, with clouds worthy of a view. A notable feature is the addition of acne, giving your Sims pimples; if you want them to have a realistic appearance, pimples are part of the package. There are no weapons, no assaults, no murder in the game, and maybe for a good reason. Best Sims 4 Life State Mods Here is a mythical beast that EA has yet to add to any of its Sims games. If I only do it for my active family than it basically becomes the Sims 2 where everybody else is frozen in time. It can be found in build mode under the tree section. It doesn’t really seem true to life how easily happy sims are all the time. But how can you make the Sims more realistic than it already is? This mod allows your female sims to become a succubus and male sims to become an incubus. Whatever their flavor of love is, it's all available in this mod, which is why it's so fun and versatile. Mermaids are also natural smooth talkers, and have a more whimsical speaking voice than normal sims to match their singing. The description of the scan will provide the gender and the number of babies. Kids will show up to the event in pyjamas, too, which is pretty cool. Extreme Violence introduces a ton of new interactions and behaviors into the game. This is something the game needs as well. And with slice of life mod sims 4 you may able to add more Life into the game. Press J to jump to the feed. While all the original links for the individual mods still run at the time of writing, you will be able to find their updated versions at the NeilSimming website in the future once those updates are complete. Real life is pretty brutal and if there's something that's missing in The Sims 4, it's all things crime and action. It also reduces to cooldown time between ‘Become Best Friends’ interactions, so you can get recruiting besties left, right, and center. There are three different levels, to make the fact grow very quickly or at a more natural pace, noticeable after several days. I used to play the Sims 3 with 200 days each on Young Adult and Adult, and the longest Sims 4 lifespan only gives me 80. A side note though, this mod will require the Jungle Adventure game pack to work properly. The clouds in Sims 4 are obviously not the main feature of the game – most players probably don’t even notice them. Death Angel sims have a new reaping skill which will improve and grant them new abilities. They can also go to the salon, a comedy club, get ice cream, get henna tattoos and loads more. So here is a collection of the very best Sims 4 life state mods the internet has to offer. Your sim can then interact with it to “Remember the ‘Queen’s’ legend”. Sims 4 modders actually beat EA to the punch with mermaids, with this Enhanced Mermaids mod offering them back in February 2018 before they arrived in Island Living in June 2019. Just turn aging off and on selectively. They can go shopping, with options including ‘Shop for Everyday outfit’ and ‘Shop for Formal outfit’; they’ll return with the appropriate new outfit. Though I may edit it to fit the sims 4 lifespan. Now your Sims will have a visible blush when they’re feeling flirty or embarrassed, and a red face when they’re drunk. Depending on the settings, Sims can now actually assault one another and if they're witnessed by other Sims the police will be called on them. They also make loud zombie sounds as they walk around. Eating a sim will also cause an ogre to gain weight drastically. This mod adds ogres for the first time with tons of new functionality. You could make adults live like 500+ days and children only 3 and teens 58 and young adults 1 if you wanted. To become a mermaid, you first have to buy the “The Queen of the Mermaids” statue in the building menu and place it on a lot. One of the wonders of modern medicine is the ultrasound, allowing parents to see unborn babies months before they’re due. Like it or not, brands have become a part of our reality, with well-known names like Dove and Lemsip in every household. There are Tampax and Bodyform sanitary products, and Cottonelle toilet paper (complete with cute golden puppy). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.


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