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Charli XCX, Category: Artist, Albums: how i'm feeling now, Charli, Pop 2, Number 1 Angel, SUCKER, Singles: enemy, i finally understand, claws, forever, ringtone (Remix) [feat. I found this link, where you can pre order this. Resilient 6.*/*/Egypt-Station-Spotify-Exclusive-2LP/5XM60000000. But Sinclair is 100% correct in his assessment that McCartney and his team have completely botched virtually every release – and I will expand Paul’s 18 month window to the past 10 years or so. I would almost certainly prefer this avenue for the artists whose vinyl I buy. I went to preorder the Target version with two extra tracks, on sale for $14.99, only to find out they wanted $6 for shipping plus sales tax. This guy’s no livin in the real world. After that Flowers In The Dirt fiasco, I stay away from Macca stuff. I’d hardly say that Rihanna and Kayne West are nobodies! Smile8. Clear the air a bit. Anything at all. c) Paul was writing decent songs in the 80’s, Sorry Macca but your new songs are terrible. I think all of these different releases are just record companies trying to figure out how to make money in a shrinking physical market. Super Deluxe Edition box set – no details announced. Thanks for rating this! I tracked down a copy of this 1969 Brazilian album a few weeks ago on CD for a tenner. You don’t give away or make stuff available to those that have no intention and have previously shown no intention of opening their wallets for you. Shameful. #SpotifyFansFirst Exclusive I wonder if Trading Standards would be interested in this as it does not seem to be a isolated case. These days, his voice is fried from excessive touring, and he’s lost his gift for melody. Who did you query? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Readers here regularly say “thanks – ordered the cd and the vinyl” when new editions are announced – two formats of the same music. Now it is the norm. Only Love12. While it’s ironic that they are “rewarding” streaming customers with the chance to purchase vinyl that they probably don’t even want, isn’t this really about trying to get people to investigate and ultimately sign-up to a streaming service? A replacement will be issued. The store site says next working day or 4 working days?. Maybe a marketer from a successful music streaming company can try and persuade you. If you are in the say top 1% of listeners to his music on Spotify you are clearly a huge fan and not some casual who just stumbled across him in a random playlist. 5 star review in the latest issue of Goldmine magazine! New albums are released on a Friday. The album has a heavy collaboration with Pharrell Williams as co-writer and co-producer of 7 songs, and features Chris Martin, Sky Ferreira, and Terrell Hines. And he was once in the only band that mattered. Now tell the world how you feel via Twitter. Did anyone get an email confirmation when ordering? Assuming they make the DECEMBER 31 release date (no sniggering at the back) it means a 4 MONTH delay from the original release date. I have a degree in popular music (hence incredibly passionate) no qualification in marketing but it does seem that someone is selling Sr. McCartney snake oil as advice after this and Flowers In the Dirt. Still not received mine or received any communication regarding delivery date/canceling the order. … 1. I’m sure Come On To Me will be in my most played playlist in December. You probably already heard, but NIN is back with a new album, an upcoming tour and, thankfully, some vinyl accompaniment. So ultimately if you want to sell a premium product you target those who have previously bought either yours or someone else’s premium product. So I too don’t subscribe to the constant decline theory either. For those interested in deluxe colour vinyl 2LP, colour vinyl 2LP and green vinyl 2LP editions, all are available for preorder at Hmmm…You haven’t read the comments very carefully if you think money doesn’t matter to SDE readers. Label: NIN / Spotify. And his attempts to collaborate with young nobodies to prove that he’s still relevant only makes him look desperate and even more irrelevant. Possibly the worst customer service ever. Am I the only one who thinks the Vinyl Madness has gone a bit too far? Teary Eyes 4. Play it to people first and then try and persuade them to buy a copy. Has anyone got the green vinyl version yet ? And now this…. As much as it is getting to the completest in me I’ve decided to have a space on my shelf to remind me if the insulting way fans are being treated. Always had a lot of love for that one. So if McCartney wants Barns & Noble to have a red edition, and Spotify to have a green edition – fine. 2400 copies for a NIN record is a pretty damn low number and I’m going to bet they sell out pretty soon. All that money and none of his SDE releases contain 5.1 mixes. Whats frustrating is your lead into buying an edition before their all announced – it’s becoming common place to drip feed different versions. Unbelievable! Ordered and paid August. Co-incidence that 23rd was Black Friday Record Store Day when the & inch single “I Don’t Know/Fuh You” was resleased? I am fully aware of McCartney’s pedigree – I’m a fan myself. Hülsenbeck & Michael Schönheit – Reaping From The Conflux // Limited to 100 Milky Clear Vinyl 2xLPs, Julien Baker – Little Oblivions // Multiple Limited Variants, Infected Mushroom – B.P.Empire // Limited Edition Red & Purple Vinyl 2xLP, Angelo De Augustine – Blue // Limited Edition to 500 Blue Vinyl 7″s, Italians Do It Better – After Dark 3 // Limited ‘Green Slime’ Colored Vinyl 3LPs, Kevin Morby – Harlem River (Reissue) // Limited to 500 White Vinyl LP’s, Memorex Memories – Curious Alice b/w It’s Very Sunny // Limited Edition of 200 ‘Black/Blue/White’ Vinyl 7″. Get yours before they sell out! It’s an utter shambles. If they are going to take pre-orders the very least they should be doing is ensuring stock is available. All fans Should be able to buy the 2 disc green Vinyl albums wether they use Spotify or not. And I am simply grateful for a new McCartney album. Is there a difference between the 2 covers Standard vs Off white vers? Get yours before they sell out! Anyone can order it from*/*/Egypt-Station-Spotify-Exclusive-Green-LP/5XJ50000000. I wonder why such a delay. Daisies 5. Did you ever hear anything about this? So , it seems that everyone can buy as much as they want, because he was able to go to the checkout (tried it with 30 pieces, and it worked,too) and it seems, that they have pressed around 2000 pieces, in my opinion, is a realy high amount for a “special release”. I just buy the CDs I want, listen to them and, most of the time, enjoy them. It was streamed into our homes on the radio. I have never, ever, ever used any download codes that came with any of my vinyl or boxsets. When he reached over 1600, the system says “not enough inventory”. im hoping for a deluxe give my regards to broad street release. I thought, how is that even possible? Harleys in Hawaii11. The new album Egypt Station is out on 7 September. So you are right, they could offer people like me any amount of free downloads and it would not change my habits. Single Run, exclusive, off-white vinyl pressing. As to why offer this to spotify – it is standard upselling. I’m sick of chasing this rainbow. There is a new limited to 1000 on purple vinyl version exclusively from Vinyl Me Please. There is no way to play a cd in my house, i’ve never taken to them and streaming is a blessing for me. If you offer a download code to most physical-format collectors, the majority of them will not be interested, so why would it be any different the other way round?? I prefer the stereo discs by far but the monaural ones had more strength because the stereo mixes of the 60s and 70s were very bad, – I dont think macca is the only one to do that, this seems to be more of a punishment for those who use the physical formal and not stream. FITD was very enough to satisfy example. In a way this means exactly that “spending money gets you to the front of the queue”. I’ve never bought into this constant decline theory when it comes to McCartney. Isn’t it amazing that Macca still has the power to divide the critics and get tongues wagging bout his products (the good but mainly bad or ill thought out product), by the judge of the amount of comments on this and on FITD. I really enjoy reading RJS’s comments and trademarked “quoted” remarks. As a bonus track, OK. I literally cackled out loud here at the office. There seems to be an inverse correlation between number of formats and quality of music. Scream and shout all you want about Spotify’s involvement with our precious vinyl format and I’ll agree with you for the most part. I've been enjoying it too today! We suggest selecting the split shipping option at checkout so that you receive your items in a timely manner, most notably if your purchase includes vinyl, cassette, or cd. “mama’s boy” out October 2nd, 2020 LANY - mama's boy 1. you! ‘Footprints’ is still one of my all-time favourite McCartney songs, and I’ve always loved ‘Pretty Little Head’ too (sounds a bit like Depeche Mode covering a Peter Gabriel song, which can’t be bad). Granted the peaks are now likely over. Has anyone seen the Spotify version for sale ? Very rarely though do I stream music. I remember buying the NME C86/87 cassettes to get tracks by my favourite artists, and the Pixies (no doubt other acts) sold CDs of their live shows immediately (and exclusively) after they’s come off stage, which made them almost impossible for completists to acquire. But if it is going to become a commentary about contemporary marketing of music, maybe interview someone like Deezer’s marketing manager to provide balance as opposed to arbitrarily determining how people like me like to listen to music. This is another reason why I don’t look forward to Paul’s new releases anymore. I don’t know if you have considered this possibility Paul. That leaves me with the double black vinyl, BUT there’s also a box set version apparently for November, but the contents are top secret. There were many special vinyl editions that were exclusive to his site, but now sold out. Don’t waste time making great offers to people who don’t even own a car! With other posters experiencing the same issue I am even more convinced. WTF? I didn’t realise money mattered around this site, or how much you spend. If I get a reply it will probably just be a generic cut and paste reply of delays being outwit their control and we are still waiting on supplies from the manufacturer. Either that or he’s got a niece or nephew work experience as me in marketing! I only got an email after contacting them. No not at all – I love collecting records but this brand new vinyl madness has gone crazy.. Daisies 5. Still waiting and says on website back in stock soon. This really needs to stop. Don’t give up on the 8 track just yet! By 1986 I was a fully fledged indie fan, Smiths, New Order, Bunnymen. You need to broaden your listening experiences! Due to global production & fulfillment delays some customers may experience longer wait times for deliveries on this store. Whoa! I’m not griping, but I’m just a practical music buyer these days, and I never do strictly downloads. to collect a physical product of the downloaded material from Flowers In The Dirt. You’re listening tastes need to broaden if you think most modern music is rubbish, RJS. I’m finding it hard to see the upset. Paul, did you ask for his “permission” first at least? I chose the Target exclusive for the bonus tracks, but would have gladly taken the standard CD. (Goal not allowed for slightly different Press 12″ sleeve – marked video sountrack like one of the 7″s but actually had the usual 12″ inside. #SpotifyFansFirst Written, composed, and produced by Paul McCartney Cover Art and Typography by Ed Ruscha Cover Portrait by Mary McCartney Gatefold featuring photography by Mary McCartney, Sonny McCartney and Paul McCartney (it’s a family affair!)


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