sr20det sequential gearbox

Splines are also shorter so they don't fully engage into the clutch plates. QBE60G and QBE69G feature modular gear clusters, allowing easier interchangeability of gear ratios and fewer moving parts, while a drum type sequential gearchange system is allied to an open face dog design on both gear and drive disc. Nissan Silvia's use a push-type clutch, so this gearbox is not the best choice, especially when you consider the exact same gearbox is available in push-type form, as found in the R33 RB25DET Skyline, so the R34 version is also scratched off the list. SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 5-speed reinforcement LOW: 27003-AN009: SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 5-speed reinforcement(IN) 27003-AN010: SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 6-speed reinforcement: ... We will have the BTO until May 31st of 2013. Copyright ALPHA OMEGA Racing. Free running gears are supported by needle roller bearings to ensure a robust geartrain, while a wide choice of ratios, direct drive and overdrive options and numerous gear lever mounting positions allow customers a wide scope for optimising both the ‘60G’ and the ‘69G’ to suit their individual requirements. The speed sensor output is compatible with the Silvia and small (yet important) things like the clutch release and gearbox mounts are all interchangeable. For a long time HKS made the sequential transmission by the BTO, but no longer we are able to make this product. We also choose the 300zx gearbox because it's cheaper than the Skyline gearbox but features the same strong internals, the gear ratios are the same, 300zx Z32 gearboxes are the same in both non-turbo and twin-turbo variants (our kits suit both) and Z32 gearboxes are generally in better condition, especially the ones from non-turbo 300zx's. It is therefore a great choice, with good gear ratio's and great strength, but if we are to fit it to the SR20 we will require a custom clutch setup because the splines on the Nissan clutch plate do not match the splines on the Toyota Getrag gearbox. R33 (RB25) gearbox input shaft VS Z32 (VG30) input shaft, This is a snippet of Alpha Omega Racing's CAD model of the two main contenders; R33 RB25 and Z32 VG30 gearbox input shafts.

No electronics required . We are very sorry and we hope your understanding and the discontinue of the products. Both helical and straight-cut (spur) gears are available on the QBE60G and the QBE69G transmissions.

6 forward gears is also a huge bonus! Add on top all the headaches of doing this it's a smarter choice to just look at the rear wheel drive (RWD) equivalent RB25DET-equiped Skylines and the 300zx Z32 gearboxes.
The gearboxes in the R34 GTR is another GETRAG item.

This includes participation in the most demanding of conditions such as Rally, Drag, Motorsport, Roll Racing.

SIDE NOTE: Clients have come in with 6-9mm thin RB25 gearbox adapters that "do not need bellhousing machining" wondering why their clutches are wearing out after a few months of use, the gearbox is getting louder and louder, selecting gears is getting harder and harder, etc etc... now you know part of the reason is that the RB25 input shaft is naturally already too short AND THEN they space it out another 6-9mm!
Thank you. For sequential transmission overhaul, it continues until August of 2014. We also considered manufacturing our own gearsets. Z33 + Z34 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion: Part 2 - Making It Fit Some gearboxes we acquired during R&D, from left to right: S15 6-speed, S14 5-speed, Z32 non-turbo 5-speed, R33 RB25 Skyline 5-speed, z32 twin-turbo 5-speed, R32 RB20 Skyline 5-speed, R34 RB26 GTR 6-speed. Skyline R33 RB25DET - checking the shifter position - gearbox is too short and will require cutting of the chassis to fit into a Nissan Silvia, Skyline R33 RB25DET - If installed, the RB25 shifter comes out here: you must also cut out metal. It's obvious, that with so much at stake, winning rather than coming second is dependent on an optimal level of reliability. Z33 + Z34 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion: Part 1 - Adaption Before Pfitzner Performance Gearbox (PPG) Dog Box, Sequential gearbox, gear systems and gears are offered for sale they are put through an extensive test and development programme. Drenth - Motorsport gearboxes. (However it could take 4 to 5 months until the delivery.) 1) A pressure leak down test is performed to ensure all seals are working correctly. - The only sequential shifter for t56 that you can buy and fit today with an easy bolt on fitment. Now should we go with the SKYLINE R33 or the 300ZX Z32 gearbox?

We considered selling pre-made aftermarket gearsets.

300ZX Z32 VG30 gearbox with ALPHA OEMGA parts - comes right out of the shifter hole :).

We also considered manufacturing our own gearsets. Many racers are running 9 second quarter mile times on the standard gearbox, so this is one strong gearbox. 300ZX Z32 VG30 gearbox with ALPHA OEMGA parts - checking shifter position - excellent! SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 5-speed reinforcement, SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 5-speed reinforcement LOW, SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 5-speed reinforcement(IN), SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 6-speed reinforcement, SEQUENTIAL MT SR20DET 6-speed reinforcement(IN). All gearboxes were purchased and analysed in our facilities for R&D except for the two Getrag gearboxes due to their rarity.

In the end it "worked" because we made a plethora of parts, and it "fit" because we hammered the chassis the whole length of the transmission tunnel - literally. All Rights Reserved. A new gearbox costs over $6000. Our research and development has produced a conversion kit that places the shifter in the standard Nissan Silvia shifter hole with the 300zx/Z32/VG30 gearbox whilst having the input shaft inserted and spigot supported, and with the clutch splines engaged better than the rest.

These are internally the same as the R32 and R33 GTR gearboxes without the 4WD transfer case and are known as the FS5W30A. Gearbox. In the Z chassis it's a great gearbox with 6 big and strong gears. Z33 350Z / Z34 370Z 6 speed gearbox in a Nissan Silvia. No flywheel spacers used and no modifications to it is required.

These unique codes reference build date, the engineer who assembled the gearbox, gearbox model, batches of materials used and the gearbox version number. The VG30 input shaft length is superior to the RB25 and we have CAD designed and CNC manufactured a shifter setup that puts the shifter in the standard shifter hole - no cutting of your metal :). These gearboxes are ticking all the boxes! For sequential transmission overhaul, it continues until August of 2014. Z33 + Z34 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion: Part 3 - Finale. A complete drop-in package for the Nissan 350Z is also available ex-stock. Nissan Skyline GTR with RB26DETT

The R32 GTR and R33 GTR shares the same gearbox internals as the RB25DET-equiped Skyline and also the Z32 300zx, except they are in 4WD configuration... the money saved buying a 4WD gearbox you will then spend to modify it for RWD use, not to mention carrying the extra weight of a (now) un-used transfer case. On the bench it's still great, but in an S-chassis (and many issues also applies to the R-chassis) it's greatnesses are its own weaknesses - the gearbox is physically too big to fit in "properly", the shifter is too far backwards, the bellhousing is huge but the flange is thin, no speed sensor... Too many details cover here, so check out these 3 articles: Nissan Skyline R34 with RB25DET Quaife’s in-line sequential gearbox packages include the QBE60G or QBE69G transmission itself, plus the car specific bellhousing, input shaft and gearlever, enabling easy installation into these popular Japanese machines with the minimum level of modifications required. - Sequential shifter to convert H-pattern gearbox to sequential shift. - The fastest most efficient shift possible with our unique patent pending mechanism. The Quaife QBE60G heavy duty in-line 6-speed RWD sequential gearbox has become a market leader in this sector since its launch in 2008, with nearly 1000 units being sold to date, while the ‘extra heavy duty’ QBE69G is a success globally, being used as the control transmission in the New Zealand V8 Super Tourer championship.

300ZX Z32 VG30 - checking the standard shifter position - too long and will require cutting of the chassis to fit into a Nissan Silvia, 300ZX Z32 VG30 - If installed, the STANDARD Z32 shifter comes out here: you must cut out metal. RWD Sequential RS90 gearbox; Universal rwd SEQ gearbox; Universal RWD H pattern gearbox; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10 SEQ; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 10; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9 SEQ; Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 9; Subaru Impreza STI SEQ; Subaru Impreza STI 5 speed; Subaru Impreza STI 6 speed; BMW M3 E30 gr. We scratched this gearbox off the list right away. We are sorry to announce that HKS has to discontinue the sequential transmission production as shown below. This article has more pictures and real world examples of the problems: Z33 + Z34 6 Speed Gearbox Conversion: Part 1 - Adaption. You can see that the RB25 gearbox is short by 6mm, which doesn't sound like much to most people but to an engineer that is a HUGE amount! In fact we went the entire way with the R&D, engineering and manufacturing custom parts to make this beefy 6 speed gearbox fit and work. Toyota's use of the GETRAG (V160/161) 6 speed gearbox was a great choice with many racers loving the over-engineered 2JZ engine and Getrag gearbox combination.

The clutch side is THE most important and also the most difficult area of a gearbox conversion - it is the major reason why we choose to use the Z32 gearbox and retain your flywheel, flywheel bolts, clutch, and clutch release/clutch slave cylinder. Did we mention the cost of used a Supra Getrag gearbox is between $3500 and $4500... if you can find one. In summary, the 300zx/Z32/VG30 is the ideal choice for a Nissan Silvia gearbox conversion when used with the ALPHA OMEGA kit based on: ALPHA OMEGA gearbox - 300ZX Z32 VG30 full conversion kit all ready to go (Version 1 shown, now shipping Version 5). With 90mm shaft centres this compact unit can transmit up to 750bhp. Quaife sequential gearbox for Honda S2000, Mazda MX-5, Nissan SR20DET, Nissan 350Z, Toyota 1Jz / 2JZ, drifting, Time attack, drag racing, track day.

Copyright © 1997 HKS Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. This produces a positive, ultra-fast gearshift on both the ‘60G’ and the ‘69G’ – a Quaife approved ‘intelligent’ semi-automatic paddle shift is also available as is an optional LED digital gear position indicator. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The former enables the QBE60G to appeal to ‘fast road’ customers where gear noise is a critical issue, allowing their use in daily drivers if required.


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