stormcloak victory aftermath
Particularly after such a victory as that found at the Battle of the Red Ring. He'll give you radiant quests to destroy bandit camps harassing Dark Elf, Argonian, and Khajiit caravans. Not to mention that their efforts are based around essentially hero worship of a man who (arguably) assassinated the High King. In the end, the heroic Redguards fought the Aldmeri Dominion to a standstill, although the war lasted for five more years and left southern Hammerfell devastated. He bails out Nord caravans all the time. Tasked with cementing Stormcloak rule, the Dragonborn must deal with a variety of new challenges, all of which require difficult choices that likely entail unforeseen consequences. How do I add more interesting Monsters to the setting? This was an exception and if the high command of the empire had its way the Stormcloaks would be brought to Cyrodill to be executed while you would just pay a fine or go to jail for trying to cross the border. In 4E 173 Legate Quintius notes of a Dominion siege being broken at a Redguard city called Hegathe. There are but few issues that raise such emotions to shouts and blows as that of the Skyrim Civil War and the rebellion of the Stormcloaks. I have attempted to use direct sources in the form of analysis to provide credentials to my statements. Legate Quintius states, “...a Forebear army from Sentinel broke the siege of Hegathe (a Crown city), leading to the reconciliation of the two factions.”[1]. However cruel and unjust it may sound, at the end of the day, Imperial Realpolitik is the only thing preventing the Dominion from overrunning the rest of Tamriel. While unpopular to suggest, the Empire is at the terminal phase of its ability to enforce any kind of lawful or even moral authority and cannot be trusted to govern Skyrim (or any province for that matter) dutifully given the disastrous steps they have taken in both foreign and domestic policy. Relations betwee the College and the village likely improve if Kraldar takes over, though this has no real effect. The point is the Nords were not willing to stop Talos worship, so saying Ulfric could work towards restoring it sounds like nonesense. You may say that it is still the Nords’ homeland but let’s talk about how it makes it their homeland. Time and time again the Empire failed to treat the Thalmor threat seriously, and ultimately surrendered the entire Empire to their authority. I’ll keep this short. Everyone is racist, especially the thalmor dragging people out of their beds in the middle of the night. Until the Aldermeri Dominion starts the Second Great War and Skyrim will have to lend aid to the Empire simply to ensure Mankind's continued existence. First let’s meet the main players in this game: The Tzin Empire: one of the pre-made…, So with all this talk about the glory days of total War got me itching for my favorite historical title behind Shogun 2. Southern Hammerfell is devastated and yet the Redguards have managed to bring the Dominion to a complete standstill. But sure Stormcloak Ending is Moral LMAO. Ulfric ends up in Sovangarde because his actions were righteous in the end of the day, he tried to do what Wulfarth succeeded at back in the mythic era. The Empire might be moribund, but it's also the last bulwark of Mankind. For example they will quote, “After the war, contact was established and he has proven his worth as an asset. Here, two seemingly clashing ideologies, peoples, and traditions wage war in the great northern province and have torn a nation, and Empire, apart. And to underline this point the anonymous author states, “Reject the Imperial law that forbids the worship of Talos.” as the center most point for the rallying cry of the Nord rebellion. The great irony of this all is that it is directly the fault of the Empire that Ulfric was ever captured by the Dominion in the first place, but this is a discussion for another time. This book provides the bulwark (ironically for Legate Quintius would surely have never penned such a briefing with this thought in mind) for my position that the Empire can no longer be viewed as trusted authority in matters of governing or legitimate in its position as leader of Tamriel. The Thalmor didn't want anyone to worship Talos because he was once a man and the Thalmor could not believe that it would be possible for a man to become a god. Neither is really worse. Falkreath - Siddgeir replaced by Dengeir. The book "The Talos Mistake" was either written to appease the Aldmeri Dominion or it was written by an anti-Talos person. The plausibility of this outcome is unknown, but the end goal of the Thalmor is to destroy all of Nirn by toppling the Adamantine Tower, which is holding reality together. People in Morthal complain about both for inconsequential reasons. From Morrowind to Elsweyr, Black Marsh to Valenwood, and now Hammerfell and Skyrim the Empire routinely failed to uphold its sole purpose for existence: the defense of the people of Tamriel united under the protection of the Ruby Throne. I would argue that Imperial control puts more tolerant/agreeable Jarls in charge, as opposed to more aggressive/un-diplomatic Stormcloak Jarls. For every week that D.Va doesn’t get a balance patch or get reworked, I’m going to post 7 QoL or Balance adjustments. It is simply a fact that the Imperials can no longer claim themselves to be rightful defenders of the old provinces nor authorities in the lands such as Skyrim, particularly after their betrayal of both Redguard and Nordic allies following the Great War and subsequent disastrous treaty. He would be incapable of properly seeing to his people's needs or listening to them without allowing his own bias to interfere. He leaves the management of his hold to his steward and thanes, while he himself only focuses on the military subjects. In a future study, I will explore the Markath Incident and its implications and hope to bring about some insight as to what happened and why. The Emperor encouraged them in their belief that he was preparing to surrender; meanwhile, he gathered his forces to retake the Imperial City. Indirect aid!” and yet the Dossier blatantly states, “As long as the civil war proceeds in its current indecisive fashion, we should remain hands-off.”[3] indicating their interest in supplying “indirect aid” only exists to keep a balance of power and thus drain the ability of both armies. At this point it would be rightfully assumed that half of my intended audience would have ceased reading in mocking rage, but for those that decide to continue forth into my reasoning I implore you to carefully hear out my line of reasoning. Please help me. Except that they are objectively the best group that can wage war against the Aldmeri Dominion. In this section I will prove to you that while far from perfect, Ulfric is the legitimate authority to rally and restore the Nord people who have been broken by both Dominion oppression and Imperial treason. Imperial authority has waned and I have proved that they have, since the Oblivion Crisis, been throughouly unable to honor their obligations. The source list is arranged by the numerical order in which they appeared in the text: Quintius, Justianus. Imperial foreign policy failed again to keep in-check the various populations that they had under their governing authority. Another issue arises when you see that the Thalmor's overarching goal is in fact conquering Hammerfell – Skyrim's separation from the Empire would result in it losing the protection of the White-Gold Concordat, potentially causing a Thalmor attack, which we already established they would not be able to fight back against. Militarily, the Stormcloaks would not be capable of standing up to the Aldmeri Dominion in case of a war. As a brief introduction to my thesis: I firmly support the legitimacy of the Stormcloak Rebellion under the leadership of Ulfric Stormcloak. “Background: Ulfric first came to our attention during the First War Against the Empire, when he was taken as a prisoner of war during the campaign for the White-Gold Tower. Politically, Ulfric is frankly an incompetent ruler. Video games with open worlds continue to roll out in 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and beyond. The Emperor agreed to the outlaw of the worship of Talos because it was the right thing to do.”[4]. In the first section of his book titled, “The Rise of the Thalmor”, Legate Qunitius makes the claim that, “...very little is known of the factional struggles that went on inside the Dominion while the Thalmor consolidated its power...”[1]. What people seem to often forget is that Skyrim is home to other races including the empire and they make up a huge percentage of the population. Brunwulf stands up for minorites and sends the player to hunt bandits, and if Ulfric moved to Castle Dour after becoming High King and Brunwulf was placed in charge, I think he would be better for the city regardless. The Empire isn’t perfect. The empire managed to successfully repel the Dominion during the great war and this is why the nations of Man aren’t run over by the Dominion.


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