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It is summoned by Shintetsu, and the counterpart of Parista, the Spirit of Fire which is the main enemy in the game. He battles Cleru/Pratty on the first match. In the first game, rescuing Sanary from soldiers has her attempt at cooking attack you in a Boss Battle. Its task during the main storyline is to hold on to one of the four legendary swords forged by Shintetsu, Craftlord of Iron, and help player to make a weapon that is powerful enough to be used against Parista. Bardonrel (バードンレル, Bādonreru): The Rugista Island's mayor. Tyram (テュラム, Tyuramu): The Craftlord of Crystal, who Sakuro says went missing following Shintetsu's death at the opening ceremony of the tournament. It is not known until later in the game she is the Craftlord of Ruby. She helps Varil, after he tried to enter in the occupied town. The amount and type of materials received will depend on the items being used. Until beating him for the first time, he thinks he's severely better and about Cleru/Pratty, but decides never to give up as the two of them are "eternal rivals". Which one appears in that game depends on how the player describes the hero of Seijent. During the battle, the player can switch freely between their equipped weapons and use any of the selected items and spells. Being a machine, he specializes in electric spells. Strength controls the amount of damage they inflict. Three years ago, Shintetsu, the Craftlord of Iron (one of the seven Craftlords), gave up his life to protect his wife Amariss, their child, and the whole of Wystern, and was honored as a hero for his sacrifice. The character has three statistics which determine his or her ability to fight. you gain a stronger version of the gem morph. GBA. Amariss assumes he left it behind on purpose on his fateful day. A battle is won when all opponents have either fled or have been defeated. During the battle, the player can switch freely between their equipped weapons and use any of the selected items and spells. Defense controls the amount of damage opponents will inflict. He is the one who originally started the hammer being the path to your manhood/womanhood meme in Summon Night. Playing as a girl with Sugar as your Guardian Beast leads to many of the game's more comical moments. Also, as with swords, Bron will add to the number of techniques by each day. To gain Rasho as your Summon Creature, reply with the second option to the first question, and the first option for the next two. The guardian beast Killfith in the last game. Summon Night ~ To The Place Where You Should Return, Summon Night U:X ~ A Foreigner From The Boundary, Summon Night U:X ~ The Visitors Of Twilight, He is rough with his students, but is actually quite kind, and never favours one over the other. She is standing near a pillar that day. Ureksa (ウレクサ, Urekusa): The Craftlord of Jade, who becomes manipulated and controlled by Parista for the majority of the game. A mysterious figure follows the child of Shintetsu throughout his/her journey, and eventually presents him/her with the Western Sword. Often, they are simple fetch quests. Mariel (ヘリオ, Herio): A bespectacled polite Silver Guild Craftknight and Ariel's twin younger sister. If no weapon is available or equipped, the player will be forced to battle with a hammer. Agility controls speed while moving, and jumping height. Strength controls the amount of damage they inflict. Also, any weapon sacrificed will only return half of what was used to forge it. He has a hard time being with humans other than his master, and even that is a difficulty. Summon Night 2 has Leonard, Summon Night 3 has Genji, and Summon Night 4 has Kentarou. Almost at the end of the main storyline, Kuhyra gives 2 choices for player to choose in order to craft a weapon that is strong enough to fight Parista. Chaves (チェベス, Chebesu): One of the apprentices in the Gold Guild. The player learns that the tournament in order to take the place of the Craftlord of Iron was simply a distraction for the populace while the Craftlord circle fought amongst themselves for a plan of action in dealing with the beast of destruction, Parista. The four beasts are: Sugar (シュガレット, Shugaretto) is a cute fairy type creature who is intent on marrying her master, regardless of gender. ~Schrodinger's Gun~: Used when choosing a partner character. A day normally ends after a tournament or boss battle. Often, they are simple fetch quests. Her Guardian Beast is named Rygel. Summon Night: Swordcraft Story (サモンナイト クラフトソード物語, Samon Naito Kurafutosōdo Monogatari), is an action role-playing game by Banpresto for the Nintendo Game Boy Advance system. The games usually don't make it clear to you it's doing this. Despite this, you eventually make friends with him, helping him to confront his father. It also turn out that, leading up and before the tournament, Bron was never quite so serious. Later she develops a sense of frustration about revealing the mystery of her former master to her present one. Before the tournament can be concluded, the player learns of a building unrest among the craftlords, and discovers Lubert, Craftlord of Amber, and Ureksa, Craftlord of Jade, are attempting to harness the power of the destructive spirit Parista, and have struck a deal with the neighboring warfaring nation of Deigleya in exchange for sharing control of the beast. One of the main focuses of the game is to forge weapons for fighting. He has a dream of becoming a Craftlord like his father, who died 3 years ago. Kouren (コウレン, Kouren): Kouren is Sanary's older sister. Varil's preferred weapon is the spear, and battled in the finals. Sanary (サナレ, Sanare): Sanary belongs to the Silver Guild, which many of the other characters as well as the heroes belong to. He is very respectful of the hero's mother, but loves to give a hard time to others, even to the main character. A cheerful yet kind normal girl. This is also used to cut tension or to bring someone back to their senses (as he does with Bron once during the game). depending on what choices player make, player could end up either with Kuhyra or one of the original four beasts as the player's partner during the last stand against Parista. Ariel (ハリオ, Hario): A bespectacled impolite Silver Guild Craftknight and Mariel's twin older sister. The child of Shintetsu fights through the tournament and wins every match presented to him/her, however, strange natural disasters are affecting nearby settlements, and earthquakes are prevalent throughout Wystern. They are initiated as random encounters. He is also one of the main plot holders of the game. Summon Night: Swordcraft Story is the first Summon Night game released on the Game Boy Advance. Hit points are also gained in varying amounts depending on which stats were selected to increase. Servants are spirits made into special familiars of the highest rank that are bound to the Master. The weapons that cannot be enchanted by the guardian beast will require the completion of a side-quest. Summon Night divides materials into four elements: fire, water, lightning, and wind. Aya/Natsumi/Hayato/Touya: The Seijent Hero that Cleru/Pratty meets on Kagro Volcan, depending upon the player's choice of what he/she has heard about said hero. what Guren Goura wanted to do the the main hero in Craft Sword Story 2, depending on your choices, your Guardian Beast will fuse with your weapon to defeat the, during the walk with Gabriel he mentions it was the first Daemon Edge, something he wasn't around to learn.


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