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It was his misfortune to have left an open trunk with a gorilla suit there. var script = document.createElement('script'); I would tell Channel 20 when I was on there, you know they tried to censor me, “Look, if you wanted Captain Kangaroo in the first place, you should have hired him. So they don’t make the distinction, they just say, “Hey Ghoulardi!” Whereas Detroit’s just … it’s consistent, it’s consistent, it’s consistent. Mary Terese Matousek: We met through a friend who I was working with, and she invited us to go out with a group of people, so we went out to see the movie Hairspray. The judge ruled that no infringement occurred, as most horror show hosts portrayed the same basic character - a ghoulish individual who pranced about in costume, performed comedy routines, and showed horror movies. (Hey, cool it with the boom-booms.). “That was a point where almost everybody everywhere was slowing down except for TV news personalities. He was like the proto-punk. Letters should be a minimum of 150 words, refer to content that has appeared on Detroit Metro Times, and must include the writer's full name, address, and phone number for verification purposes. I was very gullible. [3] Sweed would put on shows for the neighborhood kids with the marionettes. … I think the fact that Ron is on the air at all and that he’s pulling any kinds of numbers speaks to the fact that after all these years there is still a loyalty factor, and there are still people who kind of share the same passion for this kind of kookiness.” In fact, Dawidziak says one could make a “counter-argument” that since the pendulum has swung so far away from the local TV personality maybe it would pay off for stations to buck the trend now and invest in local personalities like the Ghoul. Fans can remember some of … It vaporized.”, “There’s still pieces of that pumpkin in the roof.”. What’s happening now, is that people who saw him when they were younger have families, and people are saying to him, “This is our bonding time.” You know, since he’s been there [Detroit] the last time, people keep e-mailing: “When are you getting back on TV?”. Even with a built-in audience, Detroit television stations don’t seem to be clamoring for Sweed’s talents. She fell in love with the man first. » Television. A show like that has to pay for itself, and make a profit.”, Rob St. Mary promotes Ghoulish activities in the Detroit area, and has his own ideas: “I think it has to do with the network and corporatizing of the local TV stations. Give me what comes to your head. Guernsey Farms Dairy Family Style Restaurant. Fans can remember some of his catchphrases including “Overdey!, “Hey group!” Scratch glass, turn blue,” “Stay sick, climb walls”, “Pluck your magic twanger, Froggy!”, “Holy Parma”, “Amrap” and Froggy’s “Hiya gang, hiya hiya hiya!.”. In a 2017 interview, he didn’t seem to regret the fact that his television career was over. Or see him distribute Metro Times from 4-6 p.m. on Aug. 22 along Main Street in downtown Royal Oak. “Hey, we need someone to wear the gorilla suit!” goes a cry. During my travels to Cleveland, I had the rare opportunity to experience the guy underneath the beard. So it’s like it’s somehow kept going by word of mouth. Fisher believes that part of the reason Detroit TV isn’t chomping at the bit to put Sweed back on the air is because most of Detroit’s TV station managers are from other parts of the country and have no idea what all the hype is about. “Adults, kids, whatever. In short order, The Ghoul also appeared on Kaiser’s WKBD affiliate in Detroit. “I didn’t think it would go all over like that,” Ron proclaimed, probably for the millionth time. And two hours discussing a toilet flush one time in this man’s office. Ernie Anderson was the first one to say, “This movie’s so bad, gang, you oughta go to bed early. 1977 With his slapstick humor, juvenile high jinks, and snarky contempt for the low-grade horror films he aired weekly, TV personality The Ghoul (real name Ron Sweed) was more foolish than ghoulish. You hired me as the Ghoul, and you know what the Ghoul does.” It’d be very frustrating. But before Anderson found his fortune on the West Coast, he had taken Cleveland by storm from 1963 to 1966 as Ghoulardi, with his coffeehouse-poet-beatnik-horror shtick. But everybody loved it, so we kept it. For a boost of instant insanity? [8] It bombed in Chicago (where Sweed had the thankless task of replacing the popular Svengoolie) and in Boston, but was huge in Detroit at WKBD TV-50,[12] and enjoyed varying degrees of success in the other markets. He was using the crazy hip lingo that Ernie had, and tweaking it a bit more.”[4], In 2015, Sweed appeared at the Redford Theatre. He would never appear out of costume, which gave him the option of traveling about town freely without being harassed by exuberant fans. It’s just amazing how people love the blow-ups. “I'm doing an appearance. Barbara J. King. The Ghoul was also outwardly disdainful of his schlocky horror films. The kids would shriek and holler. I think there’s room in programming for local characters, but people are more sophisticated now than in the ’70s; they’re more cynical. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. It was a disaster, at first. Sweed: Ehhh, he could, yeah, well, no, not really, no. ©2020 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. I carried Parma over, and people loved it. Metro Times: What’s the reaction in Cleveland? They’re mostly owned by big corporations, so they’re all hooked into networks. The show was destructive and childish enough for little kids, subversive and timely enough for young adults."[11]. Unbeknownst to me, he said this was tossed into the rubbish. Sweed was born on January 23, 1949 in Euclid, Ohio. “He was the Hunter S. Thompson of trash,” said Jerry Vile, the Detroit artist, media maker and creator of The Dirty Show. He appeared on screen a puff of smoke with the catchphrase, "Hiya, kids!


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