the glorious death

He looked at me.

Moving with it to the salon, he slid into the seat next to the table, wedged himself in against the roll, and unfolded the letter.

Figured out where he went for fun.

Despite the shattering damage it had absorbed by this stage of the war, the Imperial Japanese Navy, by then organized under the Navy General Command, was determined to inflict as much damage on the Allies as possible.

He willed himself to stay still.

And the Code of Ethics. He could just keep going and aside from some court personnel, the lawyers putting on the trial and perhaps Gail and another girl friend or two, no one would be much bothered. She plans to leave next week. With a bum knee and exhausted.

That movement caused total agony to Calderon from his back and he fell desperately on his side to stop the pain, feeling the lawyer grasp his arm to pull himself up and towards Calderon. That evening after a workout on weights at his gym, Benson took the additional briefs filed by the parties to read while he ate his dinner alone at Sams, the old downtown restaurant that he used for his solo dinners two or three nights a week. He felt more than heard the next wave coming and ducked his head and held onto the lamp tight as he was again buried as the wave passed, again hitting the hull hard as he swung above the water, but using his shoulders to cushion his head from the hull. The rest home reception telephone board was busy as usual. Perhaps you know when we may expect her?”, I spread my hands.

We need this to keep the status quo for a few days, that’s all.”, “It is restricting the freedom of an adult without good cause or a showing of need.”, Benson held up his hand to silence us both. He grasped it and held it tight with his right hand and with his still numb left hand desperately reached down while still under the wave, grabbed the white rigging line hanging under the chair, and looped it over the life line.

She appeared an old and feeble woman again. How do you see that as doing well?”, I leaned back in my chair. I’ll risk it. Have to be that immature to love them so much.”, She grinned.

A disruption to his entire life. That can’t be far away, now. He had nowhere enough in his litigation budget to counter such expertise and objected strenuously to the last minute testimony, asking Benson to voir dire the witness to determine relevance of the opinion. She might have crew aboard, thus be able to carry full press of sail. Once in a great while he pulled it out and was always surprised at how beautiful she was. Even before their first dinner back he began his story and she sat entranced as he spoke for hours, a wonderful love story of two middle aged people, two people who overcame obstacles and struggles and when one they discovered he had cancer, decided to end their lives together. Call me back in an hour.”. But he did want to sail with her and he had to admit it. But I have a favor to ask and someone like you just might be able to do it. “Then keep frowning. He was no longer sleepy and was staring at the chart, looking for shortcuts, pondering tactics that might allow him to come in closer.

[76], Although chemical warfare had been outlawed by the Geneva Protocol, neither the United States nor Japan was a signatory at the time.

His left hand was numb for some reason, but strong enough to squeeze.

“I know why you are here, waiting, Father. He then used the motor to turn away from his previous course dead into the wind, and felt the boat surge as the main caught the wind on its port side and began to heel the boat over as it accelerated towards Angel Island. The remaining three letters he had brought, written about nine months later, did not plead for her to come, simply chatted about life in a small Mexican city in the early sixties, talked obliquely about efforts to outmaneuver Oliviera, responded to her letter about San Francisco office gossip. I liked this one, the sailor, much better. He realized with a slight shock that no one would particularly care that he was out to sea unexpectedly this night. You are so much alike but do not really know that. The floor was made of pine planks and despite his care the floor squeaked. You ain’t doing it to find out about your dad and Beth much.”, “You haven’t read that letter from Beth and it’s been here for twenty four hours. She noticed that Esmeralda could hardly wait for her to leave. Then he heard a sound from the cockpit. Beth would be looking for him coming from the North. The car, an old Studebaker, rattled away as Calderon went to the door, wearing a blue sports coat, a bouquet of wrapped flowers under one arm, a wine bottle in his other arm. He rolled away desperately, hit another wall that had no right to be there in any typical room, used the wall to shove himself to his feet and leaning with his back against the wall, held his knife out in front of him.

He knew nothing about her, really. They fish. I hope you don’t.”, “I’d like..well, I’ll tell you a story when you return. She glanced in his direction. The figure in the inflatable sat down in the boat, not working at the outboard any longer. He stared after her a few moments, sighed, then stood up, took his bag of spare hose clamps, and began working from the forward through holes back, double clamping each and every through hull. He was finally at the fitting and he was absolutely exhausted and out of breath. I think of all that each of us gave up for each other. This Monday there were no recreational sail boats near the entrance to the harbor, only small fishing boats.

And I know she’s not well. Or simply notice my deposition and examine me under oath?”, “You are evading the question. He was irresistible because he made no excuses. Thanks to God.”. And she has done so each year for over a decade. Unless she had left within the last hour she would have been out of sight, heading due West to get around Lovers Point while he came from the North.

She realized it at the same time and they both raced up into the cockpit. He sighed and held out his hand.

Unless the presiding judge told her what Benson had said about her qualifications. Hell, San Francisco does have crooked cops and organized crime. My knee and wrist are also pretty beat up.”, “You have a good chance to get a discount on a nose job if you want…insurance will pay, “, Elliot grinned. Whoever it was appeared alone on the boat…then it raced past, perhaps a quarter of a mile to port, the combined passing speeds of the boats having them distance themselves at close to fifteen knots. During World War II, the Japanese had a naval base at Paramushiro in the Kuril Islands and several bases in Hokkaido. All bunk.

He carefully tied each line to the lifelines at the bow so that they were quickly available. He had to be at the mast in the middle of the boat to handle that sail and as he left the cockpit he automatically attached the snap shackle on his tether from his body harness to the jack line, the thick rope that ran down the length of the boat on the cabin top. Over to his right. He hardly noticed he was doing them. He would insert that end though the ring fitting that was still undamaged, pull the line through the ring then through the loop in the white line, and then carry the line back on board. The Glorious Dead have the talent and the tools to come back with a tank squad full of wrath and I’ll be keeping my eye out for their next graveyard misadventure. You’re just fine. If the water had been coming in from a failed through hull forward, then the forward part of the bilge would be already full of water since the rear part of the bilge was already filled. He nodded to himself, used the head, then pulled on his boots and foul weather jacket. This may become a defacto journal since these events are still happening.

The office was in a side street near the town center, white washed buildings of one to four stories, sidewalk on only one side, a few stunted pines and palms in the back yards. All gear checked. They had spent months planning inner partitions and walls to be built out of rough pine.


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