thesis topics related to nutrition and dietetics
Everything is processed securely: your information will never fall into the wrong hands. This guide gives you some ideas for dissertation titles. One of the most important steps in composing a dissertation is selecting the right topic. PDF. All model papers supplied by must be properly referenced. How dangerous is binge eating and how does it lead to long-term health problems? KNOWLEDGE AND SELF-EFFICACY Are child obesity rates higher in the U.S. than in other parts of the world? Masters, School Food Environment the Frontline for Childhood Obesity Prevention: A Mixed-Method Study of Nutritional Competencies and Skills of School Nutriiton Professionals in Nebraska, Zainab Rida, Mixed Methods Analysis of School Wellness Programs in Nebraska and Indiana: A Descriptive Study, Jessica A. Robinson, ASSESSMENT OF NUTRITION My Account | My Account | : application of high-power ultrasound for fluid milk processing, Lily Claire Benner, Development of an online food safety training and pilot study for employees of university farms and school gardens, John Michael Dzubak, The effects of non-viscous, fermentable fibers on appetite and food intake in healthy adults, Christine Hutchison Emilien, Analysis of co-crystallized free phytosterols with triacylglycerols as a functional food ingredient, Danielle Franchetti, Does health-related fitness influence health status?, Hannah Marie Gibbs, Supplementation of laying-hen feed with annatto tocotrienols and impact of α-tocopherol on tocotrienol transfer to egg yolk and tocopherol and annatto tocotrienol distribution analysis in laying-hen body, Hannah Elisabeth Hansen, Environmental stewardship by microalgae: air and water, Juhyon Kang, Resistant starch: implications in kidney health and vitamin D homeostasis in diabetes mellitus, Gar Yee Koh, Modification of egg albumen to improve thermal stability, Charlwit Kulchaiyawat, Assessment of dietary intakes, nutritional risk and whole grain behaviors of community-residing adults age 60+ years, Lindsay R. MacNab, Impact of DDGS feeding on the composition of milk and baby Swiss cheese, Vaishnavi Manimanna Sankarlal, Utilizing optical light filters and biofilm based cultivating to enhance microalgal growth, Clayton Isaac Michael, Analysis and characterization of oleogel consisting of beta-sistosterol and gamma-oryzanol in soybean oil, Zoey Quynh Nguyen, Impact of β-Galactomannan on health status and immune function in rats, LeeAnn Schalinske, Community-based nutrition education: documentation and evaluation of effectiveness, Jennifer Anne Schultz, Intergenerational physical activity programming for rural-residing older adults, Ashleigh Jeanette Sowle, Antimicrobial efficacy of commercial produce sanitizers against artificially inoculated foodborne pathogens and natural fungal contaminants on the surface of whole melons, Amanda Lyn Svoboda, Natural and value-added approaches for pathogen control, Zongyu Zhang, The protective effect of resistant starch in type 1 diabetic rats, Alysse S. Anderegg, Models to assess food iron bioavailability, Seth Mensah Armah, Recurrent selection to alter seed phytic acid content and iron bioavailability in maize, Alyssa Whitney Beavers, Effects of lipid oxidation initiators and antioxidants on the total antioxidant capacity of milk and oxidation products during storage, Angelica Maria Gutierrez, Health and behavioral findings with a Worksite Wellness Program, Kayli Ann Julander, Type 4 resistant starch diminishes Citrobacter rodentium induced diarrhea in C3H mice, Kirsten Leigh Larson, This repository is part of the Iowa Research Commons, Home |


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