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(turning to them, holding printout) Well, I's gots the list, baby. ), (Satisfied, Santa turns toward the girls and blows a little dust from his finger; they giggle at the demonstration.). Naughty little kids the world over!

She then leaps away and opens a window to slip out.). Princess climbs down the side of one feed tank, then up the other, and finally leaps away - but due to the force she exerts, a pipe fitting blows out and starts to leak.

(Near the end of this line, cut from her to Santa; back to her after "have to be."). Santa: Yeah!

Princess: Oh, no, you don't.

(And, in the process, make him believe the Powerpuffs have been very, very naughty!) Once they have all hit, she zaps the mass with a quick blast of her eye lasers, then lifts up the entire fully baked sheet with one hand and lets the cookies drop onto a plate in the other.

She then gets suspicious when she finds coal in Blossom and Buttercup's stockings as well and then, using her x-ray vision, sees all the other children in Townsville have no presents and have also received coal.

However, he has a hard time feeling he should not since he already knows the Powerpuff Girls are really good people and always save the day. It is the day before Christmas Eve in Townsville, and the students at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, including the Powerpuff Girls, are all anxiously awaiting Santa's annual journey.

Not candy and presents, but Christmas' demise! ), Bubbles: That's not right! Pull back to frame the entire ice wall; the beam is striking the section of ice she cut, and it slowly starts to lift away. Princess: Now, if I were a big fat bearded oaf... (Turn up farther to expose another tree, a drawing board, and a wall calendar.) (And, in the process, make him believe the Powerpuffs have been very, very naughty!) Bubbles, Buttercup: I win!

Narrator: A My Little Horsey with combable hair... Is on the top of the list of our honorable Mayor. (During this, cut to her.

...even though I know I'm not supposed to. Cut to her perspective "infrared" and zoom in on a sign next to the doors: "Santa's Workshop: PRIVATE."

), Santa: Powerpuff Girls, with your streaks so bright, won't you deliver the Christmas gifts tonight? Professor: Every year it's the same darn thing. My daddy says I'm better! Santa: (sobbing) A couple of close calls...but we've always made it.

We can't let Princess get ahead of us. (He puts it down by the first one; its flip side shows a helmeted stick figure ("Me") holding a football. (Blossom reaches her. Pull back to show the toy walking slowly towards her; when it is within striking distance, she boots it hard enough to break it and send springs flying.

Throwing the scraps aside, she breathes in the aroma.

[Note: Buttercup's choice of gifts and Princess' response to it are take-offs on Ralph Parker's predicament in A Christmas Story.]. She is braced for a showdown. ...I'm ruined. However, while this was released on home video 2 months before it aired on TV, on December 12, this is the only episode not to be available in any digital store (including iTunes and Google Play). Stop when she is at center screen.).

First time, first time it's ever happened. She plows deep into one side and out the other, losing none of her speed. (Back to her inside.)

In this special, Princess Morbucks is the main antagonist. ), (She drops to the ground next to the coal and starts crying. X-ray vision! by the force of the throw.

When Blossom uses her laser vision to cook the cookies, her eyes are not closed like she should have while melting the snow at Pokey Oaks.

Our players are mobile (HTML5) friendly, responsive with ChromeCast support. Princess: Naughty, huh? (Close-up of the bottom steps; the coal tumbles down them and shatters on the floor. (Turn down to her name.)

A jolly old elf was filled up with dread. Bubbles: (snarling) I already had coal in my stocking before I looked at the other kids' stockings! Extreme close-up of a very glum-looking Father Christmas as he chugs down the contents of his cup. Back to the chase; Princess looks over her shoulder and sees the girls closing the gap. Top right: an uneaten snack.

Hold your horses. (She jumps down from her bed and crosses the room to the linen closet. Princess: But I'm not gonna let you brats ruin my Christmas. From here, cut to the exterior of the girls' house.).

Suddenly all four take off, so close to one another that they would be trading paint if this were a NASCAR race, and disappear in the distance.). Quit it! (His mouth hangs full open at this display of unbridled avarice, combined with a total lack of emotional control; the girls are similarly dumbstruck. Narrator: She spoke not a word; she had finished her work. The Professor bounces into view, accompanied by the creaking of bedsprings.). An area in which teddy bears are being packed is reduced to a litter of crushed boxes in an instant. (She flies around a corner and out of sight. As the Narrator finishes, pull back slowly to show other kids gathered outside, then dissolve to a longer shot of that neighborhood and keep pulling back. When our hearts are the warmest, despite all the cold. (During the following, Bubbles pantomimes to match her words.). Princess: Oh, yeah? Bubbles: You gave us a bomb for our birthday! And I get what I've always deserved: (turning around; zoom in) To be a Powerpuff Girl! Wake up!

(They go out again.) We better find Santa and fast. I came downstairs to see what Santa left... (Back to her.)

), Professor: Come on, come on, come on, come on! I think somebody might have gotten that new atom splitter they've been eyeing! Naughty?! Without warning, the girls streak past, jolting him out of his deep blue funk. Me! Back to the doorway, the camera placed so that Ms. Keane is seen from the waist up. Princess: Hah!
The snow continues to fall, and those lights are still shining into the night. A dotted red line traces its way from one place to the next.

It lands on the counter before her and spins in place for a second before she blows gently over its surface to flatten it out. (A beat of silence. Her fiendishly foul plot: to trick Santa into turning her into the fourth Powerpuff Girl! I'm in the car, you twit! Bubbles: Excuse me?

She then zips away.

He is irked; pull back to a long shot of him as he stalks away with his cape trailing imperiously as usual.

Princess leaps from one roof to the next like a mountain goat with pogo-stick legs, her yellow light trail shining in her wake; they match her every move. She smiles and goes into a dive. Blossom: Buttercup I can understand, - just before dawn. (Dissolve to a box that holds a My Little Mare doll from the Ponypuffs line of toys; the illustration resembles the pony seen in the kids' show early in "Nano of the North".). Neither takes any notice. The chaser gets a smack in the face.). ), (She takes off after the trio. Narrator: She knows that these fools, content in their sleep, (Her smile has become a Cheshire Cat grin.).

There's a new Powerpuff Girl in town...or so she would have you think!

), (Princess resumes the rooftop bounce on another street, and they match her - but now, instead of letting their momentum carry them up, they swoop past three adjoining houses and each swipe a wreath from one front door.

), (The girls groan disgustedly and drop back into their seats, just ahead of the school bell. Finally, she gets a clear shot and lands a hard kick that sends Princess sailing ahead and o.c. They're just jealous 'cause they got coal.

It takes almost no time for this move to bring them all into a full-scale donnybrook; their light trails flash in place and together look like a drawing of an atom. Now they flash off somewhere else - the candy cane line is next to be smashed. She hurls it across the first floor, adding a bit of spin to make it rotate, and it hits the living room wall with its trunk pointing down and drops neatly into a stand that has been placed there. Buttercup: Oh, no!

(Elsewhere, three kids are stringing popcorn garlands for a small potted Christmas tree. Santa: (shrugging) Eh. Blossom: The point, Princess, is that you better change your ways, or all you're ever gonna get from Santa is a big fat lump of coal in your stocking. ), (Pull back; she is standing on one foot - apparently the little brat trod on her toes. Narrator: The girls drift off to sleep, their hopes at their heights, (The Professor keeps fiddling with the electrical cords.). Trailing lines behind them, they stick between two overhead lights; she quickly hauls herself up. By an evil young girl who's nothing but spoiled. (On the end of this, cut to Princess, who watches the shreds float down around her with complete shock as she now realizes she's pushed Santa too far and has to face the consequences. The force of the next words causes him to recoil briefly.). ), (Cut to him.

After a tense moment, both girls come roaring back. Visible only as a bright speck, she makes a beeline for the distant mountains.

Buttercup: (moving in on her) Forget it, Princess. (The Timbuktu stamp in the previous sequence shows a rather bewildered fellow looking at a map and trying to figure out where he is. Bubbles: (softly) Girls!

(Princess gasps in unmitigated fear, knowing that justice is about to be served. The elves drink as the camera rotates about 45 degrees counterclockwise and turns up slightly to show the far top corner of the room, where Princess is clinging to the ceiling, her face toward the floor. ), Blossom: (nervously) Uh... (Pull back behind him.).

), (More mumbling and leafing through the list before she stops again.). Narrator: An evil gleam in her eye, this little redhead... Is the sole one aware there is something to dread.

Except for one.


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