vader 125 review

Tom agreed, saying the Grom, “Is the nicest bike here in terms of fit and finish, overall quality, and performance, but it’s also the most expensive. Regular price I could do the test any time at the local DMV free and only paid when I passed. Riding around on my Vader 125 (Grom Clone) w/ Honda Grom Video and Pics “If it were my money, I’d buy the Razkull.”. Yeah, it's already improving its top speed naturally. Tom “Big Guns” Roderick, for example, felt like a boat anchor on any bike he rode uphill, except the Honda, while downhill he felt invincible on the Kymco – the same bike he bemoaned on the way up. The Honda XL125 Varadero is arguably one of the most sought after 125 motorcycles, largely down to its big bike looks and feel, but also down to the excellent build quality. Belmonte Bikes The Honda’s is on the left, but curiously, of the two, the Razkull’s is the one equipped with a gear-position indicator (only visible when the bike is in gear). When my Honda Grom Clone 125cc Vader Gas Motorcycle was delivered free in a big freight truck (a semi) I knew that my security camera was rolling. Ranking the other three is a bit more challenging, as the MO scorecard has them very evenly matched. Other than that, the Razkull brakes into the corner as well as the Honda or Kawi, turns in with equal confidence, and feels just as stable as the other two on its side. Performance: 8.2kW (11bhp) Price: £3,249 (from £2,300 used) I consent to allow Adventure Bike Rider to collect my contact information (required) The only thing that could use my attention is the chain which is a little loose and can be … That leaves the SSR Razkull. Weight: 128kg Like the Kymco, it claws back and overtakes the Honda when given enough room to take advantage of its greater weight and lack of a speed governor. Seat height: 820mm. Performance: 11kW (15bhp) I also found some extras in the box including some silly looking but very effective goggles and some small motorcycle gloves I managed to slip into. That is a true clone, I must say. By that point, its rider was closing the gap quickly to the Honda, and if Tom, the heaviest of the four testers was aboard, that gap would close even quicker. Who says you need a big bike to have an adventure? It also available in white, red or black. Price: £3,449 (from £2,500 used) © 2020 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. Should go a little faster with some fine tuning and a few aftermarket performance parts (mainly a better exhaust and correct carb jetting). Here at ABR we like to celebrate the fact that you can get out there on two-wheels and have an epic trip no matter how big the engine is. Check out how close his knee is to his elbow. Fuel capacity: 11 litres Skimming knee at a snail’s pace aboard the Kawasaki Z125 Pro. Are There Other Similar 125cc Motorcycles Available? But is that really a dealbreaker? Though, if you don’t have that problem it’s a great bike and you can pick them up for about £1600 used. Factoring in fuel capacities we see that the SSR weighs only five pounds more than the Honda, instead of 16, while the Kymco remains weighing substantially more than the rest. Perhaps these use the same wheels as the CT70 clones (Skyteam, Icebear), which many owners found sprockets for quite easily?!

SELECT "KLARNA" AT CHECKOUT | 6-MONTHS WARRANTY INCLUDED, Boom BD125-10 SR6 Vader Motorcycle - Generation II, - ADD FULL FACE LIGHTWEIGHT HELMET FOR $89, • Tyre size (Fr./Rr.) I put the video on YouTube expecting a few hundred hits over time. Is the Grom’s $3,200 price tag worth it? As happy cruising at 60-65mph in sixth as it is tackling the mud, the Derbi lives up to the dual-sport name, albeit with only 125cc. As it is, the low pegs make for a comfy commuter. This article was originally published on 29 October 2015, and has been updated on 9 June 2020 to include some models that have since been released. “Worst transmission of the lot,” Tom says, adding “no feeling to signify you’ve shifted gears.”. Fuel capacity: 14 litres I have a 30-pound weight disadvantage against the other editors, and it showed every time I was riding uphill or even on a flat surface. It flicks quickly, and its pegs are the last to drag out of the four. Every package comes with Gloves, Goggle and Face Mask. Performance: 11kW (15bhp) A meagre 10.6bhp offers little in the way of power and a top speed of 62mph might end up frustrating many riders, especially on a longer distance ride. Please contact your local DMV for registration details. Looking to buy a new bike? This article contains affiliate links. Street Legal in all states, including California! Performance: 8.4kW (11.3bhp) I can not believe the bike I was able to score for such a low price. Fuel capacity: 10.6 litres Can you guess which one of these gauge clusters belongs to the Grom and which belongs to the Razkull?

Comes with title (MCO) + Bill of Sale for Registration. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. For the Kawasaki’s part, our notes all mention something about it being nearly the Honda’s equal. This is a Brand New Generation II 2020 125cc Boom BD125-10 SR6 Vader Motorcycle. And considering how anti-climactic our uphill race was, we were hoping the way down would renew our child-like hooligan spirits. Time and budgetary constraints dashed our wide-eyed dreams of taking all four to a go-kart track for a closed-circuit race, but with a combined 32 horsepower, this was one of the few times we could hold a race on four street-legal motorcycles without fear of breaking the speed limit! Like we mentioned in Part 1 of this ankle biters story, the Grom is the most well-rounded and best performing bike here, with the Kawasaki coming in a close second. Ultimately, the race downhill came down to which of the editors had bigger balls and was willing to put it on the line. Disclaimer: Before reading buying guide, you need to note that this is the general buying guide. By continuing to browse our site you agree to our use of data and cookies.
At $2000, the price point is attractive, but it’s the inferior buy for riders looking for performance. For the price, it simply can’t be beat. It’s streetfighter-inspired redesign looks slick, and charging up the mountain, the other bikes had difficulty keeping up with the Grom. What I didn’t realize was the mirrors were right, you just need to rotate the position of the mirror. I found this out while at the DMV. The torque graph mimics the horsepower chart, except the Kawasaki never pulls an edge out over the Razkull. Generation 2 clone motorcycle! John Burns channels his inner Rollie Free aboard the Kymco K-Pipe 125. Weight: 154kg Its minimalistic styling appealed to some, but calling it attractive is pushing it. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Redesigned in 2018, the new Aprilia SX 125 followed in the footsteps of a punchy 2-stroke that would do the business on the more difficult green lanes of the UK while holding its own on the tarmac. More than that, the Razkull isn’t just a looker, either. We’ll debate our point on this topic later on. It’s fun to ride and if things go wrong there are plenty of spares to be found on eBay etc. Street Legal in all states, including California! The only thing that could use my attention is the chain which is a little loose and can be heard bouncing a little while riding. With the exception of the Kawasaki, whose fun peaked at 67 mph, the other three battled it out like a Wrestlemania pay-per-view special, each dishing out a hit as it took its turn at the front. It’s pegs, placed relatively high and rearward, are clearly the raciest here, and if we were burning laps around the tight confines of a kart track, where peak power isn’t as important, instead of ripping up a wide and expansive mountain, it might even give the Honda a run for its money. Looking at the Sinnis 125 Terrain, you’d be forgiven for thinking it had a larger capacity than the 125cc that’s on offer, with it measuring up fairly close to the Kawasaki Versys-X 300 that we’ve got on loan at the moment in terms of size. Of course, the big benefactor here is the Kymco and its 17-inch wheels. Weight: 117kg The loser would buy lunch. Generation 2 clone motorcycle!

Yes, in fact the same company has some awesome other 125cc motorcycles for sale and they have similar pricing. Looking at the Sinnis 125 Terrain, you’d be forgiven for thinking it had a larger capacity than the 125cc that’s on offer, with it measuring up fairly close to the Kawasaki Versys-X 300 that we’ve got on loan at the moment in terms of size. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Do not fear, the bike is already mostly built, you’ll just need to do a couple quick steps. Just click the one you like to view it on Amazon. The high price may be off putting to some, but it’s worth it when build and engine quality are taken into consideration. The Honda would leap away at the start, but the advantage of long, open pavement that helped it form a gap going up gave the others the runway to claw the Honda back coming down. Huffy Kids Inline Scooter, Star Wars Darth Vader. In my previously mentioned Honda Grom Clone 125cc Vader Gas Motorcycle unboxing video I aimed to give future owners the full experience from delivery, unboxing and assembly step by step so you can know what you are in for. It might cost a fraction of the price of its fuel-injected counterparts, but it sure doesn’t look, feel, or perform like it.
Coming in a solid third place up the hill, the Razkull couldn’t keep the Grom or Z in sight for very long, but it clearly outpaced the Kymco, which came a distant last.


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