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The first annual Thai Fruit Festival was held there in 2014, attracting (as estimated by Durianrider) around 250 vegans from around the world over the first few weeks of June, some as young as 16. They wouldn’t want any animals to go through what they go through. Pretty soon after I began watching videos of RT4 followers, I started hearing the term “Chiang Mai” thrown around quite a bit, serving a similar function to “Cannes” for the Hollywood elite, or “Burning Man” for unself-aware millennials. I have stood up for many women to publicly feed their child(ren) without using a cover without hesitation. We have to tie up the program here, I’m Caryn Hartglass and my guest is Tyler Pearce, The Vegan Cyclist. Chiang Mai, Thailand, with its long list of high-quality vegan-friendly restaurants thanks in part to Thailand’s majority Buddhist population, has long been a top destination for vegan/vegetarian travelers and expats. We both know you have been searching for a way out of the ugly, [sic] dieting world or to simply feel and look better. And remember, have a delicious week! I live in the foothills of California and love it here, this is truly where I wish to live out my days. The more education you get, the more it’s hard to turn away. If anyone said that meat wasn’t absolutely the only way to go, I just thought they were crazy. Caryn Hartglass: Yes, sometimes I like to say on this show: Tuned in live. YouTuber "Sam the Vegan" was in a triumphant euphoria after he rode his pushbike as fast as he could up Doi Suthep mountain in Chiang Mai, despite immediate criticisms from other cyclists at the scene. A lot of people struggle with dealing in social circles with their friends, at the work place. However, Dagher was met with hostility even in the vegan community. "When it's just to satisfy your own tastebuds I don't think it's a necessary thing. Which is sort of like wrestling but with submission. And what ever happened to Freelee’s dog Figsy? Read More. Being able to romp and play. And it starts out “ I am no one special, just an ordinary dude that strives to be the best version of myself” That’s beautiful, and I think you are special just for that. The Red Bull Last Stand - My FULL Story (THE CRAZIEST CRIT RACE) - Duration: 28:36. I never really talked about it. Even if it’s not 100% Vegan. Durianrider, who often features images of Freelee in videos and on Instagram and has jokingly claimed to profit from “pimping her out,” takes credit for convincing Freelee to start polarizing her audience with controversial statements, a tactic he says she recoiled from at first. Tyler Pearce: It was literally a flip of a switch. They just want to have it be something funny, and not realized or turned their attention to what it is they’re actually participating in. Her YouTube channel has nearly 800 videos, and I have watched so many of them that at a certain point they began to blur together into a single Aussie-accented reprimand that I hear in my head sometimes while I’m trying to fall asleep. After months of heated speculation and murder claims, Freelee finally explained, via Tumblr, that Figsy wasn’t coping well with her owner’s nomadic travel schedule and is now living with a “wonderful loving family”—free, one hopes, from the eyes of the internet. She vehemently denied this claim. Raw Till 4 is “not a healthy way to be eating,” she said, adding that it could lead to long-term malabsorption issues. And there’s one story that’s really cool. So she went vegan in 2007. It enables you to train more and train harder if you choose to do that. A new-age fitness fanatic from Melbourne has made an apology for a dangerous project that earned him a fine from Thai authorities. “The hypocrisy of this situation is ridiculous,” she said in the video. It’s so hard to approach this with someone in a bite size pieces. Taken very, very broadly, the Raw Till 4 lifestyle can seem pretty reasonable. (iStock). Early efforts show Freelee dancing by herself for two minutes straight, (seen in the hit “Sexy dancing fruitarian girl in underwear!”, which received over a million views); these more blatant appeals to virality contrast quite a bit with more recent videos, which show Freelee traipsing through her morning routine in an elegantly renovated home on Australia’s Gold Coast. Durianrider’s videos often show him conducting elaborate, childlike rescue missions on behalf of local fauna. (Freelee didn’t dispute this claim.) We have learned through generation so it is coded in our DNA somehow, to put up walls around us and separate from other beings. I actually ask my friends this question yesterday. In the two months of emailing that it took for Freelee to commit to an interview, I got to know her in other ways. Freelee’s body is the product and the salesman, and it appears in bikinis, in lingerie, in crop tops and teeny shorts. She replied: “Just how honest they are.”, “They’re just very giving and very caring, and they really listen to you when they talk,” Lymburner said. And you can find me at People struggled to do that too, and that’s where so many things come into play like, all this meat analogs today, these companies that are using plant ingredients to “make” chicken without the bird. The festival, which YouTube viewers see mostly in the context of bike rides, huge restaurant meals, and a single waterfall, serves as a three-dimensional staging platform for a community that primarily interacts remotely. Durianrider didn’t respond to an email request to put me in touch with his lawyer, and Freelee declined to confirm whether or not the lawsuit exists. Durianrider claims that he hasn’t been been served with charges. I know that they don’t want the world to be destroyed through the way that factory farming is doing. It’s so crazy to see a 3 year old make that connection and be able to make a decision that seems so easy and intuitive without all of pressure from years and years of people telling you that you have to eat meat to be healthy, you have to drink milk to be healthy. While that could have been the end of the exchange, Dagher instead took pictures of the messages, along with images of the woman’s social media pages, and posted them on his Twitter and Reddit looking for support. Intermittently over the past few years, media outlets have attempted to debunk Raw Till 4, and the high volume of bananas Freelee recommends eating (she told me she now eats about 10 a day, but “if an individual feels like eating up to 51 bananas in a day then they should go for it!”). Steroids, cheating, physical and mental abuse, the list goes on,” she wrote in one of these posts. Responsible Eating And Living is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. It’s kind of repulsing to me. They always give me a bunch of crap. Although Raw Till 4 doesn’t really fall within our conventional understanding of cults, an entrenched willingness to court controversy above all else—up to and including this embrace of an extremely loaded term—does seem to turn some Raw Till 4-ers into marionettes. Tyler Pearce: Right, I think there’s always curiosity. He explains it in a way that’s, pardon my pun, easy to digest. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, I am currently 30 years old, a husband to an amazing wife, a father to an amazing boy, and a proud puppy papa to two toy breed dogs. But when you go into the supermarket every day and you buy a packet of meat you don't see that animal dying. So if you can slowly start to make those changes, you make a difference. ", The Tenderloin's infamous O'Farrell Theatre closed last month without fanfare, and whether you believe in the freedom of speech when it comes to pornography and adult performers or not, you should know that this place was one of a few in San Francisco that started it all. Freelee also declined my request to respond to Durianrider’s domestic violence allegations. We thought we want our human to be created out of things that are not McDonalds and Burger King and that sort of thing. Accuracy, for many of YouTube’s vegan and non-vegan creators, doesn’t appear to be a particularly high priority. He told us it doesn't necessarily mean following the letter of the law. Twitter or Facebook), or more localized media (e.g. During this year’s festival in June, Durianrider took to Facebook to accuse another YouTuber, Eisel Mazard—who has long been critical of Freelee, Durianrider, and RT4—of predatory behavior towards teenage girls, and threatened to have “the lads” “citizens arrest” him. I live in the mountains of California and love it here, this is truly where I wish to live out my days. I didn’t like cyclist, I would see someone on the road, in the tight wear, in lycra, I would just laughed at them and think that was so stupid. “People call it all sorts of things, but usually cults are associated with like, religious movements.” I pointed out that there was a certain evangelical undertone to her videos. I’m super thankful that my wife is super onboard. But if you decide to go plant- based. If you know it’s bad for the animal and the planet, what is it really, what’s the reason for you from entertaining the idea? Because I opened a program saying just that. Caryn Hartglass: I’m thinking of so many things since you brought that up. Plus, Durianrider and Freelee are charismatic leaders who appear to hold a surprising amount of influence over their young followers—on his Tumblr, Durianrider has, for example, encouraged teenagers to buck their parents’ instructions and attend the Raw Till 4 Festival in Thailand. (She has, by the way, denied that she killed her dog Figsy, a rumor that began after Figsy stopped appearing in her videos.) The effect is likely meant to evoke a tough but wise life coach; occasionally, it swerves closer towards the childhood camp counselor who made you cry. Great to read your story, my turning point to go vegan was one evening at dinner my wife and cooked a chicken snitzel burger for dinner and i went to eat it but could not take a bite, my body was saying to me enough is enough, no more meat. I am a cat 2 NCNCA racer, which took me 3 years to reach. Whatever.”. I could never be vegan because “mmm, Bacon” and I totally understand that. Freelee is not, it should be mentioned, a licensed nutritionist, dietician, or MD, nor is she a college graduate. But, a lot of it, I want to say, it’s sort of indoctrinations. We’re all part of cults, whether we want to be or not,” Durianrider told me. We have to do it and each one of us absolutely makes a difference. Hoodline - your city's top journalists reporting original news & stories across neighborhood beats. I remember Freelee at the start couldn’t handle it, and I said look, this is really good for views,” he recalled. We have all had the wearing of face masks hammered into our brains with adverts. Change only happens by individuals. Not saying that I beat a lot of people but there’re some strong vegans out there that changed the idea that if you’re a vegan then you’re some weird hippie, and you have no energy. Recently just this last weekend, me and my son went down to a race in Bakersfield and it was super cool just me and him doing boys road trip and he got to do a little kids race, and I got to do my race, and we hung out. Freelee has been posting videos on YouTube since 2008 (although she told me that she deleted many of her early videos “because I thought I was too fat”), gaining outside notoriety and regular tabloid attention for various absurd statements she’s broadcast—for instance, that obese people caused 9/11 deaths by blocking the stairways in the World Trade Center (the 2011 video and its channel, BitchinFreelee, have since been deleted), or that 13-year-old YouTube star Talia Joy, who died of cancer in 2013, could have been saved if she had swapped out chemotherapy for a raw vegan diet. ©2020 FOX News Network, LLC. Caryn Hartglass: You’re welcome; you sent me your bio, which is on our website: Durianrider later acknowledged to me that calling Mazard a “pedo” was wrong, but maintained that Mazard contacted a young woman at the festival (he wouldn’t say who). She’s going to eat things, and she’s going to make a human. Every little win needs to be celebrated. I rode 22:30 for 12th place, nine seconds quicker than a couple of weeks ago and two seconds quicker than my all time best set way back in 2011!…


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