westside for raw made easy
In regards to the recommendations for the repetition effort method in this guide, that’s based solely on my training. I typically throw the repeated effort method day in after my heaviest press week of the month. It is no coincidence that I started smashing my old squat PRs when I wasn’t able to bench press or deadlift for three months after my wrist surgery. All of the strongest people I know in the world all have one thing in common; they know their body and they know how to train themselves. If you are not using the dynamic effort method to train your bench press you are cheating yourself. The secret to Westside isn’t a trick in the program, it is the fact that when you are at Westside Barbell you are training directly under Louie Simmons, along with a host of other knowledgeable people who are constantly watching and identifying your weaknesses. The Westside Method, also known as the Conjugate Method, is a program that is often times misunderstood in the raw powerlifting realm. This day is also used for the development of technicality, that’s 27 lifts that must be fast and perfect. Max Effort is the most productive day. So for Burley or any raw lifter, 40% is the weight to use on speed plus bands or chains. However, in the past I have ran a completely conventional Westside style program and had great results only using the dynamic effort method on squat day. Dave Tate, in the elitefts™ bench manual, talks about Bridging — the term he uses to explain a smart progressive way to add volume to a weak point from one workout to the next in order to avoid injury. Westside RAW! I prefer box squats for two reasons; I believe they yield better strength and speed gains versus conventional squatting, and the box relieves stress in my knees. How you choose to use these principles will determine your success. I find that I always feel very fresh when I take the box away and free squat, and there is no loss in strength because of the box. Not obnoxious: good break from dry stuff. The Westside system calls for a 3 week wave for squatting and benching. Not everyone can deadlift every week and get stronger. Now the close to contest phase is initiated, but with not enough volume to secure a hypothetical max, making it difficult to make an all-time record on meet day. The advantage of a Westside style program is the level of customization, and personalization it offers. Take responsibility and read the books the online coaches read, attend the seminars they attend. Remember, as with all lifts, you’re only as strong as your technique. The triceps are the most important muscles in the bench. However, six months later, his bench is up 20 pounds! You gotta be fast to be strong! Since we’re building muscle here, I recommend using full ROM exercises over partials for the added time under tension. Westside for raw made easy by Burley Hawk The Westside Method, also known as the Conjugate Method, is a program that is often times misunderstood in the raw powerlifting realm. What I intend to do is provide you with a basic explanation, and examples of how I put my main exercises together for raw training using Westside principles. He advocates using speed pulls, various types of box squats, and good mornings to build the deadlift. It’s not going to make you weaker - not every day can be the day. The exercises you choose will be based on your individual weaknesses and how you’re built. They make you faster and stronger, and they teach you to get tight. Check out Dan breaking the World Record in the 242s class Raw … The biggest problem I see with box squats is when they are performed incorrectly. I tried to keep it as simple as possible and aim it at beginners. This means a long list of exercises like lat pull downs, chest supported rows, low pulley rows, barbell rows, dumbbell rows, upright rows, the side delt work along with some rear delts. Don’t forget the hammer curls and your raw bench should roll. Do not depend on an online coach, or anybody else to constantly give you guidance or feedback. This is where a properly programmed and executed Westside style plan surpasses the standard raw programming, efficiency. Instead, allow your body to adjust. Once the weakness is identified, main and accessory exercises are selected to strengthen the lagging muscle group. It involves rotating the main lift every one to three weeks. The table below shows a month’s worth of exercises, and proper percentages: The Westside approach to bench pressing is, in my opinion, the most superior way and it’s because of the emphasis Lou puts on speed bench press. Again, I am sure this is not 100% what Westside does with new guys (mainly because they don’t have any “beginners” that train there), but it is still structured using the Westside Principles and will get you stronger. You be the judge of what high/low volume is for you. – John Meadows. Increase the volume of your training and watch your raw lifts skyrocket!! Nowadays, online strength coaching personalities like to make training into rocket science, but when you break it all down it is fucking simple. A max is a max, gear or no gear, man or woman, young or old. They can be used for max effort, dynamic effort, or even as a supplemental lift. Here are some questions, which I stole from Jim Wendler, to help you assess your weakness: Once you find the area that needs improvement, as well as those areas that you need to maintain, you can use the below as a rough guide of how to program your training: Whatever combination you choose, your score should be no more than six for the bench press and the squat/deadlift. Louie has spent a long time perfecting the Westside Method for geared lifters. Also remember that accommodating resistance is harder on the CNS than straight weight, and bands more so than chains. Almost always we have a deload workout, this means no barbell lift, only small exercises, for recovery. Here is an example of the kind of accommodating resistance percentages you might be better off using based on the sticking point. The game is to be told not sold, so if some asshole is trying to get you to paypal some cash for advice, spend the money on a book instead. Many ask, how does Westside train for a raw contest? The days where I use 90% I keep the reps between 1-2,working up to a top set. Due to the light weights, you don’t produce hi force. One is western periodization, where one starts out with high reps (ex. You could run the programming I provided above for as long as you wanted, making basic tweaks in exercise selection and percentage adjustments, and make great gains in strength. Like it or not, the dynamic effort method will develop explosiveness that will compliment your maximum strength. Below are two training tools associated with Westside that are quite popular to bash, perhaps due to the raw vs. geared debate or those who believe Westside is for geared lifters only. With the barbell, this represents 20% of our training and 80% is small special exercises, Reverse Hypers 40,000lbs, Plyo Pushes (Leg Press) 50,000lbs plus inverse curls, shrugs, abs, etc. Again, choosing the appropriate supplemental and accessory exercises can be a daunting and frustrating task and may take some trial and error.


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