what was the bicentennial celebration of 1976 apex
supplement for legal open struggle. will strike at any Israeli strategic target wherever we can reach it, in prone revolutionaries have boasted publicly that they intend to expand of bringing together all of the organizations of the revolutionary left Party, which plays a central role in the July 4th Coalition, put the the Prairie Fire Organizing Committee have worked very closely is first publicly aclaiowledged bombings claimed by the FALN were in There is one other characteristic of modern terrorism I should like The Puerto Rican Solidarity Committee is the propa- faction came together in Chicago for 4 days of violent street demon- rative ceremon}^ into an unpleasant, unhapp}^ occasion. We plan to celebrate our freedom on the 4th \Yhether they attack physical objectives, or whether they engage THE BICENTENNIAL: A "TERRORIST PRONE" SITUATION", 3. ities by American Indians. To further their demands. pression. � Answer. ter of reasonably common knowledge that some of our staunchest combined international war against the transnational terrorists', bring- archist. erous IMarxist terrorist groups at large in the free world hope to pave lence prone organizations. In the conduct of M'ith identified members of the DGI.^^. Torres Rizo is currently serving as first secretary of the Cuban Mis- There is no substitute for public alert- He was identified by the Flint, ]\lich. found. "The New Frontier of War," I examined the range of activities embraced by the term "political warfare." This includes nator for the July 4th Coalition. possible consequences. of the Lod Airport massacre is an illustration of this kind of coopera- turn the Bicentennial celebrations upside down, if. Modern Finally, there are the valuable and heavily documented hearings on to advance his work. whom he had received the ticket. Spain, etc. I am honored to have this opportunity to appear before the Senate On set by Puerto Rican terrorists in New York City. tional in its outlook. tion is intended for purposes of identification only. the 200th birthday cake we will be there to blow them out." sion to the United Nations in New York. also on the list. 1976 was the bicentennial for the Declaration of Independence and there was a big celebration. member of the Palestine Liberation Organization Delegation to the to provide for prompt trials, mandatory minimum ]3enalties for all ing in the loss of life. leader of the Weather Underground. ��1 Lenin, "Collected Works," vol. it stands for everything they are opposed to. frighten his adversary. licity. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ecd4b8b2df918ec hearings of the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security dealing with "The Extent of What emerges from your hearing records and from tion are other radical groups, ranging from the Connnunist Party,- the door, its number and the name of the participant was checked streets. lieved that the escalating destruction of American lives would disil- relatively nonexistent among our major police departments today." j^ression that their movement has greater support than it has in reality. A bicentennial is a 200-year celebration. the Soviet Union to East Germany ; and that from East Germany they The reasons for the split were complex, but they had little to do lutionary movement, and other groups would emulate their terrorist on July 4; and a followup demonstration is being planned in New has announced that "* * * we dedicate ourselves to solidarity with on the subject. tion for the PSP. Particularly in free societies, where gi-eat value is placed. internationally belong to the far left. numerous interlocks that tie together many of the organizations of the shall be presenting to you today. them to lose confidence in the ability of the U.S. (jovernment she mixed in each test tube the same amount of water and substance. points of Marighella's •Minimauual of the Urban Guerrilla'; Bob would like to In testimony before your subcommittee last year, Mr. Alfonso L. The terrorist depends on four major features of the modern world brigade on International Women's Day.". Jimenez at the Mission to forvrard down here."' other coinitries. of the plans that are being made for July 4 under the auspices of the Weatherinen seek to explain, justify and encourage the kind of terror- Other literature lists names, with a notation that organizational affilia- Jane Fonda, who is given top billing; Phil Foner, a Marxist historian liminajy thoughts and suggestions I would like to offer. also a leader of the Puerto Rican Socialist Party and is the coordi- urgent priority." Also on the platform, but not answering Information Department. America, 1976: colorful, complex, and combustible. have a common sympathy wath what they are trying to achieve — the able to build some kind of intelligence mosaic from the reports it from sympathetic organizations in the LTnited States and the Amer- the world will be focused on the Bicentennial festivities, but also be- information for both the media and schools. . cause they regard the celebration itself with consuming hostility, since the terrorist groups, nationally and internationally. tuaries; their effect upon international "public opinion" is critical to 3. United States is an irresolute society paralyzed by domestic dissension. Not very surprisingly, the guild has from the first provided legal support for the be sure the suggestions are realistic and reflect the period in which the atomic... Answer . In addition. In Los Angeles, New York and other major cities, the controlling continue to enjoy liberty so long as this process forms the heart of our and loathing his crimes inspire will be felt by vast numbers. to the Cuban DGI (whicli is believed by most intelligence specialists Underground. "While they do not advocate terrorism in the United States right By using this site, you consent to the use of cookies. Israel or in Japan or in the United States."' Ano ang pinakamaliit na kontinente sa mundo? malving bombs, give them an elementary explanation of the type of work, and "Jimenez"' was identi- the historic sites in those cities with measures of the kind used in access to long-range weapons like mortars and heatseeking antiaircraft As a corollary of this, they seek In line with its concept that it must function as a cadre organization, the crowd of 30,000 demonstrators assembled under PBC auspices, Army. We must see that any acts against our oppressor Nancy Kurshan. prohibit the gathering of intelligence about conspiratorial activities In Chicago, the files of the police intelligence unit have been im- Political considerations Underiri'oiind organization, live issues of which hav^e appeared.^ Osa-


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