why did billy mccaffrey transfer
He did have just 0.6 turners per game. He reclassified out of high school to come to Duke a year early. The Tar Heels will be ready and so far are clearly better than Duke. Greg Wendt. Thornton’s biggest flaw as a freshman was that he had not yet developed as a playmaker. ', USPS refused to comply with a judge's order on mail-in ballots — and he's demanding answers. But what strikes me is the difference between the guys who leave when they aren’t playing and those that stick around and work to get better. “You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.”, He even went so far to say, “We want to get rid of the ballots, and we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. I hate the decision for Duke and the kid. Outrage and dismay ensued on Twitter as many frustrated users took to the platform with their thoughts of Trump's presumed plan. He shot 34.3 from the floor and 35.5 from 3-point range. Are there transfers for Duke in the future? check out the. Rasheed Sulaimon – After a very promising freshman season that saw Sulaimon start on a 30-win, Elite Eight team, the wing guard from Texas struggled in and out of the lineup in 2014 and through the first half of 2015. Chappell played an even smaller role for a disappointing Michigan State team in 2001. I could see a very similar career trajectory for Thornton. He sat out the 1999 season (with Duke beating Michigan State in the Final Four), then played a minor role for the 2000 Michigan State national champs – averaging about the same 15 minutes and 5.9 points that he averaged at Duke. Who was the point, you or Chris [Collins]? Demand honest news. True, Thornton played substantial minutes, but his point guard skills were still undeveloped. That’s not to say that Thornton could not elevate his game in the offseason to the point where he would have to play major minutes. Virtually every player who transferred from Duke has had success at their second schools. And, I suspect Thornton will have success at his new school, wherever that turns out to be. AlterNet counts on readers like you to support our coverage. Go ad-free. Mike Chappell – A classmate of Nate James and Chris Carrawell, Mike was the first to crack the starting lineup. Two that come to mind who did were Billy McCaffrey and the kid who's last name I won't even try to spell who went to Syracuse. Bill Jackman-Went back home and became a starter at Nebraska. I think of Marshall Plumlee, who redshirted in 2012 and played just 50 minutes total in 2013 (about a fourth of what Murphy played). Even last year’s team went most of the way without a traditional point guard. Steve Wokiechowski (1995): 15 starts, 19.3 minutes, 4.0 points, 2.9 assists (1.5 turnovers). He benched point guard Nolan Smith, moved Jon Scheyer from wing to point and installed Williams at wing guard, where he became a defensive demon. But he does represent one of the more disappointing departures. Invest in progressive news. Personally, I would rather see spot minutes at Duke than average 19 a game at American University. As a third-year sophomore in 2014, he averaged less than 15 minutes a game and scored 3.4 points a game. The great majority of transfers in the K era – from Jackman and Greg Wendt after the 1983 season to Crawford Palmer to Andre Sweet (an academic casualty midway through his freshman year) to Michael Thompson to after 2006 to Jamal Boykin to Taylor King to Oleg Czyz to Alex Murphy in 2014 to Semi Ojeleye midway through the 2015 season – have been marginal players whose loss had little impact on the Duke program. The Twitter chaos came shortly after Trump's press conference on Wednesday. There he averaged 33 minutes a game and was the No. That was the issue that defined his freshman season – Thornton looking for his shot, while Coach K and the staff urged him to be more of a quarterback. As footage of the began circulating that evening, Twitter users began weighing in with their reactions and concerns about his insinuation. Billy McCaffrey – the classmate of Bobby Hurley and Thomas Hill, McCaffrey was vital to Duke’s first national title run in 1991. While it would be more appropriate for our friends in raleigh, it's not unfitting that the UNC fight song is the same tune as "I'm a lumberjack, and I'm okay". Joe Cook played for K. Believe he left due to grades, not sure if played anywhere after Duke. It’s true that Duke now won’t have a traditional point guard on the roster in 2016-17, but so what – Krzyzewski still has guards who can handle that role, including veterans Grayson Allen, Matt Jones and Luke Kennard, along with incoming freshman Frank Jackson. Ended career on bench after coaching change. Help support AlterNet and our mission to keep you informed during this crisis. But the Duke coaches learned on the first day of practice that Mr. Jackman was not ready to play at a high level. Based on his remarks, it appears he is looking for a defense to argue the results of the election from every angle, making it clear he has no plans to abdicate his office even if he loses the election. President Donald J. Trump unveils his new national security strategy during a speech in Washington, D.C., Dec. 18, 2017. Believe me, the Blue Devils will be fine without Derryck Thornton. He became the first Duke player to be dismissed from the program under Krzyzewski. Williams got an NCAA waiver on that basis to play right away and turned in a solid sophomore campaign, averaging 17.9 points for a 24-win Memphis team that missed the NCAA Tournament. I think of Brian Zoubek, who played seven minutes a game as a freshman and finished his career as the inside anchor of a national title team. There are all kinds of reasons for transfer – but many such decisions are based on misjudgment – either a player’s misjudgment of his own talent or a coach’s misjudgment of the player he recruited. After a slow start in 2014-15, Gbinije finally began to play effectively for the Orange, finishing the year with an average of just under 13 points a game. He shot 42.4 from the floor and 36.1 on 3-pointers. Chappell, seeing his playing time shrinking with Chris Carrawell, Trajan Langdon and freshman Corey Maggette in the picture for 1999, bolted for Michigan State. The new lineup won 10 of 12 games down the stretch, winning the ACC championship and reaching the Sweet 16. Thank you. The most likely scenario was that Thornton would get 10-15 minutes while he worked to get more mature physically and develop his playmaking abilities. There’ll be a continuation.”. In 1992 the Commodores (28-6) managed to win its third and last SEC title and a trip to the Sweet Sixteen with the help of Duke transfer Billy McCaffrey. Compare that with the freshman numbers of some other successful Duke point guards: Just a note: I was in the Duke basketball offices recently, filming a segment for the upcoming E:60 feature on Bobby Hurley (I’m not sure I made the final cut).


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